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  1. Has anyone heard the phrase "garbage in garbage out"? If you don't have a quality source(digital or analogue) the output will be flawed. Whats the buget for your front end?
  2. Love the sound of Chord dacs (not a fan of their amps) but a few companies don't do names well. How about Schiit? And and older co called art had a graphic which looked like an F in front of the name. The Fart amplifier. Hugh Le Strange of Arron couldnt understand of the ammusement of his higher speakers call Hyperbole as he only got the description of a specific curve(which the drivers he designed did have this curvature) rather tgan overstatement.
  3. Upsampling question

    I think it's important to know that there can't be more info than on the original recording. Claiming upscaling improves sound is a worry.
  4. Multichannel Music, why no respect?

    $880? You did get a bargain! You can't replace the drivers for that.
  5. Multichannel Music, why no respect?

    The real problem with multi channel music is that is dosn't have anything to do with the original performance. The Eagles when hell freezes over is nuts as the sax solo comes from the rear channel while the player is standing on the right of the singer. I don't remember where i first read it but the first rule of multi channel mixing is don't throw sound arround because you can. Keep it in context. Don't trust the advice from anyone who plays you this eagles dvd. Also many people go for more speakers than one really good pair, a decent pair of $2k speakers will almost always sound better than a 5.1 speaker pack at the same price.
  6. Sounds like the drivers have seized up - coils up against the magnets. Normally due to overdriveing, dropping them could shift the setup but it'd take a big jolt. In any case a new pair of Legends/Monitor Audios/Sonus Fabers and even Krix(not a fan) will fo better.
  7. Retailer margins

    Good lord! 30% discount when the guys have to pay for the rental, the staff,super , buy the stock to play for you etc. Don't you get paid?
  8. I have a distinct feeling I've met you before, I'm a classical guitarist and played electric in bands in the 70's. Played a 60's tele and a Gretsch. Lived in Hawthorn then Windsor in late 70's. Brett is the name, ring any bells? Played briefly with Mondo, and had lots of jams at my place in Wellington st Windsor.
  9. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    Maybe it's just a crappy recording & the Dyn's were telling you that? Don't know, but having had more speskers than most will ever had to compare (where I worked I had over 100 speakers to try) dyns are a very "civilised" speaker, never harsh in the top end after 200-300 hours of run in.
  10. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    Anyone would! 1955 pre "thumbnail inlay" which came in in 57 and in perfect nick. Plays like a dream. Gretsch USA have written to me certifying it's the 392nd made.
  11. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    This is the Gretsch White Falcon I used as I couldn't afford a new guitar at the time. I wasn't to know that a 50's Gretsch would be worth a heap now.
  12. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    In the old days, I had a Strauss which had an extra pre stage put into it. I think it cost $400 back then. I can't even remember what happened to it. 4 x 10" celestions below the amp. What was I thinking?
  13. Favourite Band Name

    I played in a band called "Penguin United & the Creme Rince Discovery". I've always wanted to have a band called "Justin Case & the Precautions". I stole that one but so long ago I can't remember where. Anyone know???
  14. Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    It'd have to be a damned big bookshelf!
  15. The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    Some amp makers have used a dual pre stage, meaning have one pre driving the second into a sort of controlled overdrive. Made a really controlled distortion that seemed to sustain for ever, I had a Peavey in the early 70's that did that and a Mesa that uses that now. The great thing is you can do that at reasonable vol levels, where with a Marshall you have to go LOUD!