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  1. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Hey, nice one Bass. If you're looking for some similar material there is a youtube channel titled 'Stoned Meadow of Doom'. He has some great albums up, I don't really get into the real sludgy, slow material associated with a lot of Stoner or Doom, but there is a lot to chose from. Cheers Buddy. Always a pleasure to spread the joy. Ant.
  2. BuzzzFuzzz

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    It is extremely rare that I play an album twice in one day, let alone back to back listens. This album is really doing it for me... Thanks again to @Monk, I'm up for anymore like this my man.
  3. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    Evening Fella's. A big shout out to @Monk for posting this one. I've been on Tubularbell's 'The Downfall of Metal' thread, and commented on challenging music. This one certainly fits the bill... Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 'Grand Opening and Closing' 2001 Seeland Records. Described as 'experimental rock' and 'avant-garde' Metal, also 'progressive'. The cover got my attention, and the band name of course. I think this one will take some time to figure out. Thanks Monk.
  4. BuzzzFuzzz

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey Guys, thanks once again to @Tubularbells for putting me onto these guys... Ghost 'Prequelle' 2018 Loma Vista Recordings. I've only heard a couple of their other tracks, I don't know any other Albums. Listening on youtube a couple of times now, and it's getting better each time. This is quite progressive I thought. Thanks again my friend. Ant
  5. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    Hey man, love a little Bob Mould. I have 'Black Sheets of Rain' on Vinyl, with no idea where the cover is. It's a total mystery, I've left a few albums behind over the years, but have only lost one cover, this one.
  6. Hey Man, very nice, just had my first listen to CD version on youtube. Never heard of it before, was quite surprised to find Vangelis and Demis Roussos on board. Gotta love anything beginning with the chant 'We got the system, to f**k the system.' Quite a challenging Album, I can just imagine the Hoo Haa over it upon release. Really enjoyed it mate, thanks. Aphrodite's Child '666' 1972 Vertigo Records.
  7. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    I saw this on a list somewhere in the 'HiFi Audition Tracks' thread by ThirdDrawerDown. I've had a lossless digital for some time on the hard drive and thought it about time to have a good listen and should be a good fit to wind things up for the day... Ott 'Skylon' 2008 Twisted Records. Part of a review by Evok on Sputnik Music... Ott is pretty much a household name in the world of psychedelic electronic music at this point, and for good reason. Since the early 2000's he has methodically crafted a small but essential catalogue of inspired and soul-lifting excursions dabbling in the likes of psychill, dub and downtempo. Through his seamless and unique blend of styles, there's always been an unmistakable personality behind his music; one of ecstatic whimsy and zen-like wisdom that walks a sagely line between youthful wonder and meditative introspection. Five years after his debut full-length, Blumenkraft, Ott went ahead and finally gave the world of festival trotting granola-hippies another taste of his brilliance. Named after a prototype hydrogen-powered spacecraft, Skylon is certainly an apt name for this 70-minute flight into the upper stratosphere. "From Trunch To Stormness" really sets the lucid vibe from the get-go. As the listener buckles in for a journey above unbelievable landscapes blotted with fluffy clouds and wide blue skies, the familiar butterflies of a psychedelic come-up sneak through the dreamy waves of dubby bass. This is the reggae of the interdimensional elves. This is psybient music at its absolute finest. This is bliss!
  8. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    That's the spirit Man... The OM gig was at the Hi Fi, which I'm told does not survive. The 'erb wafted outside before they began, It was a perfect sized venue and we had prime positions. A gig that made a deep impression on me. I've mentioned elsewhere about my awe of three piece bands, the atmosphere they can create and the energy they generate. Cheers, Ant.
  9. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    Hey @awayward, that cover certainly grabbed my attention, will be seeking it out on youtube next. I've gone back to a lighter shade with... Om 'Pilgramage' 2007 Southern Lord Recordings, USA. I saw these guys in Brisbane with 'Adviatic Songs', (have a signed Vinyl from the night - nice), another very special night in an intimate setting. They create a 'sacred' or 'spiritual' atmosphere.
  10. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    Hey @Teksiis, pleasure to play and post. Track five 'Coily' blows me away every time. Great sounding CD. From there I've gone a little heavier...I saw them in Brisbane touring this Album, it was an excellent sound and night. About 100 guests and a wall of sound. They were really friendly guys, mixing with the audience. Earthless 'Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky' 2007 TeePee Records, USA. Oops... forgot to re-size it. AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek [-] Just like the drug, all of the acid-drenched stoner rock in the early 21st century can become a bit of a drag. The Japanese have their own take on such things to keep them fresh, but often American bands turn on the down low, so slow and so deep in the riff department that the notion of what an electric guitar can do when played with complete inspiration backed by a symbiotic rhythm section evades them. Enter San Diego's Earthless, who blew pretty much everybody's mind with their debut full-length Sonic Prayer in 2005. They jam as Jimi Hendrix jammed, as Cream and Free and even Humble Pie jammed when they took it outside. But Earthless are always outside. They literally enter the sonic maelstrom of inspiration and free flowing, molten, deeply emotional energy where most felt it was at its peak, and they go up from there, moving into dusted rock realms not even dreamed of by the current jam band crew, the stoners or the droners, or even the heaviest of the doomers. They could hang with the most progressive of the metal bands around if they wanted to, but it's not in their credo. They don't see how long they can extend a chord; instead they see how many notes can fit into one, and how groove-oriented a tripped-out riff can get.
  11. BuzzzFuzzz

    Psych Currently Spinning

    I listen to music on the recliner, but I also like to jump around in my own tribal dancing, and this one's got enough for both... Los Natas 'El Hombre De Montana' 2006 Small Stone Records, Detroit, USA. AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia [-] After two albums, 1998's Delmar and 1999's Ciudad de Brahman, made up of competent, but seriously Kyuss-dependent stoner and space rock, Argentina's Los Natas definitively established their own unique identity with 2002's critically acclaimed Corsario ***** -- an often stark and mostly wordless Patagonian soundtrack built on songs resembling slow-advancing glaciers, their riff-blocks as dense as Andes Mountain strata compacted by untold eons. Then, there followed Toba Trance, which essentially extrapolated those panoramic songwriting tendencies while apparently satiating the band's interests in that creative direction. The next Los Natas album, El Hombre Montana, found them switching gears completely to embrace an astonishingly raw, loose, even ragged, brand of fuzz rock, so far removed from Corsario ***** as to be almost shocking. Yet, for the most part, it's a source of great relief to see that Los Natas stellar compositional and musical skills still manage to carry them through the day: whether pounding their way through a predominance of high-energy numbers ("El Bolsero," "La Espada in la Piedra," "El Soldado," etc.), detouring into bare-bones acoustic offerings ("El Camino de Dios," "Sigue, Sigue..."), or trudging closer to their slow burning, doomier natural element on rare occasions ("Humo ***** del Vaticano" "De las Cenizas, El Hombre..."). If all of the above reveal any notable weakness, it has to be Sergio Ch.'s somewhat limited range of vocal expression; a weakness he'd rarely had a chance to even test on those largely instrumental recent efforts, but which here is nevertheless remedied by his laudable insistence on writing Spanish lyrics, which lend the entire album an exotic flavor. And that, along with their innate talents, maverick mindset, and fearlessness about tackling a fresh approach to songwriting, ultimately guarantee another compelling outing for Los Natas, whose fans undoubtedly realize how precious these qualities have become in the 2000s decidedly impoverished stoner rock scene.
  12. BuzzzFuzzz

    Currently Spinning

    Ozric Tentacles 'Eternal Wheel' 2004 Recall2CD. Snapper Music. Made in Germany. These guys really know how to do it, psychedelic journeys.
  13. Agreed Fella's. 'Rust in Piece' is a highlight in Metal. I picked up 'Dystopia' on Cd recently, on first listen I thought they may sound more progressive by now. But maybe it's a return to the roots, I will definitely give it a few more spins. I never got to see Megadeth. There are a few on that list who, as a headbanger, I should be ashamed to include. Lucky boys if you have seen them. My experience with Metal crowds was definitely one of the main attractions. A brotherhood (occasionally sisters) of Metal. Mosh pit etiquette was very strong and anyone at risk was quickly helped out. It did get rougher in there as the whole thing grew, and I saw more and more individual aggression as opposed to the group energy that is created by a brother/sister hood. Crowd surfing and stage diving came with Alternative and Grunge, and The Big Day Out. But injuries led to a clamp down on that quick smart. It all started getting a bit rowdy in there for me, so I retired myself to near the mixing desk when I (rarely) do catch someone these days.
  14. My Ma tells me frequently how I was terrified of Doctor Who as a youngin'. I was pretty young when I heard War of the Worlds for the first time and that sure got my heart racing. When the Martian ship unscrews to open still puts the hair up on the back of my neck. The bloody face of Gene on the cover of Alive II captivated me about 12 years old. But I've never really been scared by music or Metal. I have been challenged by it, and at times search out for challenging material. I was intrigued more than scared by Metal and other serious works, I always felt Metal dudes were pretty serious, at least passionate about their Metal.