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  1. Currently listening to Leonard Cohen's 'Ten New Songs', CD ripped to wav, through the Philips media player 3.5mm out, into RCA aux on the Sharp Optonica SM-4100. Bloody lovely! I've owned these speakers almost 20 years. I've always loved them... the sound, that I paid $50 per pair, and I have two pair. I recently blew up my Optonica SM-5100, by foolishly hooking up four x 6 ohm speakers at once. I used to run one pair of 8 ohm and one pair of 6 ohm quite regularly, and didn't think twice hooking up two pair of 6's. Lesson learned. I picked this SM-4100 up recently thanks to other members here, classifieds, notification and assistance in picking up and shipping. Thanks to all of you... you know who you are. I've run these Technics with the SM-5100 amp for almost 20 years as well. I'm very familiar with this combination, never interested in upgrades of any sort... until I joined this bloody forum... The SM-4100 is almost identical to the SM-5100, it has fewer features and buttons, but the sound is very familiar and comfortable, a timely replacement until I get the 5100 sorted by Doug in Melbourne. As you can see from the start date of this thread, it has been 12 months since I stripped the first pair, and a few months now since I stripped the second. I've been listening to other speakers in the mean time, the Sony's and the vintage Hokutone drivers. It's been a while since I've heard the Technics. We all know how quickly we adapt to change. As I sit here and type I'm thinking that I don't really need anymore gear. I'm not amazed or surprised, but I'm very impressed... this sounds so good... comfortable, warm, rich, full... the bottom end has clarity and punch, and the vocals are sitting nicely. There seems to be much more detail and scope in the soundstage. 1. Replaced back panels due to crumbling. 2. Added internal bracing. 3. Mounted drivers on outside, instead of inside. 4. Mounted drivers on 6mm adhesive foam backing. 5. Had crossovers updated and made with higher quality components... Thanks to TubularBells. 6. Reconditioned cabinet... ... That's it. Not easy getting these clamps on with only one pair of hands. Took some time and tested my patiece... I still have to glue the back panel in and then brace it. The crossovers arrived today, they were on the doorstep when I got home. I walked over excitedly, only to have my heart sink when I saw the state of the box... Luckily everything was expertly and lovingly packed by @Tubularbells and there was no internal damage. I've had two amps and a TT sent through Oz Post with no dramas. The volume knob goes to 40 on the Optonica, I'm running at 12 ( not 12 o'clock ), and have ample sound. Will be interesting how they sound being reacquainted with Metal after a few months reprieve. Will also give the turntable a run tomorrow. Cheers for now. Ant.
  2. Greetings Stereo Heads. Happy days here... the crossovers arrived for the Technics cabinets. I've lots of pics for the last week, and a few words to come later tonight... I've put one of the cabinets together for a listen in mono, and I'm very happy so far. I'm about to throw down with the second cabinet now, with another post later on. They'll be dismantled again for completion and detailing,
  3. G'day @Bill125812 & @blybo Thanks guys. I do like that you can sync these with music. I see you can cut these, but do you then need another power supply if you use the cutoffs? Can you use the cutoffs? Hey Neil. I see there are quite a few cheapies on Ebay, which plug into USB if you have one within reach of the TT. Hey @The_Doctor Yeah, half price for double the product. I couldn't see on their page whether you can cut these to length, and do you know if they can sync with music?
  4. G'day Folks. Nearing completion of my stereo rack and started to think about some lighting. I've seen some lovely pics of gear highlighted with colour in the threads here... under shelving, behind cabinets etc. Please post or suggest some product options to have a look at. Thanks as always, Ant.
  5. G'day @Ittaku Thanks for the link mate, a little light reading. Just off the cuff... how much would a microphone and software set me back?
  6. I just found a calculator that uses the Butterworth Table, it accepts 6 ohm drivers. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hey guys. I'm looking at this chart to find some parts to experiment with. The drivers I have are 6 ohm, but there are only 2, 4 & 8 ohm listed. Is it as simple as adding 2 plus 4 values? Cheers, Ant.
  8. G'day Folks... I've been making a stereo rack from a recycled frame... it ain't finished, but I had a mock up tonight as it approaches completion... I have lots of pictures along the way but will make a full post here soon, when it's done... a couple of minor things to correct and finsh off first... but pretty happy with it. I made the top and base shelves deeper, and thinking of bringing the middle two out further as well. The Optonica amp at the bottom is deeper than the Rotel, which fits snugly on the shelf, but asthetically I think I prefer the wider shelves. Not sure if the sandstone will stay. The box is 1 & 1/2 bamboo cutting boards, hiding the rubber balls sitting on milk bottle caps under the TT. I thought the boards would be solid, but they weren't, and I would like to make another from nice timber. This is really the first time I have constructed anything since childhood. I had to change plans a bit when I cut the board and found the construction method inside, quite a lot of work... and I wonder how cost effective it could be... A little fine sanding to finish off some of the seams, and a nice coat of Black Japan Gloss Satin & Varnish should look nice. I'm going to try this on the sandstone too, then it will stay for sure. I had the boys at the Men's Shed weld in another support for the top, TT shelf... (Edit) - I just realised I should have one at the back as well. There is a thick support running across the back, but it's above the shelf and provides no support (see first pic). ... and cut and edge routed the amp platforms... I made platforms for leveling... one under each foot. Not sure about these... Any thoughts out there? Too many adjustments, too complicated??? Stay tuned for the rest in a week or two... Cheers, Ant.
  9. ... back to regular threading... Edge routed the amp platforms for the stereo rack... still a little touching up to do on the corners. One thing I've noticed in the shed is a lack of lighting... not complaining, mind you... just a suggestion. These are measured for a perfect amp fit, and should look very nice. I would like to use springs under the platforms... I have Whites Anti Vibration Pads, but may use 1 inch sections of pool noodle to start with and purchase springs one set at a time. I use rubber balls on milk bottle caps under a bamboo cutting board for my turntable. I tried squash balls but they deformed. I found some larger balls at a sport shop and they do the job very well... but, I've always been embarressed about the look of them. I picked up a second board to cut up and make a skirt. Little did I know they aren't solid... ... but it came up OK. I'm on the hunt for a nice piece of hardwood for a replacement. I didn't like the fact that my TT platform was essentially hollowed out. I'm struggling with selecting paint colours. The stereo rack will be in three, shelves, platforms and frame. I would like to use the grain in the TT platform and have some Black, Japan, Gloss Stain & Varnish. This will help me by being the first colour choice, I can work with the finished platform to match the amp platforms, then match the shelves to those, then match the frame. It has been a real challenge to decide on the colour scheme. Right now I have Charcoal Hammercoat, Black Gloss Enamel, and a Grey called 'Heavy Metal' Enamel from Bunnings, which I bought for the name, but wanted a dark, not black, for speaker baffles. The name was a bonus, and will be proudly pointed out whenever anyone is visting. For the frame I'm thinking of a Gloss Claret spray... I finished holes in the back panels for the first two Technics cabinets... one vent and one for connection plate. The original boxes were not ported with a tube, simply vented with a hole, which I'm leaving as is. Also cut all pieces for a small 10 inch sub box... These are the four platforms for the stereo rack footings... I'm suspecting I may be over complicating things here. With 3 x 4 adjustments it may be too difficult, but worth a try. The unpainted piece is only for the pics, protecting the undercoat. Enjoying things much more now that I have the right tools and knowhow at my fingertips. Cheers.
  10. G'day Folks... A little nippy out here this morning... days are getting longer now... nice in the sun, or by the fire lit every morning in the Men's Shed. I'm settling in with some new tools at my disposal, finally having access to a full workshop for the first time in my life. This morning I had my first crack at edge routing. Here's a few pics of some of the older boys, workshop, and a couple of jobs... A very friendly and helpful group of gents. Are there any Shedders amongst the SNA crew?
  11. G'day Folks. I've joined the local Men's Shed, or 'Shedders'. 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, which matches my work hours perfectly. I haven't met all the members, but I'm the youngest at 53 so far. The old boys like to get the fire going and have a good chat while the more spritely get the work done. A range of jobs from decorative pieces to repairs and also making metal frames, garden seats and the like. A large 30 metre avery was constructed on site for a client recently. A wealth of experience and the right tools for the job. My mum has already had me remove the balcony screen doors and take them in for repairs. It was this that actually prompted me to join, as she mentioned that she wanted the boys to do them. Speaker work will be on hold for a week while the doors get a complete rebuild. Speaking of speakers... The Technics cabinets have been waiting, primed for painting which I won't do until I've assembled for a test run first. The crossovers are almost complete. A HUGE shoutout to Doug @Tubularbells for these fine examples of craftsmanship. Even though he is held in high esteem around these parts, I would like to acknowlege the help and sopport this dude provides for me and many other members here. He and his like make me proud to be a member. I can't wait to finally get down to Melbourne. I've had to cancel two trips now. The first was planned well in advance, the second was to pick up a recent pruchase of another full Optonica system, and yes, another pair of Technics, two way speakers. These were kindly picked up for me by @ThirdDrawerDown and stored at his place for the time being. Thanks mate. I will take the cabinets into the workshop on Monday... I'm removing some of the internal damping materials so I cand glue and clamp some internal bracing. That is the final stage, they will be ready for assembly and a test run when the crossovers arrive. Looking at Doug's work I'm considering replacing the drivers with improved quality, same specs. Like we did for the crossovers. There is nothing wrong with these cabinets, they are well built, I've only had to replace the rear panels on both. There was no internal bracing either, so I'm hoping for a bit of a tighter sound. I've been working on the Stereo rack, recycled from a gardening clean up job when I was in Queensland. It's ready for painting this week. I will fill the legs with sand. I have the plastic caps for the tubing, but may need something stronger for the bottom. I'm also hoping one of the boys can show me how to turn some nice timber caps to polish up for the tops. I live on a wonky timber floor and levelling will be crucial. I've decided to make a small platform for each legs to stand on. They will have three eye bolts screwed into each one. Yet again I'm reminded of the value of patience in all things stereo. It's also teaching me valuable planning skills with woodwork and painting. I've been playing around with different speakers and amps... ... and yes, It's becoming a 'thing' to include a pic of the Blu Boy. I'm still not confident to write about my thoughts regarding sound, but I'm definitely listening to better quality recordings and getting some great music, but having some concerns about average recordings sounding a bit, well you know, average. I have to remind myself that I'm never going to attain a superb sounding system. Listening to other members systems a while back certainly gave me a taste for quality audio, and ever since I have been focussed more on the sound rather than the music. It does annoy me a little... sometimes. I do look forward to to the day when I can settle back and relax with a sound that I love and a good variety of quality music for whatever suits the mood. Making the rack and speaker stands has been a long time coming too, it will also have a huge impact with some cohesion through a completed room set up. I guess maybe that's everyones ideal.
  12. Hey Steve... you forgot to mention it had it's 40th anniversary yesterday... or, 'birthday' if you prefer.
  13. I couldn't resist... Aussie DJ /Procucer Sgt Slick... "White people turn up the treble, black people turn up the bass." I hope I don't get into trouble with the vocal sample quote.
  14. G'day Ben. Would you have any suggestions or product links for springs you have used? I assume they should be matched with the weight they will support too? Thanks. Ant.
  15. Good morning Folks. A little nippy out here. A few flac albums this morning... Beck 'Morning Phase' 2014 Capitol Records. 96kHz 24bit flac Steely Dan 'Gaucho' 1980 - 1991 MFSL CD flac Scatterbrain 'Here Comes Trouble' 1990 Relativity Records. flac Nirvana 'Nevermind' 1991 DGC Records. MFSL CD flac
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