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  1. I can’t listen to any Metal while tripping, for me they don’t sit well. Love some Heavy Psy Rock or Psy Trance, but even the Dark Forest Trance is a little too dark for my experience.
  2. Indeed, this has peaked my interest as well. Will dig through my boxes for my original CD, made in the U.K., bought upon release. I never had any issues with the sound and enjoyed it, I remember one of my favourite listens was through headphones. I have a copy on the hard drive as well, but it probably won't indicate which release it is. Edit - Just checked, U.S. release but no date. Currently pumping some instrumental Heavy Psy Rock, first thing on a Sunday Morn - yummy... Stone From The Sky - Break A Leg
  3. Early morning volume... Stone From The Sky - Break A Leg Liking what I'm hearing and feeling.
  4. @Monk Hey man, Stone from the Sky recently posted by @hired goon, I purchased this morning based on his comments, haven't listened to it yet. Will check out the others you've just posted too. Cheers, Ant.
  5. @08Boss302 @Tubularbells @awayward Hey guys, I thought about posting about Turbo when the Boss posted, didn’t think anyone would be interested. I didn’t like that album upon release, too heavy with the synths for my taste back then, but my mates liked it and the more I heard it, the more it grew on me. I have a listen to it now and then, not my fav Priest by a long shot, but still enjoy it now. Ant.
  6. Watched this one through the week... Love Steve Carell in anything. Based on true events, the fantasy world of a severe assault victim comes to life as he tries to cope after the ordeal. Real life and animated dolls make this creative piece unique, Carell is perfectly cast for the role, building a world and story as self therapy after losing all memory in the beating and on the brink of losing his mind.
  7. A spot of gardening before heading in to work... a couple of CD's... Radiohead 'Hail to the Theif' 2003 EMI Music, Aust. Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side of the Moon' 1973-2003 30th Anniversary Digital Remaster. EMI Music, Aust. SACD Very happy out West here, but Man!!! I really miss the Tamborine Mtn Op Shops.
  8. Cooking a late home made pizza with a band we don't see too often 'round these parts... The Tea Party 'Tangents' 2000 EMI Music, Canada. EMI Music, Aust. 'Collection' compilation CD.
  9. Evening lads. Just gave these two CD's a spin... Black Cab 'Jesus East' Inertia Records. Mushroom Music, Aust. Aussie, Indie, Psy Rock with a little Electro and some Eastern sounds. ...and needing no introduction... Muse 'Origin of Symmetry' 2001 Taste Media Ltd. Mushroom Records. Aust.
  10. Todays viewing... Both in fine form, really enjoyed it. Many familiar faces popping up. I was a little worried they might be past it, but some great laughs.
  11. As written about many moons ago, they played the first Big Day Out in Sydney.
  12. Evening lads. Played a few Electro albums from the hard drive while detailing the new/old kitchen... can't believe how grotty some people live. Dan Terminus 'Automated Refrains' 2017 Blood Music. Dark Synth-Wave. Kraftwork 'Minimum Maximum' 2005 Kling Klang. EMI. Astralwerks. Disc 01. Klaus Schulze 'Timewind' 1975 Brain Records. Cleaning myself up, getting dinner organised listening to... Planet of the 8’s - Self Titled - 2017 Self Released. Aust. Heavy, Aussie, Stoner, Psy Rock.
  13. Doesn't look like Eddie's that into it.
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