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  1. Currently Spinning

    Nicolette 'DJ Kicks' 1997 Studio K7, Berlin. Old skool Techno, Drum & Bass and Industrial DJ Mix.
  2. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Hey @Ian McP: thanks for all that info man. I've had this record for years, but only just started listening to it. It's one I never hear anything about, and after listening a few times lately, it really stands out. I knew there had to be more to this Record. I still haven't checked anything on line about it. I prefer to find out what you guys think about albums, rather than reviews, critiques and advertising. Thanks again, very much appreciated. Today I went extreme Metal. I've posted on the Metal thread, but wanted to give you guys a taste as well. It started lightly with some early Electronic/Industrial Techno from Belgium... Front 242 'Official Version' 1987 Nettwerk Prod. Capitol Records, Made in Canada. It was then a day of brutal Metal. My pick for the day was this one... Cephalic Carnage 'Anomolies' 2005 Relapse Records, USA. These guys are considered 'Grind Core'. Not a genre that even I listen to, normally. This band resonate with me for a few reasons. They have a depth to their lyrics, a good sense of humour and a clarity that is usually absent from Grind Core. They love their weed. Nice production and pressing.
  3. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey @Tubularbells; Man!!! What a cool set up, very gothic and looks very comfy. I love the way you have your albums stored, and would love to have a look through them. I live in a shed in S E Qld and it can get very hot inside. I have to keep my Vinyl on floor level where it's coolest. In the process of designing some floor racks to build, instead of plastic tubs, which detract from the area. I still have to get back through some of your posts, to get re-acquainted with the Metal world. My collection is sadly lacking fresh Metal, and also a lot of older, crucial Metal albums. I'm a budget buyer though, so it's a matter of 'when' and 'if' I see them at the right price, and in very good shape. I might send you a private message man, so we can connect a bit stronger.
  4. Metal: Currently Spinning

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... A work wash-out once again, indoor day for washing Records. Started off with one I haven't played very much. It's not Metal, but electronic with a slight industrial feel... Front 242 'Official Version' 1987 Nettwerk Prod. Capitol Records, Canada. Then we get brutal for a few... 1349 'Hellfire' 2005 Candlelight Records, Back on Black, UK. It's a little two dimensional for me, not enough depth. I was a bit over it by the end. Bloodlet 'The Serephim Fall' 1998 Victory Records, USA. An interesting album, independent production values. The vocalist sounds a little forced when growling. They don't utilise his vocal range enough. Cirlce Of Dead Children 'the GENOCIDE MACHINE' 2000 Willowtip, USA. What would you expect from the band name and album title. Cephalic Carnage 'Anomolies' 2005 Relapse Records, USA. A great, brutal ride. Excellent production, themes and depth. Including guest vocalists from the Death Metal world. Back over to Europe... Legion 'Unseen to Creation' 2003 Listenable Records, France. No. 277 of 500. Made in E.U. Another great album with excellent production values. I'm off for a recovery with some Classical... Mozart 'Serenades' Collegium Aereum - Franzjoseph Maier Concertmaster. Quintessence, Critic's Choice, Pickwick, USA. Not Dated. Mint condition. Featuring Original Instruments, from Mozart's time... Beautiful music after an intense, brutal, Metal session. Cheers Big Ears.
  5. Currently Spinning

    Laurent Garnier 'Laboratoire' 1996 DanceNet, MDS Aust. Mix 01. Laurent Garnier 'Laboratoire' 1996 DanceNet, MDS Aust. Mix 02. Disc One is a little worn, but no playback issues. A great, Old Skool Tech House set from the French pioneer of minimal, organic feeling techno.
  6. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Finding my Metal Ears once more, listening a lot lately. Lucky to have a free day again and sifted through some old CD's... I make a clear distinction between European and American Metal. They are different Beasts all together. Biohazard 'State of the World Address' 1994 Warner Bros. Records. Made in USA. 'Tales from the Hard Side' & 'Five Blocks to the Subway', great tracks. Corrosion of Conformity 'Blind' 1991 Relativity Records. Made in USA. A forgotten album. A very enjoyable listen after all this time. I was surprised how well I know it. 'Body Count' 1992 Sire Records, Warner Bros. USA. A brutal, controversial album featuring that track before it was removed. Track 18. Pantera 'Vulgar Display of Power' 1992 ATCO, Atlantic Records. Made in Germany. One of my all time 'Classic' Metal Albums. A blistering album in every way. Intense and powerful grooves. Mordred 'In This Life' 1991 Noise International, BMG. Made in USA. A little more 'Funk' Metal, in the area of Faith No More and Scatterbrain. Then across the Atlantic for some English, Alternative Metal??? A full on and catchy album...gotta love a sense of humour... Therapy? 'Troublegum' 1993 A&M Records, London. Polygram Aust.
  7. Currently Spinning

    Milo 'Print is Dead' 2006 V2 Music, Shock Records. Fishbone 'The Reality of My Surroundings' 1991 Sony, Columbia. Made in Austria.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Hey Folks... I've been having a dig through the hard drive, it's quite deep, and a few get buried and forgotten about. Looking for artists and albums that I have come across on the forums, but haven't really listened to. I came up with these for the afternoon, all mp3's but still sound OK... Alan Parsons Project - 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' 1976 Polygram Records, Mercury. French CD Rip. Rush 'Snakes and Arrows' 2007. Buckethead 'Crime Slunk Scene' (2006). I'm new to Buckethead, I don't know how I missed him all this time. When 'Col. Austin VS Col. Sanders AKA Red Track Suit' came on, it really grabbed my attention. I hear a little Rage Against The Machine in there, a little bit industrial, but not quite. A little bit technical, but not quite. The next two tracks blew me away, 'We Can Rebuild Him' and 'Electronic Slight of Hand'. Amazing. Judas Priest 'Nostradamus' 2008. More interesting for me that any of the later Maiden material. Then on to someone I have neglected for far too long, King Diamond. As I have to work with what I have, and no disrespect to @Tubularbells and his recommendations, but I started with Abigail. I'm no stranger to a concept album. Man!!! Unbelievable. He was piqued my interest for more material. I do have 'Abigail II - The Revenge' on the hard drive as well, NICE!!! Wrapped thing up with... Cirith Ungol 'King Of The Dead' Features 'Death of the Sun'
  9. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey @Rocketfrogs; a great journey for a Sunday. My favourite Uriah Heep Album for sure, not on Vinyl yet though. I remember the title 'Metal for Muthas', but I don't recognise that art work. Is there a different cover? Or more in the series? Is it possible for you to post the track list please buddy? I haven't heard Angel Witch for a while either. Thanks Man.
  10. Currently Spinning

    I had a '70's day yesterday. Today I wasn't sure where to start. I came down to check on Stereo Net and Vinyl Engine, as I do most days now. I found a little inspiration from @Teksiis; with the post about Amon Tobin. I only have one CD... Amon Tobin 'Recorded Live' Melbourne 2003 Ninja Tune, Zen CD. Made in England. A superb set, and perfect for Sunday Morning. Followed by some Drum & Bass, with sci-fi and jazz elements. Still running the '76 Technics Amp and Optonica speakers, with the loudness 'on', but had to turn the bass way down for this one. Still sounded good... Grooverider 'Mysteries of Funk' 1998 Sony Music. U.K. Followed by some laidback, electro house from... Fluke 'OTO' 1995 Circa Records. Made in Holland. About to sit down and check out some King Diamond 'Abigail', on the hard drive (for now). Cheers Big Ears...
  11. Currently Spinning

    Hey JJ, nice work. Haven't seen the bottom left one before, (can't make out the title). 'Eldorado' I have on Vinyl, and 'Discovery'. Discovery is an album my brother had, and one I never listened to at the time. Now it would be in my top twenty for sure. I love the feeling from that music.
  12. Currently Spinning

    Hey Metal Beat, I have the same pressing of this one... The Cure 'The Cure' 2004 Geffen Records. Last time I played it I thought it sounded terrible. But I didn't know I was having major alignment issues at the time. Great to read that you liked it too. I will give it another spin now. I mentioned it to someone a while back, but after my last play, I thought I'd made a mistake to recommend it. Will get back to you after a spin. Recorded live in a candlelit studio. Nice.
  13. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hey @koputai; Nice one man... 'Heavy' is a stand out Album for many of us. It shaped a lot of young Metal Heads in this country. It's a testament to the cutters and pressers of K-tel. It's a great sounding Album, considering the diverse sounds of the bands, and the number of tracks. It's well mastered and the selection flows very well. It was cheap too, which meant more accessible. Not this one so much, but Australian Compilation albums were in every house when I grew up. I lost a few Albums at one time, which I as going to sell. 'Mayhemic Destruction' was one of them. I still regret it. I will pick it up some time. Wendy, what a legend. Their cover of 'No Class' on Coup d'état is epic. Rock On Lemmy!!! Queensryche are a band I haven't been able to get into. Sometimes it's about timing. I've often read about them and 'Operation Mindcrime' (which I have on hard drive), I've given it a couple of goes, but I should try again, now that everything is sounding so sweet. I have a King Diamond lesson coming up too. I remember Twisted Sister 'We're Not Gonna Take It', from early music videos on the tele. I'm not sure what happened to my copy of 'Stay Hungry', lost along the way. I took my records everywhere when younger. Glam with Attitude. 'Under the Blade' is so raw and rough. Not familiar with Piledriver... I posted these on Vinyl Spinning as well, but wanna keep the Metal flowing... I picked up a 1976 Technics Amp SU-7200, running it through two Sharp 'Optonica' speakers (also from the '70's), and two, new Harman Logan H30 Satellites. I selected from the appropriate period and returning to the Metal Roots... Sounding very impressive... Led Zeppelin 'IV' 1971 Atlantic Records, WEA Aust. Deep Purple 'Machine Head' 1972 EMI Aust. Budgie 'Never Turn Your Back On A Friend' 1973 MCA Records. Then I pulled a few CD's out to see how they sounded... Black Sabbath 'Born Again' 1983 Vertigo, Phonogram London. Made in W.Germany. It cops a lot of grief, but I love this album, and this CD sounds superb. Ian Gillan with Sabbath was the perfect match for me. I've read that that he hated the lyrics and the experience. Ministry 'The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste' 1989 Sire Records, Warner USA. Amazing how good it sounds on old '70's gear. A great time, The Industrialisation of Metal. I saw them at Selina's, Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney. An Intense performance. Finished off with a little Andy Shauff to mellow things out... Andy Schauf 'The Bearer of Bad News' 2012 I love to mellow with this Canadian dude. Nighty Nite...
  14. Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    G'day Folks... Playing around with a 1976 Technics SU-7200 Amp, through Sharp 'Optonica' speakers, also from the '70's. Also tried out two, new Harman/Logan H30 satellites with them. Man!!! It was sounding very nice. A selection of Vinyl appropriate to the period... Led Zeppelin 'IV' 1971 Atlantic Records, WEA Aust. 'Queen' 1973 Elektra Records, WEA Aust. Cream 'Wheels of Fire' 1968 Polydor, Aust. Budgie 'Never Turn Your Back On A Friend' 1973 MCA Records. Deep Purple 'Machine Head' 1972 EMI Aust. All sounding good. A nice day of retro music and gear. Cheers Big Ears