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  1. Speaker mishap

    Brett is no longer with CAV, he's resigned .
  2. Hi from an Aussie in Saudi Arabia

    Hi John, I remember the Burmeister room at the Las Vegas CES show, beautifully made stuff, made with such precision. MC carts are a minefield, having multiple turntables & arms I change between ortofons(always reliable) Koetsu & Van Den Hul plus the odd Dynavector and my old fave, a retipped Kisiki Agate Ruby. Good luck. If I can help just let me know.. Brett.
  3. Another Hi Fi shop to close?

    Since the death of his parents who have always owned the properties he pretended was his, he inherited the premisise(multiple his folk were rich & carried him all his life, he lived with with his parents till over 60) therefore never needed to make a living. Good know what crap he's telling people now. Ive know him more than 40 years and worked with him to try to make his "business" profitable. Couldn't be done.
  4. Wilson Benesch or Audiovectors ?

    The only musician at CAV was me!
  5. Marantz local RRP - SAY WHAT?

    How so? The know someone who bought a high end Yamaha back from the US, I happy with his $500 step up, got him a price on conversion for over a grand......
  6. Marantz local RRP - SAY WHAT?

    Once you pay to have it converted from 110v to 240v you'll pay more than the oz price.otherwise use an ugly step up transformer for $350 for a half decent one & put up with the sound compromise.
  7. Marantz local RRP - SAY WHAT?

    Surely your not suggesting that you use a retailer to lend you multiple items to try at home, and then shop them out on price? I'm sure they'd offer you a good price relative to the service. That's worth a lot! Also, don't compare us eq to oz, 240 v units are made in smaller quantities than 110 volt and are cheaper. I had a dude buy a Rega from the US after trying it and was surprised when it blew up when he used an international adaptor.
  8. RCA and XLR connections

    Phono cartridges are inherently single ended, so converting to balanced may only compromise the output.
  9. Melbourne Memories

    I wouldn't trust Trevor's opinions on audio at all. I personally measured his hearing on a controlled audiometer about 20 years ago & he was 28 db down at 8khz. Just bluster. Anything he didn't sell was crap. According to him.
  10. PMC Speaker owners thread

    How did you go with shipping. I know of a Hong Kong guy who bought a pair from the UK, shipping to KH was outrageous, they faulted and the HK dealer wouldn't touch them. Had to ship them back to the UK and back again. All in all, cost him more than buying them locally.
  11. Show us your response graphs

    What's not mentioned here is after DEQX eq, the speakers still sounded better direct amps from a linear amp with no digital skulldugery. Shame the room was rubbish, I was there for the tests.
  12. Hi from an Aussie in Saudi Arabia

    Hi John, Brett here, I you got the Marantz from me! Hope it's working well, you can describe it as a Clearaudio which gives it even more cred. Pm me if there is any setup questions.
  13. I must admit to being wrong here. The high end senheisser HP have a concentric coil on the driver alowing it to to have +/- on the coil making them balanced, commend With a standard plug. Most all others are all single ended.
  14. Audio Splicing Tape

    I FOUND IT. Sitting in my junk draw for 20 years unused a tape spliced for 1/4 to 1 inch tape. If it cleans up OK you can have it.