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  1. Ooooooooooo You lucky boy. I’m turning a little green with envy.
  2. Indeed. I don’t mind paying a bit more for a very good/near mint copy, but they are selling shitte that could not even be played anymore for rip off prices.
  3. At the risk of sparking up the Aldi/Reject Shop debate, I picked this up a couple of days ago at The Reject Shop for $20... Ramin Djawadi - L'Orchestra Cinematique 'Game of Thrones' 2019 Khemko, UK. MusicBank. 1 x black and 1 x picture disc. Compositions by Ramin Djawadi, Chelsea Joy Wolfe and George RR Martin. The second, black vinyl sounds pretty good, but needed a glue clean, still a couple of clicks and pops. The picture disc, as usual sounds good but quite cracklyeven after a glue clean, playable and enjoyable, but I wish they had two black discs.
  4. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to move there.
  5. Indeed. I have noticed that when I lift a record off the platter I get a few cracks. I was just about to post about it. Co Inky Dink. I use a carbon fibre brush before every play, is there anything else I could do. I have noticed a few anti static products around. Never had this problem in humid, sub tropical Qld.
  6. Freshly peeled... Slade 'Slayed' 1972 Polydor Records. First Oz Press. Nice copy, not perfect, light crackle.
  7. Nice one man. I've been working my way through my collection on discogs after these arrived today. I have a gatefold first Oz press of Vol 4., and a 1976 West German reissue of Master of Reality, and 2 copies of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath first Oz pressings, one with no cover as the disc is pretty well damaged and I used the cover for framing. I haven't looked up my other Sab records yet. I have the Earmark reissues of Black Sabbath and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and they are abysmal, DO NOT BUY. I have been doing a lot of research on the Sabbath reissues. The Steve Hoffman threads mention more than once that the Rhino Vol 4 is not as good as the others, but I have to disagree. A couple of reviews on discogs indicate that it is one of the better Rhino reissues, go figure. I found this on discogs... RunttWah October 7, 2016 Report edited over 3 years ago These reissues actually sound better than the originals. I am an audio engineer. Spend lots of time in front of studio monitors. I own many original LP pressings including Sabbath. I did a side by side comparison. The reissues came out on top. The lacquers were cut at a slightly higher volume. Not by much, but the detail of each note played shines. Rhino did a fantastic job and continue to do so with their other reissues. From the three Rhino reissues I now have, and listened to today, I would agree. I will look for all the other Rhino reissues with confidence. Cheers. Ant.
  8. @trigun74 Very nice mate. Out of my reach though. I'll have to be content with the Rhino reissues which I'm very happy with.
  9. Evening all.. I must be careful not to address the fellas only, with the welcome addition of @April Snow to the forum. Santa dropped in early today... Currently spinning... Black Sabbath 'Paranoid' 1971 - 2006 Rhino reissue. Warner Bros. Pressed by Rainbo Records, USA. 180gm. Mastered from original analogue tapes. I've never had this one on vinyl before. I must say I'm very impressed with this record, all nice covers and great sound. But hearing this on vinyl for the first time is blowing me away. War Pigs and Iron Man with considerable volume.
  10. Santa dropped in early today... Rhino reissues sounding fantastic. 180gm.
  11. Hey @Janjuc yes mate, a nice score here on SNA. Have played Vol 4 as well but didn't post it. I've read that the Rhino Vol 4 ain't as good as the others, but I thought it was great too. It's nice to have clean, crackle less copies of these finally. Will be giving Paranoid a spin tonight. Cheers.
  12. Just arrived at the door... Black Sabbath 'Master of Reality' 1971 - 2010 Rhino reissue, Warner Bros. Pressed by Rainbo Records, USA. I've been hunting the Sabbath Rhino reissues for a while. Three popped up in the SNA classifieds - Yippee, from @trigun74, all as described and in very good shape. Thanks mate. Sounds very nice, pumping with much gusto.
  13. I heard yesterday on the radio that 100 people were turned away from one of the gigs because they had bought tickets from a dodgy ticket site, which is one of the first site brought up on google.
  14. Sad news indeed. Classic Oz band, always remind me of summer.
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