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  1. Shure V15/3 with a Jico SAS stylus sounds great here on mine.
  2. Garrott P77 SAS, Technics 205/3 SAS, Shure V15/3 SAS, Grace F9e and a few others on a Garrard 401/FR64fx or a Technics SL1000 (SP10/2) with SME3 arm. But have to say that I prefer my PureAudio LV1 phono stage over the P75/4 soundwise. More relaxed sound with nothing missing compared to the Dyna.
  3. Went from the Mk3 to the Mk4. Better all round. 3 sounds edgy and thin after the 4. The 4 has a more tuneful tighter bass, sounds more musical.
  4. I tried my Jico SAS stylus that I use in my P77 and it sounds great in the K body as well.
  5. I highly recommend the Jico Stylus One SAS stylus for the P77. It sounds better than the original stylus. I went without using it for a few years until I found the Jico Stylus. Bought it from the Garrott Bros.
  6. I understand that the 3 K's are the same body,just have different styli.
  7. I've had ,from new, a Garrott P77 , now with an SAS Stylus 1 stylus,my best cartridge, along with the Technics EPS 205/3 with an SAS stylus. And others,including a Shure V15/3 SAS. I recently bought a K2 to try.Very nice so decided to fit the SAS Stylus 1 in it.Very close then to the P77. Never felt the need for an mc cartridge, although I've tried out the Denon DL103 I was given.Very musical but not as smooth and grown up as the P77.
  8. Been using large Isonode feet under my 401 and SP10/2. No more problems with footsteps near the cabinet now.(Old house) Definitely tightened up the bass under the 401. https://www.needledoctor.com/Bright-star-isonode-extra-large And using these under my speakers. A lot cleaner bass. https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decoupling-and-isolation/products/cone-spike-decoupling-glider
  9. I've left it as is! Bought another one last week and set that up as well and it's short of the overhang as well.But in line with the null points.They both sound marvelous. Had the Stanton 881S with Jico Shibata stylus playing yesterday to compare it to the 205.The Stanton's great but the 205/3 SAS sounds more open with more detail,more defined bass etc. The Garrott P77/SAS is a little sweeter/bassy, and more forgiving of bright LP's but that's in an SME3 arm now.Must get some new arm cables and rewire my SME 3 arms.Still my top 2 cartridges,the P77 and 205.
  10. Had the same happen when I first fitted the same cartridge on my FR64fx arm.Set the length using my SME 3 protractor card, then found on my Fieckert that it is about 4mm short of the overhang mark. But as it lines up perfectly with both the inner and outer null point lines,I've left it at that.
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