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  1. Sensational!!! Impressive work mate. I can't write for others, but I'm always motivated when I see craftsmanship like this. Thanks.
  2. I'm listening to files through the media player 3.5 out to RCA on a vintage Technics SU-7200 integrated, with 40 year old EV Interface 3, Series II speakers.
  3. Just lost another whole post and it's gettin' late... Much to report, but here's some pics for now...
  4. It was actually the sub amp that had a blow out on the circuit board, triggering the protection mode. Along with a JBL Digital 12 sub plate amp, it's now being repaired by a local fella... way out west. I found him by contacting the number for reporting damage to the local radio station. After a quick call he was more than happy for me to pop over. A really nice bloke, and by all accounts, does great work. This means a great deal to me, as Canberra is 3 & 1/2 hours away.
  5. I've just messaged ProAc... eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks guys.
  6. G'day Folks. First 2 coats of Japan Black stain & varnish, with a light sand in between. Removed old grille cloth, filled in some corners on the frames... rounded the edges and applied grey undercoat. I've ordered some cheaper grille fabric from ebay for my first attempt at re-covering. Planning on using a hot glue gun for application.
  7. Good Evening Folks. I've not posted much recently on the spinning threads, listening to a folder of selected tracks for the most part. Music chosen for how much I like the song, as well as how good the recording sounds. It's my 'go to' selection when any changes are made in the rig... and, if you know my posts, that's quite a lot. I've become very familiar with around 50 tracks from Leonard Cohen and Patricia Barber, to Fat Freddy's Drop and BadBadNotGood. Songs that I love hearing each time I listen It's been a while between full albums. This is another art
  8. With the night off, and a day of rest tomorrow, a couple of pipes, a drop of Dimple, some of my bro's home made jerky, and my selected tracks folder.... I just can't get enough of this EV, JBL, Rotel combo. From Flight of the Conchords, Fat Freddy's Drop, Donald Fagan, Leonard Cohen, Patricia Barber, Madeleine Peroux, Jason Mraz, Laura Marling,, Jazz at the Pawnshop, Katie Melua, BadBadNotGood to Dianna Krall, Fiona Apple, Beck and Black Sabbath. Gotta go to bed.
  9. Awesome. Thankyou, will definitely desolder and check, replacing if required.
  10. G'day @Ozcall... 'twas @muon* mentioned it. Can you shed any light please buddy?
  11. ... here they are... ... the tootsie's I mean.
  12. Evening Folks I was very fortunate once again, through the kind and generous membership of SNA. It really does feel like a club to me, not just a forum. One of our most generous brothers and sisters, is @Mord. he has given me a pair of EV Interface 3, Series II speakers in near mint condition... The tweeter foam has perished, which is typical for these. It's no longer in production, but, thanks to the enthusiasm of other members, a Melbourne based dude may be making them... further enquiries ahead. The control dial is
  13. Hey @DEANO23 Just wondering if they arrived? Any thoughts? Cheers. Ant.
  14. Evening Folks. A good wrestle tonight with some deep house choons...
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