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  1. Hey man. They popped up ‘round these parts a while back. Very cool. I had an immediate hunt for any vinyl, no luck. I’m hoping the new one might get a vinyl release with the current, well earned interest. Heartless Scat is getting lots of views.
  2. Btw, try playing your records with the lid up or removed completely. It should sound better , Thanks mate, took it off before comparing the difference, it definitely sounds good without the lid. The Cult 'Electric' 1987 Beggars Banquet Records, England.
  3. Another band I saw play live all around Sydney and The Central Coast... 'Choirboys' Self Titled 1983 Albert Prod. Aust. EMI Records, Aust. I've loved this album from the start, we heard these songs played live many times, and watched them grow in to one of the biggest bands around for a while.
  4. Evening lads. Divinyls 'Temperamental' 1988 Chrysalis Records, Eng. Festival Records, Aust. Not the greatest sounding record, but great memories of many Divinyls gigs. The hottest thing about this band and this album was Chrissy and her voice, she sounds very relaxed and confident through this music.
  5. Evening. All over the shop here today, all digital... Skyhooks 'Living in the 70's' 1974 Mushroom Music. The Darkness 'Hot Cakes' 2012 Canary Dwarf Records. Roxy Music 'Avalon' 1982 E.G. Records. Polydor. Radiohead 'Kid A' 2000 Parlophone. Capitol Records. This one finishing right now... Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' 2010 Parlophone Records.
  6. If my amp has a phono stage inbuilt, can I then use an external phono stage connected to the phono input?
  7. Thanks @Muon N', was just reading up on sensitivity. I don't have a sound level meter. Is that something that might be available as a phone APP? As you mentioned, if the amp is rated at 33 watts per channel, how do I have 1 watt power to measure at I metre distance? If the likely sensitivity of the speakers is between 89 and 94db, does that mean they are an easy load and high sensitivity? The amp does have a phono stage, as I connect the TT directly into it. I am thinking I may get a better sound if using a phono stage, and have been looking at the Schiit Mani with an upgraded power supply. The cart is Music Hall Magic 2 MM. Deeply appreciate your time and input mate - thanks.
  8. I've been looking at different speakers, a phono stage or pre amp, and also amps and power amps. At this point I don't really know how to match things up, or even if a phono stage is the same thing as a preamp. I'm in a rural area and auditioning gear will be difficult.
  9. Hey Man. Thanks for your input mate. This is the area where I need a lot of help. As mentioned in my first post, my understanding of the technical side of Hi Fi is extremely limited, a journey just begun. I'm not sure what sensitivity the speakers are, they are 3 way, 8 Ohm, 200W, as listed on the back cover. That's all I know, they were bought second hand with no paperwork and a google search doesn't bring up anything on this model, which is unfortunate as I have two pair of them. The drivers don't look like anything flash and are made in Taiwan. Is sensitivity the Ohm rating alone? I really need to read up on some material explaining some basics, but find a lot of it too confusing as I'm not really technically minded. Do you, or anyone else have some suggested reading aimed at the novice/beginner.
  10. Have done a re-check with the subsonic filter on. It did allow me to turn up a little further, but not much. I am running two sets of speakers, the Technics and some Harman floor stands, but the issue is only through the Technics, which are quite large and closest to the TT/amp. Looks like it may be positioning. I am a little limited with cable lengths, any suggestions on how far I should have the TT from the speakers, or simply a matter of trial? Having a little whinge now - I've recently moved interstate, found a nice rental with no immediate neighbours which is ideal for music lovers. I've sorted the layout of the rooms, acquired some cool, second hand, timber furnishings, and finally began feeling settled. Now I have to re-arrange everything in the living room again. Not a problem for me as everything centres around my stereo, but a pain in the arse as I was expecting a nice relax today after a busy w/end at work. Oh well, here we go. Will update when sorted. Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks @Gryffles - The amp does have a 30Hz subsonic filter, will turn it on and have a listen. Cheers. Ant.
  12. G'day folks. I've recently bought a new TT - Music Hall MMF 2.2 - Running through a vintage Sharp 'Optonica' SM-5100H Japanese amp (50/60Hz - 350W) into vintage Technics SB2755 Australian made speakers (8 Ohm - 200W). I've made temporary isolation with a concrete garden paver, cut sections of pool noodles and a sandstone slab, until deciding which feet to buy for the sandstone. This has worked and I've checked for any sound through the speakers when tapping on the paver, there is none. I did this check with the stylus resting on a stationary record, as suggested in the 'Best Isolation Platform' thread. While doing this check I found that when I turned the volume right up, to around 3/4, there was some sort of issue developing with a pulsing, or throbbing coming through the speakers. Please excuse my basic description, my journey into the technical side of Hi Fi has only recently begun. I've not noticed this problem before, as I rarely have the need to turn the volume up so much. But with no music playing, and doing the mentioned check, I did. My older TT has been sent of for servicing and new cart/stylus, so I don't have another to connect and check. I have recently taken the back covers off the speakers for cleaning inside and tightening some driver screws which were creating an annoying little rattle. I have left the covers off to hear how they sound with an open back. As a novice it seems to be some sort of feedback. As I turn the volume up it begins and builds quickly, and the pulsing is very rapid with a very low tone. I am unable to see the drivers while this is happening as the front mesh is fixed to the speakers, but from the sound it seems to emanate from the bass drivers. The TT is situated just over 1 metre from the front of one speaker. As I've just sorted out the isolation, I thought I might check with fellow members for any thoughts before moving everything around again. I know many other vinyl lovers have their TT quite close to speakers without problems. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions. Regards. Ant.
  13. Hey Adam, welcome aboard this bloody great forum. Hope to see some Currently Spinning posts from you on the Metal thread man. Enjoy. Ant.
  14. Morning lads. A quick spin before work... The Angels 'Howling' 1986 Mushroom Records, Aust. Festival Records, Aust.
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