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  1. Good evening Folks. Those who know me know I love my Op Shop baby, it has served me well for nigh on 20 years, has been repaired twice in that time and performed perfectly otherwise. It came as a three ( five ) piece system, TT, Tuner & Amp, as well as two very well made speakers. Unfortunately the amp has shut down tonight. I was playing around with speakers, hooking up four Sony 6 ohm speakers. The amp has A + B Speaker selections. Rated - A . B 4 ohm 8 ohm 16 ohm A + B 8 ohm 16 ohm I have read that running a lower rated speaker is generally O.K., and I have previously used the same set up on occasion. I frequently run the Optonica 8 ohm speakers with a pair of the 6 ohm Sony's with no problems either. Tonight while listening to ZZ Top's 'Afterburner' on vinyl, at a moderate level, there was a click and no sound. No bang, no smoke, no smell; just the dreaded sound of silence. I removed all connections and checked the fuse, all good. Hooked up again but no relay click heard on start up. I think it's called the Speaker Relay. My last repairs were performed in Qld and my current technician @Tubularbells is a long way off in Melbourne. Ironically he has my Jorgen amp for servicing and I was due to be there right now and collect it. Hey Doug, I might have to get you to send the Jorgen up but I will PM you. I have both the Owners Manual and Service Manual downloads from Hi Fi Engine... which I can link here if it helps anyone to assist me. I humbly request any thoughts and ideas fellow members may have. Could it be a simple enough repair for a novice??? Cheers. Ant.
  2. Evening Folks. The last of a few new arrivals for me, the others posted elswhere tonight. Soundgarden 'Badmotorfinger' 1991 A&M Records. Reissue made in the EU. Great sounding reissue at a good price. Info on request.
  3. Evening Folks. I hope I'm not over stepping the mark posting this. I'm not overly familiar with this album although it was the first Priest record I heard many, many moons ago. It actually put me off listening to them and it wasn't until I heard 'Screaming for Vengeance' a couple of years later that suggested I should check out their early stuff. I've had three listens to this now and can only define it as Progressive Rock... Judas Priest 'Sad Wings of Destiny' Reissue 2008 Koch Entertainment. Made in USA. A little surface noise may be reduced by a glue clean, and just a dusting of sibilance, but a very dynamic sound accomodating a some volume. A very enjoyable album and sound. https://www.discogs.com/Judas-Priest-Sad-Wings-Of-Destiny/release/2532314
  4. G'day Bangers. Always great to read the Metal thread and learn from you guys, and hearing solid recommendations for the first time. I have some catching up to do after limiting my access lately. Most of you know I was a KISS fanatic in my youth, never had a problem with Glam. While I love Motley Crue, Guns and Roses and Skid Row, I veered away from bands like Poison, Def Leppard, Cinderella etc. For me they were too much about the look, which is ironic for a KISS fan. It was partly due to the 'sleazy' aspect of the look and sound, fantasy I can handle but not sleaze. It seemed to me that their target audience were chicks they could f*ck. Again the irony is not lost on me. Ju st about every KISS song is about f*cking. Maybe I had grown up and had more respect for women. With Def Leppard I didn't like their sound one little bit. Unfortunately I lumped them all together and missed that musical train. I've erroneously neglected great music through preconceptions. Generally I like things nice and heavy, with Metal and Rock in particular, and I veered towards Industrial and Heavy Alternative music back in the 90's, which eventually led me to Electronic and Dance music and away from Metal for quite a few years. Looking forward to checking them out for the name alone, the Sabbath reference is bonus. I saw these guys play a few times, a serious group of guys. You may like Helmet if you don't know them, 'Meantime' is a great album. Two essential ingredients for me too. Nice to see you 'round these parts mate. Great looking cover, and you've reminded me of Heilung's 'Lifa' which I would like on vinyl. Enough rambling on. I picked up this reissue on Amazon last week... Death 'Human' 1991, 2011, 2017 Perseverance Holdings. Relapse Records. Made in the EU. @08Boss302 Correct me if mistaken, but I think you recommended these reissues. Very nice, sounds great.
  5. Evening Folks. A few birthday treats for myself last week... I decided to give Amazon Au a go. Wanting to get a few new records after none for a few months, I went hunting for good value, using the free delivery for spending enough. These are all new reissues. I did a brief search on each release before paying, not looking for expensive versions, but I want good versions. All records were from $28.00Au to $36.00Au delivered. Packaging from Amazon was too large and while there was no damage, and all records were perfect, save the dreaded, insulting, paper inner sleeves, they were free to slide around in the box. Prodigy 'Fat of the Land' 1997 XL Recordings. Made in Eng. I was a prime target for the sound of Prodigy. I was into Metal and eventually connected with Dance/House/Club/Techno/Trance. I have always loved to shake my groove thang on the dance floor, something that doesn't fit well with the mosh pit; ya can't dance to Metal. I loved the emerging Industrial Metal sound of NIN, Ministry, Lard, Fear Factory and the sound of White Zombie. There were a few nice Metal/Alternative remixes coming out too, more dance floor orientated. While it depends on the crowd, venue and ingredients, mixing it up with a harder and angrier sound and vibe doesn't equate with violence or agression. Although, I have never been to a Prodigy gig and have no experience with their crowd. I did hear 'Smack My ***** Up' drop for the first time by Stephen Alkins in the Boiler Room at the Sydney Mardi Gras 2000 while off my fecking face, memories so vivid it's like it was last week. It's all love with a festival like that. I didn't think to save the Amazon or Discogs links, but happy to do so if anyone is interested. This reissue is very nice, quiet vinyl. The sound is fat and full and I'm impressed enough to recommend it.
  6. Good evening one and all. It's been a while between drinks... Judas Priest 'Killing Machine' 1978 CBS Records. Double release w-'British Steel' Made in Aust. Hawkwind 'The Hawkwind Collection' 1986 Castle Communications. Made in Germany. 2 LP. Hope everyone is rocking along OK.
  7. Ahoy Lads. Yeah great memories of the first Big Day Out in Sydney. A modest sized crowd at an emerging 'Indie' festival. The sweet perfume of pot wafting through the air and Nirvana playing the Horden Pavillion in Summer. The venue where I bought showbags at my first Royal Easter Show so many years ago. A yet to become iconic band, playing an iconic Sydney venue elecits many groans of envy from fellow enthusiasts whenever I mention it, which is often. I think there were around 10,000 people at the first Big Dat Out in Sydney which was the only event that year and later spread around the country and NZ. From memory The Horden, as it was known locally, held around 5,000 lucky buggers who were witness this day. I remember the venue staff opening the side doors and spraying the crowd with hoses, any way to cool off a heaving mass of people contained in a tin can, sitting in the sun during Ozzy summer. Cheers. Ant.
  8. Afternoon Folks. I haven't really given Beck a chance until recently when I picked up this version... Beck 'Morning Phase' 2014 Capitol Records. 96kHz 24bit Flac. A great sounding album, nice for a Sunday arvo relax in the recliner. Like many other artists I've not listened to, I can approach an album on it's own merits without expectations based on previous releases. My most recent experience of that was Tool's Fear Innoculum. Reading a pitchfork review I realise that some of Beck's audience find that while this album sounds amazing the lyrical content and songs are a little bland and it "piggybacks on the Legacy of Sea Change." I don't always listen to lyrics. I love great vocals, but half the time I hear another instrument not the words or message. It also help me when listening to extreme Metal. I like to know what they're on about, but you can't tell from the vocals most of the time and lyric sheets are essential. While not really listening to the message of the songs, of which the reviwer was critical, I found it a very comfortable and relaxing album that sounded fantastic, worthy of a full attention listen from the sweet spot for the production alone. Two artists I thought about during this album were Pearl Jam and Neil Young.
  9. Nice one. Hopefully a vinyl release down the track. A great live band worthy of a quality re-issue, looking forward to hearing them in all their glory once again. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. 'O' Ozric Tentacles 'Eternal Wheel' 2004 Recall2CD. Snapper Music. Made in Germany.
  11. 'V' Voivod 'Nothingface' 1989 Noise International, Germany. Mechanic Records - MCA - Artwork by Away - Drummer.
  12. 'U' Urge Overkill 'Saturation' 1993 Geffen Records.
  13. 'U' Under Neath What 'What Is It'.
  14. 'T' Tool 'Fear Inoculum' 2019 Tool Dissectional, Volcano Entertainment, and RCA Records.
  15. Thanks to @Janjuc & @hired goon for bringing this my way. Superb production as always from OTT. 'Fairchildren' Flac download from BandCamp...
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