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  1. Evening Folks. Big respect for @Billy Shears... putting me onto this album... this artist... and so many other fine recordings. Running the Celefs with temporary AR tweeters, from the Optonica amp... wav files from the media player... Not too shabby at all. I'm quite new to Jazz, and this artist has already been a high light, with three albums I now have on the hard drive. Patricia Barber 'Modern Cool'
  2. Good morning folks. Finally cooled off here this morning... will make lunch service more bearable. A quick taste of my favourite artist over the last six months... Leonard Cohen 'Popular Problems' wav files.
  3. Awesome offer @Benjet The generosity of SNA members never fails to impress... Makes me proud to be a member here.
  4. Another girl I was in love with... A pint sized packet of dynamite.
  5. Saw them many times... was in love with Fiona... and always thought their T-shirt with "Where the F*CK is the Drummer" was an absolute classic.
  6. There is only one song I can sing all the lyrics for... "There's a Hole in the Bucket" A splendid memory from my childhood.
  7. @sleach @foryou Another option... While I haven't used his services yet, I have spoken over the phone and corresponded via email... Boyd at Total Recoil was recommended by @mdorev recently. I don't know off hand where he is located. Not sure if xovers are part of his portfolio though... Wouldn't hurt to give him a call... 03 9484 7777 I'm coming down to Melbourne very soon, I hope, taking some drivers to Boyd for him to assess. Cheers. Ant.
  8. Sucker Punch was just what I needed to unwind... Now something mellow... John Hammond 'Rough & Tough' wav
  9. Good evening Folks. After a challenging dinner service at the pub... Sucker Punch 'Soundtrack' wav.
  10. Duratone no help mate? Thought they would be able.
  11. Awe inspiring build and thread. Absolutely stunning workmanship and results. Thankyou for sharing and giving a novice builder such inspiration. Anthony.
  12. Same here... I bought a new motor cycle in '94, and a new washing machine in '06... Everything else has been 2nd hand. I do buy new, and second hand vinyl... Can't remember the last new CD though, that was a good while ago.
  13. I only buy second hand gear. Edit - oops, I did buy a new TT, on sale, less than half RRP.
  14. Good morning folks. Some nice music for a beautiful day... Patricia Barber 'Cafe Blue'
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