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  1. Shure V15/3 with a Jico SAS stylus sounds great here on mine.
  2. Garrott P77 SAS, Technics 205/3 SAS, Shure V15/3 SAS, Grace F9e and a few others on a Garrard 401/FR64fx or a Technics SL1000 (SP10/2) with SME3 arm. But have to say that I prefer my PureAudio LV1 phono stage over the P75/4 soundwise. More relaxed sound with nothing missing compared to the Dyna.
  3. Went from the Mk3 to the Mk4. Better all round. 3 sounds edgy and thin after the 4. The 4 has a more tuneful tighter bass, sounds more musical.
  4. I tried my Jico SAS stylus that I use in my P77 and it sounds great in the K body as well.
  5. I highly recommend the Jico Stylus One SAS stylus for the P77. It sounds better than the original stylus. I went without using it for a few years until I found the Jico Stylus. Bought it from the Garrott Bros.
  6. I understand that the 3 K's are the same body,just have different styli.
  7. I've had ,from new, a Garrott P77 , now with an SAS Stylus 1 stylus,my best cartridge, along with the Technics EPS 205/3 with an SAS stylus. And others,including a Shure V15/3 SAS. I recently bought a K2 to try.Very nice so decided to fit the SAS Stylus 1 in it.Very close then to the P77. Never felt the need for an mc cartridge, although I've tried out the Denon DL103 I was given.Very musical but not as smooth and grown up as the P77.
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