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  1. Mornin' all. Continuing with Kyuss here... Kyuss 'Welcome to Sky Valley' 1994 Flac Some nice buzz fuzz.
  2. Evening Fellas. Furniture is on the road to West Wyalong, I've had an anxious and hectic few days as the load was brought forward to today rather than next week (long story). The mover dudes were very cool, and we listened to three albums on the hard drive. I recently scored some average speakers for the lap top, perfect timing too, at least I can still listen. While loading we played... all flac... Black Sabbath 'The Best of Black Sabbath' Disc one. Suicidal Tendencies 'Still Cyco Punk After All These Years' 2018 Suicidal Records. One of the dude's requests - nice. AC-DC 'Back in Black' 1980 Albert Productions. I was relieved when it was finally sorted. Went and picked up a little 'erb & a burger, ate and crashed out all arvo. Now I'm refreshed for some cleaning, a couple o' tokes and some... Kyuss 'Blues For The Red Sun' 1992 Perfect!!! I have my music, making cleaning bearable and keeping me sane. I can't imagine doing this without quality tunes.
  3. Evening Fellas. My move is about to happen, this will be one of my last posts from beautiful Mt. Tamborine The load is booked and paid for, is shipping over this Sat & Sun and I will drive down on Monday. I'm already nervous about being away from the Cosmic Rig for a few days, maybe even a week or so before set up. It's always the last thing packed, and the first thing set up, providing necessary tunes for packing and unpacking. I'm moving in with Mum at first, but may have my own place sorted soon. I don't think Mum will tolerate the rig set up at her place. Already have a job at a local pub set up, so all things are coming together. This arvo I was doing some cleaning up in the garden with the following album assisting... Bjork 'Post' 1995 Mother Records. CD Second listen to this in a few days. Love it. This evening I was a little stressed after running around all day, and in the mood for something sedate... Sigur-Ros '()' 2002 Fat Cat Records. MCA Records. CD Prompted by JJ's post this arvo. With a little more tinkering to do tonight, I thought I would have a listen to this... prompted by Citroen's post... Radiohead 'OK Computer' 1997 EMI Records. Parlophone Records. Capitol Records. Flac
  4. The next artist in a long line that I've neglected at my own peril. Bjork 'Post' 1995 Mother Records. CD Picked this up Op Shopping recently. Man!!! Everyone knows her, including me, but I've never heard any of her albums before. I like experimental music, but something always hindered my appreciation for Bjork, and I cant really nail the reason why. Man!!! I really enjoyed the album, played while winding down for the day. It sure has some depth and texture, with a meaty bottom end and her pixie voice floating around. The cabaret style of one track sort of breaks things up, but I think it really fits in nicely, along with some Brazilian Mardi Gras. A great sounding CD, which will be on rotation again very soon.
  5. It's been a while... Led Zeppelin 'Coda' 1982 Swan Song Records. Flac
  6. Another couple of great pick ups at the Op Shop... The Saboteurs 'Consolers of the Lonely' 2008 XL Recordings. Warner Bros. Music. I noticed this posted a few days ago. Apologies to whomever it was, I'm too lazy to scroll back. Something wonderful here I reckon, a bit of a progressive feel to southern rock, with some White Stripes, and even a little Pixies here & there. A great sounding CD too. Passion Pit 'Manners' 2009 Frenchkiss Records. Columbia Records. I had no idea what to expect with this one. Really enjoyed this listen, some indie electro/rock/pop in a similar bright mood to Empire of the Sun. Nice sound on this one as well. Up next, looking forward to how good this should sound... Supertramp 'The Very Best of Supertramp' 1990 A&M Records.
  7. I picked this CD up today for $1... Zwan 'Mary Star of the Sea' 2002 Reprise Records. Jimmy Chamberlin – drums Billy Corgan (as Billy Burke) – guitar, vocals, producer, additional mixing Paz Lenchantin – bass, vocals David Pajo – guitar Matt Sweeney – guitar, vocals Not bad, not great on first listen, maybe a grower. The guitar tone did get to me by the end. Maybe 'cos I'm stripped down to the basic rig, but I didn't think it was the best sounding CD. Everything else still sounds great.
  8. Evening Lads. Almost fully packed, have the car purring like a kitten after a service and detail today, with the basic big rig pumping ten feet away. Another quick shout out to @Darren69 for sending a few flac files my way, the timing could not have been better as all my CD's and records are packed, as well as the turntable. It's provided a great opportunity to listen to bands and albums that I've only ever seen before. Quite a few that I would not have appreciated when I was younger are hitting the sweet spot now that I'm just past 50... like these guys... Yes 'Tales from Topographic Oceans' 1973 Atlantic Records. Fleetwood Mac 'Mirage' 1982 Warner Bros. ... with a few more familiar to me... The Tea Party 'Tangents - Collection' 2000 EMI Music, Canada. CD Thomas Dolby 'The Gate to the Mind's Eye' 1994 Giant Records. The Stranglers 'Aural Sculpture' 1994 Epic Records.
  9. Evening Lads. Almost packed, onto the clean-up and getting the car ready for rego. After seeing @stevoz post frequently, I thought it about time to have my first listen to... Yes '90125' flac Impressive. The next band on a long list that I've neglected for too many years. ... then onto a couple of familiars... Queen 'Jazz' flac Kate Bush 'The Kick Inside' flac
  10. Evening Lads. Onto packing clothes and starting to pack records tomorrow. These are a few from the last couple of days... The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' 2017 24bit flac 50th Anniversary Edition. I've never owned a Beatles album, and I've never listened to any of their albums either. Sometimes the popularity of an artist can put me off, not necessarily a good thing. I've always tried to dig a little deeper into artists that have the goods, but maybe not the sales. For a psychedelic enthusiast, it's a little embarrassing that I have never listened to such an iconic album. I loved it. It sounds really good and I was quite surprised how sophisticated, and how truly psychedelic it is. Sadly, I like to experience first listens under the influence, however it has been a while, and that may not happen for some time. I did have some pot though. Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' flac Split Enz 'Enz of an Era' 1982 Mushroom Records, Aust. CD First listen to this album. Another beauty. First good listen to these guys, a great sounding CD and great fun. Queen 'News of the World' 1977 Remaster. flac Judas Priest 'The Chosen Few' 2011 Legacy Recordings. CD Great compilation by metal musos. Chelsea Wolfe 'Abyss' flac Gojira 'Magma' flac Loving the darker, grittier side of Ms Wolfe. A couple of new (for me) Gojira albums to get into. Really liked this one on first listen. Pixies 'Complete 'B' Sides' 2001 4AD. Made in U.S.A. CD
  11. Hey JJ. I was thinking of giving this a listen today. How do you feel about it after a few more listens? Ant.
  12. Nice - I have 'In the Future' and 'IV' Cd's, thanks for the heads up on the new one.
  13. Hey Guys. At the risk of starting a riot - I have not had a CD player for many years. All my CD's are listened to through my BluRay DVD player. I have well over 1000 Cd's, most of them packed for an approaching interstate move. As a very low income earner for the last ten years it ain't possible for me to spend big bucks on records very often. However, I have picked up many great albums on CD from local Op Shops. My upcoming move is to help my Mum and to sort myself out after quite some time living on the fringe. With a little luck I will be earning again and able to tweak my system by adding a CD player to the mix. No way I could ever pay even $1,000 though. When that time comes I will definitely be asking here for recommendations. The reason for my post is to show off some of the CD's I've picked up recently for $1 a pop. I picked these up yesterday... ...and all these recently (I may have doubled up on a couple) I only buy second hand if the discs are like new. Just had to show off, sorry. Cheers, Ant.
  14. The only Pelican album I have on CD. Love it.
  15. Evening Lads. I had a box of books and Dvd's for Vinnie's today. While in the back sorting room with the ladies, I saw a stash of Cd's which don't fit on the shop shelf. I asked if I could go through them and was delighted to get the O.K. I was even more delighted when I saw the first few. I picked up another 15 great albums for $1 a pop, and over the moon to get them all at the old price, as they have recently doubled in price to $2 a pop. Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon' 1973-2003 30th Anniversary Digital Remaster. EMI Music, Aust. SACD Never seen this edition before. I recently received the Radiohead catalogue in flac format from another SNA member, but was happy to pick up my third Radiohead CD... Radiohead 'Hail to the Theif' 2003 EMI Music, Aust. My first ever listen to this album. I don't know why I put off picking up their CD's. Soon I will be deciding which to pick up on vinyl first, at this stage it might be 'Kid A'. Up next... T'N'T 'My Better Half' Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins 2006 Mushroom Music. Liberation Music. Universal Music, Aust. I'm pretty sure what to expect, but you never know. I'm sure it will be great quality.
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