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  1. Sure, play arround with it, but just buy a better cartridge. The AT 95 was reasonable mid hifi buy hifi standards, it waa never high end. Rember this was the time Koetsu, Kisiki, Ortofon, Van DenHul and others ruled the roost. Good fun to play with but the at95 that came with my Rega with Jelco arm (ordinary) stays in it's box.
  2. How about "man overbord" with the wonderful Debra Conway from the eighties. The runout track, "Singing the blues" was on the album & gets me every time. Crappy vinyl, lousy print great music. I saw them a few times at the Prospect Hill hotel, now sadly a dan Murphy's liquor outlet.
  3. Unfortunatly I got them more than twenty years ago, when John Dulavey still owed & designed the lot. I've pulled out the amp moduals and they're massive. With a 5Kv transformer and enough Sanken (really good but expensive) bi-polar output devices with high capacity Spraque caps (like 250-300 Mf) so quality power that makes todays top subs look like wimps. single 12" sealed cabinet aprox 1.1m x 45 cm x 50cm. Seperate active stereo crossover. With variable crossover point, roll off point and level with stereo to mono switching. So a seperate wooden box so 3 power connections are needed. Total weight about 110 kg.
  4. $150 for a custom cover doesn't sound unreasonable. With regard to the stylus weight, a little bit more is better than a little bit less. To light, particularly with very dynamic recordings can cause skipping, damaging the high parts of the groove, not good. Trick for the motor, go to you local cookware shop they'll probably have sets of cork drink coasters. Put one under the motor (you can remove the supplied rubber feet) and not only will it stop any drift on the motor, cork is an exelent isolation material, it is great at turning movement into heat, and will (slightly) improve your sound!. Brett.
  5. 20hz from a stand mount, I doubt it. You'll find most $10000 floor standing spk don't get close. Ie sonus faber Cremona's, 38 hz -3db whick means really useable frequency of about 45hz. More importantly the room is the biggest factor in bass responce for reasons to larhe to go into here. Pm me if you want more details. Suffice to say i own the original Legend Big Red prototype (Rod Crawford is a friend of mine) and even in a big listening room, from 9 meters (bass responce is a function of distance unless under unusual circumstances ie; sealed room) gets to 37hz at high power.
  6. Surley at their peak When John Dunlavey (the original designer) still owned Duntech. The electronics(crossovers & active crossover & amps for his awsome but huge subs the Thor's, I have a stereo pair) & driver choice was never bettered. The speakers were at least 20kg more than the later vesions.
  7. Thats Sing Sing studio, I rewirered this system,having sent the crew away. They came back in an listened to the system and they all went "what have you done? " I admitted all I did was replaced the (crappy) speakers cable for something good, shock all round. The Duntech's were hooked up to Jack the Bear's MF X200's which I still love even tho they're getting old. Fun night.
  8. What is it that you'd like help with, feel free to pm me & if I can help, I will, tho I'm retired now.
  9. Unfortunatly, this guy said he was only loiking for a friend who might be after a guitar.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Peter Thomas, CEO of PMC uses a full Bryston set to power his BB5's, at least thats what he said at the CES show in Vegas. I believe it was 4 power amp for each side, 1 each for the twetter, midrange, bass & sub, with active crossover. I could be wrong but I know thats their prefered setup, and what I was told.
  11. The strange thing is he only makes these rather weird sound when improvising, if you get any of his classical recordings, he's completely silent as in his recording of the Goldberg variations. Odd. Nasty man, great musician.
  12. No i didn't, but I've had a look at them and i know what I'd do to them. I'd replace the benic caps with Hovlands and the inductors with goertz foil air core inductors, simplify the design using single cap rather than multiples, then set the lot in resin(as in the Wilson Audio method) if possible, hardwire them rather than using the pcb mounting.
  13. Come one someone, make me an offer. I owe money due to a car accident & ongoing legal crap. Come give me a try, This is an awsome classic guitar,i have to sell it, i wish I was in the states, where I'd sell it for &15000. This is somthing you can pass down to your kids. I then what else I can sell. The '67 Gretch Country Gentlman, 74 Ibanez, the '99 santa Cruz electric/acoustic (think of a martin D28.) . A good condition stromberg Newport, archtop guitar with floating pickup on the pickguard.The test, I can't sell, like my Rameriz I had it customized in Madrid in 1983.
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