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  1. G'day Folks. Just resurrected this back from fair to Near Mint with a gel glue clean... Max Q 'Self Titled' 1989 CBS Records, Aust. Promo-Sample Copy. Written and produced by Michael Hutchence and and Ollie Olsen.
  2. My sister and two nieces were here for chrissy. The girls are aged 9 & 11. They both know and love Billie Eilish, even though I'm sure they have no idea what she's on about.
  3. Picked this up at the local Op Shop yesterday for $1. 24 Hour Party People. Info from the cover... Tony Wilson: a young Cambridge graduate and TV presenter, inspired by the Sex Pistols' first Manchester gig, founds Factory Records and the Hacienda nightclub. The bands he signs include: Joy Division ( New Order ) and the Happy Mondays, while the Hacienda transforms Manchester into 'Madchester' - the Place to be. All this is built on Wilson's anarchic business philosophy: no contracts, just passion, music and hedonism - if the bands don't like it they are free to leave. No-one leaves, but with mounting debts and hangovers rocketing, things do get completely out of hand. Steve Coogan is perfectly cast as Wilson, struggling to hold it together in a world of vice and angst-ridden geniuses, in this brilliantly sustained portrait of the Manchester scene from Director Michael Winterbottom. I have never heard of this movie and picked it up because of Steve Coogan. I really enjoyed the movie and the bonus disc with some interviews from the real life characters. Featuring the music of Joy Division ( I never knew where this name came from ), New Order, Happy Mondays, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and The Clash. Also featuring a cameo by Simon Pegg and a great performance by Andy Serkis as music producer.
  4. Evening Folks. A little late night rock after dinner shift... Powderfinger 'Vulture Street' 2003 Universal Music, Aust. CD. I've always loved Bernard's voice.
  5. Hey Geoff. Nice one man. I have two Speedy J CD's, picked up after catching his set at Gatecrasher in Sydney, circa 2000-2004, can't remember for sure. It was at Homebush, somewhere in the Olympics Park, and it was the first time I had witnessed such heavy police presence, and it really put a damper on the night. Speedy's set was definitely the highlight for me. Cheers. Ant.
  6. Nice one FR. I've never seen this album before. I recently picked up my second copy of 'Freeze Frame', an album that I love, it's so unusual and quirky, and sounds pretty good. I will be keeping an eye out for 'Birds of Prey'. Thanks Mate. Ant.
  7. ... and the polar opposite... Stryper 'To Hell with the Devil' 1986 Enigma Records, Big Time, Aust.
  8. ... and then this album came out... I still love this album, so raw, so much energy, and Tommy on the skins. This is definitely a new take on Glam with a heavier sound and Satanic imagery, compared with the more feminine, traditional Glam look.
  9. Hey Bangers. Don't mind a little Glam myself. I was listening to these guys many years ago... Wrathchild 'Stackheel Strutt' 1983 Bullet Records. Wrathchild 'Stakk Attakk' 1984 Heavy Metal Recors. Wrathchild ( U.K. ) I have a banged up copy of 'Stackheel Strutt' in need of replacement, and would love to pick up 'Stakk Attakk' if one ever pops up. Not something I will go out of my way for, but if they appear, in excellent condition, I would not hesitate.
  10. What's with such a tall spindle? We had a Pioneer system which had a stacking capability, allowing to stack up to ten ( I'm not 100% how many ) records, but I think it had another arm to help stabilise them. It does look similar with the notches and supports. ... and I'm not saying it's a Pioneer, I have no idea what it is.
  11. Thanks mate. Just had a look. They appear to be more for manufacturing / machinery. Are they suitable for music and musicians? Or are there specific music plugs available? Forgive my ignorance, and I don't think you would use / recommend sub-standard equipment, just thought I would double check. The reason I ask is I can't see professional musicians wearing industrial plugs on stage. EDIT - I just realised pro muso's are listening to the mix as well, not just reducing the volume. Cheers. Ant.
  12. G'day Folks. Heading over to Canberra in a couple of weeks to catch Ukrainian metal Band - Jinjer. Getting older I wish to protect my hearing these days. I'm on the hunt for some musician quality Ear Plugs, which I can source on line. Thanks in advance. Ant.
  13. Another great sounding CD... Yello '1980-1985 The New Mix in One Go' Vertigo Records. PolyGram. Made by PMI - Repress.
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