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  1. Hey @pdcoo7 Happy to help out if I can... Have a look at my first post above.
  2. I'm picking up some Technics 3 ways next week from Cash Converters at Parramatta. I bought them on line... and there was mention of the 90 day warranty. I'm hoping they are able to set them up for a quick check while I'm there... as it's a 6 hour drive for me. I'm also doing a lot of other things in Sydney... and, this pick up is one of them. I'll also be taking my multimeter. Fingers crossed. Ant.
  3. G'day Folks. I have a Denon AVC-A1, which has started dropping out in one chanel. It's a 20 year old amp. I'm looking for recommended repairers in either Sydney or Melbourne. I've enquired with The Factory in Canberra... and, though they have been recommended here... I've also heard negative feedback about them. Looking at options. Regards. Ant.
  4. Thanks again Steffen. Just swapped inputs and speakers... Yes mate, favouring the right side now, instead of the left. I'll have the amp looked at. Cheers. Ant.
  5. G'day Folks. I'm shipping these from Canberra to Sydney... and, I've organised for my brother to store them at his place in Gosford ( about 40 / 50 minutes north of Sydney ). They can wait at his place for 2 / 3 weeks, giving @mjledme a little more time to organise. Ant.
  6. Found some of these for sale... but, I've never heard of them. Anyone? Thanks. Ant. Edit - Nothing on Google. Very cheap... seller has no more details.
  7. As a 13 year old, I was devastated that my parents wouldn't allow me to see them in 1980... although they did allow me to see Iron Maiden's 'The Beast on the Road', 2 years later. I saw KISS in 2004 ( I think ), in Sydney... I was a bit 'iffy' at first, as I didn't wish to ruin my childhood memories... but, I'm glad I went, it was a great performance. The only thing that would get me there now, is the original lineup. I don't think that's ever gonna happen. Edit - ... and, yes, I painted my face many times as a youngin'. Made the guitars
  8. Thanks mate... actually haven't tried that. About to head into work, may not get a chance until Sunday arvo. I'll report back as soon as done.
  9. Thanks @niss_man & @Neurone Yeah, I've done the simple checks... I have a Denon AVC-A1 set up in the same room. Definitely an issue with the Rotel. I use a BluRay, temporarily for CD's, until my deck gets sorted, a media player for digital... and also TV set up. I've tried all inputs, swapped cables and speakers etc. The Denon is fine.
  10. G'day Folks. My amp seems to be a little louder in the left chanel. It doesn't have balance control. It's not a big difference... but, annoying enough. The sound balances when I move my head about 12" to the right. I'm wondering what causes this issue... and, would it be rectified with a check up and service? Or, would it be a specific repair? Regards. Ant.
  11. G'day @Blood_Red_Bird If possible, could you please post the details of your Sydney and Newcastle repairers? Thanks. Ant.
  12. Hello again Folks. "I'm on the road again", just can't wait to help some audio Bro's again. After my Canberra to Sydney run, I will be heading down to Melbourne... transporting Doug's @Tubularbells newly acquired Krell amp ( all things going to plan ). At this stage the exact date is not locked in... it will either be the 15th March, or the 22nd March. My Sydney run is fully booked up... but the return trip still has a little room for a Canberra drop off, if required. Unfortunately, I only have room for components, or bookshelf / monitors, fo
  13. Hi Marc. I'm wondering if the merging function could be removed from the Private Messages? It makes it a little confusing, when corresponding in real time... I'm not sure if the merged part of the message is read by the recipient, before they reply. Eg. If the recipient reads and begins to reply, before the merged part of the message appears on their page... they could miss the added text. Many thanks, and kind regards... Ant.
  14. Yeah mate... I love that too. On a different path, and a little more left field... there is a live DVD by Les Claypool, titled 'Fancy'... which, also has a xylophone player... I love that as well.
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