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  1. Hey Neil. Great suggestion there mate. I had a late night listen on youtube, after reading some comments there about the drumming which added more interest. Very interesting sound and approach, extreme music that feels like art. I began feeling a bit exhausted about 3/4 into it, but I stayed with it and enjoyed the ride. It won't be everyone's cup o' tea, it's a challenging listen. I don't know anything about them, and it's sometimes difficult to judge youtube quality with unknown music, and I was wondering if the rawness and minimal production are conscious qualities of the band? I like their sound, but I am curious. Reminding me of the experimental nature of bands like Melvins, Fantomas and Primus. Nice One Bro. Cheers. Ant.
  2. Another listen to this damn fine CD... Radiohead 'Kid A' 2000 EMI Records. Made in E.U. Now I have to get a copy of 'O.K. Computer'.
  3. Good evening good fellows. My life has turned upside down after deciding to move to West Wyalong (2 hour drive from Wagga), to care for my mum who is having a few health issues. When I left home I moved 20 times in 20 years. Since living on Tamborine Mountain I have been in the same place for around 12 years. I have started to pack, and sh*t!!! what a mess! I used to have my moves very orchestrated, but not this one, and it's already doing my head in. I'm making the most of my local Op Shops while I can, 'cos I don't think I will be finding the same gems out there. I picked these two up today... Radiohead 'Kid A' 2000 EMI Records. Made in E.U. New condition - $1 I couldn't believe my luck with this one. I've never heard it before, have seen it posted many, many times and was keen to hear what all the fuss was about (kidding). Absolutely beautiful. ...this next one slotted in perfectly afterwards... George 'Polyserena' 2002 Mushroom Records, Aust. Recorded at Mangrove Studios, Gosford, NSW. (Where I grew up.) I first heard George many moons ago on a compilation. From that one song, (CD is packed, can't remember the title off hand), the name has always stayed with me. I was a happy chappie to score this for $1 also, and also in new condition. Not sure if Tyrone and Katie Noonan are hubby and wifey, or bro and sis? But man, can they write, play and sing. He reminded me a lot of Thom Yorke and the two albums paired very nicely. Looking forward to the long weekend to get this mess more organised, a bit daunted by the actual move but looking forward to living country life. I've spent many holidays at Temora and West Wyalong as a kid, I was born in Leeton but moved to the Central Coast when I was very young. Cheers. Ant.
  4. Hey Man. I picked up Gabriel's 'So' on CD recently for $1, in spanking condition. I had never heard it before, and have to agree mate, 'Don't Give Up' sent shivers down my spine. I was familiar with the song, but had never heard it in all it's glory. Love the Oz 'Back in Black' too.
  5. G'day Jay. Any thoughts on this one man, seems to be getting good wraps? Cheers, Ant.
  6. Welcome to the Metal Pit man. Yeah, great recommendations here and elsewhere on this wonderful forum. Have not heard Tribulation, will check it out next time I'm on the tube. Not the best connection here and it doesn't make for enjoyable listening on posted clips. Cheers for the heads up, keep them coming, always looking for new music. Ant.
  7. Evening all. Had an extended weekend, piled up a load of recyclable metal in the trailer to drop off tomorrow. Also had time to glue up a few more records, and gave these a peel... Led Zeppelin 'IV' 1971 Atlantic Records. WEA Records, Aust. ...having a nice, chilled evening with some oldies... Dave Brubeck Quartet 'Instant Brubeck' Not Dated. Music For Pleasure, Aust. Came up a treat after a face peel. 'Turn Back the Hands of Time' Compilation 1973 RCA Records, N.Y. Brookvile Records. RCA Records, Aust.
  8. Hey Paul. A lovely set there mate. I didn't know Joe Jackson has a new album out, I have 3 or 4 on Vinyl. Great cover too. Will be keeping a lookout for it, thanks. Cheers, Ant.
  9. Last one for me tonight, dinner and veging in front of the tele for this black sheep, a couple of drum play throughs from Devin Townsend's new album, posted by Cazzesman, a little 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and maybe watch 'Bumblebee'. Thin Lizzy 'Live and Dangerous' 1978 Vertigo Records. Phonogram Records, Aust. Very nice Vinyl despite the tattered cover. Great sounding record and a great performance.
  10. Hey Peter. I must give my copy of Beat Crazy a glue peel, haven't played it in a while. Cheers Man. Ant.
  11. Hey Man. Have downloaded the two drum play throughs, just about to watch on the big rig. Cheers Bro. Ant.
  12. GGGGGGRRRRRRR. To quote Tubularbells, I'm in the 'Metal Church' this Sunday... starting off with a couple from the hard drive, then onto some freshly peeled records... Rotting Christ 'The Heretics' 2019 Season of Mist. Our minds and souls are our own churches. Dimmu Borgir 'Eonian' 2018 Nuclear Blast Records. Epic sound with choir vocals added. I always forget how good the next two are. A double album package from Nuclear Blast, Germany. Soilwork 'Natural Born Chaos' 2001 Nuclear Blast Records, Germany. Produced by Devin Townsend, co-produced by Fredrik Nordstrom. Soilwork 'Figure Number Five' 2003 Nuclear Blast Records, Germany. Awesome production and Vinyl, even the white disc.
  13. Morning Lads. Contrary to JJ's quiet Sunday morning, and while many consider extreme music 'soulless', these two are tackling some spiritual/religious themes... Rotting Christ 'The Heretics' 2019 Season of Mist. Flac CD Rip. The mind and soul are our own churches. Dimmu Borgir 'Eonian' 2018 Nuclear Blast Records. Flac CD Rip.
  14. A little late night Progressive Metal, with a healthy dollop of Opeth influence... (edit - after a good listen I heard more Mastodon in there than Opeth) Anciients 'Heart of Oak' 2013 Season of Mist. Flac CD rip.
  15. Evening Lads. My third listen to this (mp3)... in the 'sweet spot'... and feeling it... Devin Townsend 'Empath' 2019 HevyDevy Records through InsideOut Music. Loved it from the start, and have to write that I agree with some comments about being transported by this album. It really is a trip from start to finish - beautiful. Having my first listen to the bonus material right now, loving them too.
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