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  1. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Evening Lads. A big shout out to @Ian McP for bringing these guys into my life... Thanks Ian. First listen on youtube, followed by another listen... Kungens Män ‘Dag & Natt' 2017 Kungens Ljud & Bild. One of those Albums that impressed me from the start. Mellow guitar tones and sax open this Space Rock adventure, relaxed jamming with an organic sound and feel. A natural drum sound with a delicate touch (not sure if delicate is the right word), especially on the cymbals. Moving into a riff that reminds me slightly of Sonic Youth, then upping the tempo with a little drone with some beats. They lighten up again with some smooth jazzy sax before heading a little darker, and a touch of The Middle East. It has an airy feel of floating and swirling. Then we get down and dirty with some primal, rumbling bass which really gets going. The closing of the album, almost an hour and a half, winds down with a nice relaxed, trippy soundscape of sorts into a haunting, tribal, repetitive and hypnotic pulse. Trippy music for tripping of the highest order, a sonic, instrumental voyage both inwards and outwards. The production is great, the youtube quality was pretty good. Definitely a band I will be hunting, researching and listening to. Cheers, Ant. A good review link - https://psychinsightmusic.com/2017/07/22/album-review-dag-natt-by-kungens-man/
  2. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Evening all. After shuffling through the Midnight Oil albums, onto some Bombers, Kings of the Sun, Aerosmith, Kiss, Queen, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, I finally landed on this flac CD rip... The Black Crowes 'Amorica' 1994 American Recordings. This Album is a joy from start to finish. Engaging and textured Southern Rock, polished and raw at the same time. Laidback rock 'n' roll, perfect for a Sunday evening.
  3. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Where do you go after something like The Lennon Claypool Delirium? I wanted to stay on slightly skewed adventure, putting on The Flaming Lips 'Embryonic' CD, but that didn't sit too well, lasting two tracks before landing with this one... Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were here' 1975 Columbia Records - 2011 digital remaster, EMI, Aust. CD. Not my pic, I'm to skewed myself to scan the cover. Complementing a relaxing day nicely, a smooth finish to wind up with.
  4. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Yeah @Monk 'I Got You' does it for me, like other Kiwi band The Swingers with 'Counting the Beat', songs that always pop into my mind. Wanting to stay on a relaxed vibe but heading down a darker path... Primus 'The Desaturating Seven' 2017 ATO Records. flac All too brief magestical adventure of the Goblins who consume the colour from rainbows. I've tried a few times to get into the Willy Wonka album, but it just doesn't click for me, but this one is a dark and mysterious fantasy, with the Primus sound reflecting the connection between the psychedelic experience and the imagination, making this engaging and entrancing. Artists like Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh who makes psychedelic art with emphasis on the importance of fantasy and imagination in our lives. Moving back into the light just a little... The Claypool Lennon Delirium 'The Monolith of Phobos' 2016 Prawns Song, ATO Records. flac I have this on Vinyl, but while the sound is OK, the record itself sounds terrible with rasps, scrapes, click and pops the whole way through. It was one of my first online purchases when getting back into music and vinyl, and I should have sent it back, but I left it too long to return credibly, something I have since learned to do. Edit - A few words while listening... It's not Primus, but there is no mistaking Les' distinctive vocals and signature bass sound. Lennon adds a new dimension of vocals with a distinct Beatles feel, especially on 'Boomerang Baby', with Les just going off on the bass. For me these are Psychedelic gems, music for listening in the dark with a spark. New Claypool Lennon Delirium Album 'South of Reality' ATO Records, out Jan/Feb???
  5. BuzzzFuzzz

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    In the mood for something more relaxed and sounding great... Crowded House 'Recurring Dream - The Very Best Of...' 1996 Capitol Records. Made in Italy. Not a band I listen to a lot, but I have great respect for the brother's Finn as musicians and songwriters. Split Enz are part of my youthful fabric, like most Kiwi's and Aussie's through the '80's, we couldn't help but absorb their infectious melodies. Perfect selection for a cruisey Saturday night, running through ol' faithful Sharp-Optonica amp and ol' faithful Technics speakers. 1. Weather With You 2. World Where You Live 3. Fall At Your Feet 4. Locked Out 5. Don't Dream It's Over 6. Into Temptation 7. Pineapple Head 8. When You Come 9. Private Universe 10. Not The Girl You Think You Are 11. Instinct 12. I Feel Possessed 13. Four Seasons In One Day 14. It's Only Natural 15. Distant Sun 16. Something So Strong 17. Mean To Me 18. Better Be Home Soon 19. Everything Is Good For You
  6. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Afternoon Lads. Great to be lazing around on a Saturday. Nice and cool 'round these parts lately. Didn't know where to start this morning, went through the racks and landed on this one... Metallica 'Garage Inc.' 1998 Vertigo Records. Polygram Int. Polygram, Aust. I have never been to a Metallica gig, but they were one of the bands I clicked with from the start when I heard their first recording 'Hit the Lights' on the independent, Metal Blade compilation album 'Metal Massacre', which I bought from Utopia Records when they were downstairs in Martin Place and very small. The production on all tracks is pretty ordinary, but the energy is fully represented by these bands with the 'do it yourself' ethos, and rawness of Punk, which has always been a link to Metal with the explosion of Speed and Thrash, and also linked to the NWOBHM through bands like Iron Maiden (with Paul Di'Anno) and Motorhead, among so many others moving into Black and Death Metal. All my opinion only. While I don't have their first Album 'Kill 'em All', I do have the next three on Vinyl, all original Aust. pressings, which have been played many times. I also have 'Garage Days Revisited' 1987 Mercury Records. Polygram, Aust. original pressing, not played that much. If I had to name my favourite Metallica track it would have to be 'One' from '...and Justice for All', when it's cranked it feels great, tight and urgent. This CD is cover versions of influential music on the band. From highlighting the Punk influence with bands such as Anti Nowhere League, Discharge and Killing Joke, to a more middle of the road selection from others like Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bob Seger. Sabbath, Budgie, Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate and a few others round it out for a pretty cool selection, closing with four Motorhead covers. It sounds great too, though I didn't have it cranked on a Saturday morning. Again, this is just my opinion. Metallica lost me after '...and Justice for All'. The growth of the Music and Metal industries led to larger venues and a change in approach to recording production, with sound required to fill bigger and bigger areas. The band that represented this best (worst) for me were Def Leppard. But even Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and the American bands Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue and others all experienced this through the '80's as the business of Metal was exploding. That's one of the reasons I opened up to 'Alternative' bands, to get away from the pompous over production. I like Metallica's sense of urgency with early work. This is a great compilation, the first disc was recorded in 1998, with the second disc containing the 'Garage Days Re-Revisited' EP's from '84 and '87, 'B-Sides and One-Offs', and 'Motorheadache' '95. The first time I found out about Kyuss was reading a review of a Metallica gig in Australia in 1993, I think it was a Sydney show. From memory, the reviewer wrote something like "Blew Metallica Off Stage". I was intrigued by such a band and have been listening to Kyuss and QOTSA ever since, unfortunately never catching them live either. Where to go next... I'm not up for extreme listening today... Thin Lizzy 'Renegade' 1981 Vertigo. Phonogram, Japan. A Japanese pressing picked up at a Record Fair a while back, in pristine nic. It was a replacement for one I bought second hand years ago. The only Thin Lizzy Album that I have on Vinyl, it has always been a favourite. It sounds great. For me it has a slickness, or a polish that gives it more depth. Released in 1981, three years after Jeff Wayne's 'War of the Worlds' soundtrack (feat Phil Lynott), 'Renegade' has a dramatic or theatrical feel, especially the Pink Floyd like intro of the opening track 'Angel of Death'. The album flows very well and sounds like music recorded by a comfortable band. It gets mixed reviews though... from wiki... Greg Prato of AllMusic claimed that Renegade is Thin Lizzy's worst album, with "blatant pop leanings and a production too similar to British heavy metal bands of the early '80s", blaming Snowy White's incompatibility with the group, Lynott's "flat vocals" and the band's drug problems. Prato named "The Pressure Will Blow", "Leave This Town" and "Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)" as the album's better songs.[1] David Fricke in his review for Rolling Stone stated his disappointment for Lynott's performance as singer and songwriter on the album, writing that "only the rousing chorus of "Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)" and the poignant sense of loss in "It's Getting Dangerous" hint at the sensitive yet anthemic writing and hard-rock smarts that usually separate Thin Lizzy from the lunkheads".[3] On the contrary, Canadian journalist Martin Popoff praised the album for its superb production and the professional state-of-the-art sound, calling Renegade "an absolute masterpiece of deeply soulful and richly textured hard rock", whose "fullness and maturity tend to emerge only when played repeatedly".[2] I tend to agree with Popoff's last comments above. I never over play any music these days, and there are many Albums that stand the test of time, for all of us. But this one has always been a constant in my life since a late teen. I love the smoother 'flat' vocals and all Hard Rock/Metal is based in The Blues, so Snowy's not completely out of place. Not sure where I'm heading next...
  7. BuzzzFuzzz

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Evening Bangrrrrs... Time for a few old skool Thrash Records... Anthrax 'Among the Living' 1986 Island Records, England. Festival Records, Aust. Death Angel 'Act III' 1990 Geffen Records. Warner, USA. Exodus 'Fabulous Disaster' 1989 Relativity Records. CBS, Aust. Napalm Death 'From Enslavement to Obliteration' 1988 Earache Records, England.
  8. BuzzzFuzzz

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    This is one compilation I'm yet to have on Vinyl, just one of those albums with so many memories... 'Hot Nights City Lights' 1979 Compilation - K-Tel Records. ...from the hard drive for now. A1 –M (2) Pop Muzik A2 –Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons Hit And Run A3 –Amii Stewart Light My Fire A4 –Christie Allen Goose Bumps A5 –Alicia Bridges I Love The Nightlife A6 –Toto Hold The Line A7 –Village People I'm A Cruiser A8 –Mental As Anything The Nips Are Getting Bigger A9 –Gonzalez I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet B1 –Chris Rea Diamonds B2 –Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive B3 –Claudja Barry Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes B4 –Tavares Who Done It B5 –Dave And The Derros Nice Legs, Shame About The Face B6 –The Sports Wedding Ring B7 –Jon English (3) Superstar B8 –John Paul Young Standing In The Rain B9 –Santa Esmeralda Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
  9. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Summer is here... Joe Satriani 'Surfing with the Alien' 1987 CBS Records.
  10. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Winding down the weekend with a flac CD rip of... Pink Floyd 'Dark Side of the Moon' 1973 Harvest Records. Sound is amazing.
  11. BuzzzFuzzz

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    A great Album lost in time, but not to those of us who know.
  12. BuzzzFuzzz

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    This arvo's couple... the first a recent download from bandcamp. Aussie Psy Rock/Doom... Bio from the Triple J - Unearthed web page,,, Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows is are Bendigo/Melbourne based concept band focussing on the story of a cowboy whose wife and son are killed by the devil. Via HEAVY PLANET - The debut self-titled EP from Jack Harlon-Dawson and The Dead Crows is a short affair, but one which consists of immense talent and killer grooves which will leave you begging for much, much more. Hailing from Bendigo, Australia, Jack Harlon-Dawson and The Dead Crows blend together a multitude of genres, from heavy blues, lo-fi fuzz, stoner, and elements of doom, to create a extremely satisfying dirty sound that captures you still for all too brief a moment, but live in that moment and you’ll be thankful. The guitars are heavy, the mood is psychedelic, and the vocals are experienced, this is a band to watch out for, and a record to repeat evermore. The EP has been called ‘A tale of cannibals, psychedelic drugs and divine intervention’, what more could you ask of for a new band to burn one to? Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows 'Hymns' 2018 Suspect Records. Their first Album. Part review by Mr Darkstar (MoreFuzz.net)... If you’re looking for simple, standard, super-accessible riff-rock, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, then Jack Harlon and his Dead Crows just might scratch the itch for you. The album, Hymns, is an uber-progressive blues meets desert-rock album, with a few hints of space rock and doom ‘n’ gloom sprinkled on top. Musically, the album flows together pretty seamlessly, but there are just enough progressive elements to keep a casual listener at bay. On top of its unique musical style, the album also boasts an intriguing written heritage: Hymns is a conceptual album featuring an array of characters set against a backdrop of a mutant-filled Mad Max post-apocalyptic universe. The first track sets the tone with its wind-swept backdrop, smooth bass line, and classic-70’s-Western-inspired guitar riff. The reverb-laden vocals are either spoken or gently sung, but always on the softer side. The transition from the soft outro of Las Plagas into the thrashing excitement of Witchcraft is one of the highlights of the album. The journey continues with its fuzzy bass backbone, progressive rhythms, and hyperactive drumming; the catchy verse riff of Ed Parsons carries the album through some crunchy doom territory, and the understated song Byroad allows for some welcome space rock downtime. If the album slows in any way, it’s through the underwhelming Hyperplasia and John Becomes the Universe. Though one can’t forget the screaming solo section at the latter half of the aforementioned John Becomes the Universe, as it brings the album back up to speed to finish strong with the catchy Ghoul and No More Bastard Children. Overall the album pumps with acute, percussive energy, and if you’re into progressive blues that’s a bit off the beaten path, you’ll find something worth checking out in Hymns. ...looking around for what to play next I thought of this one on youtube, a new Metal release by Voivod, Canadian Sci Fi, Thrash Metal veterans of 37 years. Playing here soon for the first time, so I thought I'd give this another listen... Voivod 'The Wake' 2018 Napalm Records. I did get distracted with a few texts during this one, really growing on me after three or four plays now. I bit more psychedelic at times and distinctly Voivod. Finishing of with something found within this treasure trove of a thread a while back, something weird and wonderful is the only way to describe it, experimental Rock/Metal... Sleepytime Gorilla Museum 'Grand Opening and Closing' 2001 Seeland Records.
  13. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Hey JJ, another fine selection mate. I've had 'Child in Time' on 2nd hand Vinyl for years, but until recently I never gave it a good chance. Sounded great a while back after a wash. Cheers, Ant.
  14. BuzzzFuzzz

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    Mornin' Lads... Another hot one here, at least it's a day off. A day chillin' with the pool and some tasty summer vibe beats... Sabo 'Sunday Night - Robot Heart -Burning Man' 2014 ...with the Sol Selectas label, Sabo and friends go deep, shamanic and tribal with world infused desert/forest house. One of my favoured DJ's for a deep, bassy set that never stagnates, his mixes are seamless and usually captivating (for me at least). I've made the mistake of over exposing myself to some albums and bands, rendering them rarely listened to anymore. These days I 'usually' make a conscious effort and seldom play the same album twice, normally only coming back into rotation after some time. I have many albums that I love to play, the rotation can be quite long sometimes. ...anyway, my point is that I continually find new things in the albums I listen to, when I space them apart more. DJ Sabo is the same for me, I'm always getting more from his sets... 1. On My Own (dub version) - Zero 7 2. 1988 (Moombahton edit) - Youandewan 3. Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig remix / Sabo's 33rpm edit) - Rhythm & Sound 4. Far From the Tree - Bob Moses 5. No Distance (Lake People remix) - Guy Gerber & Dixon 6. Shelly - Nadastrom 7. Nadsat - Recondite 8. The Dig (Radio Slave remix) - Ralph Falcon 9. Boom (Sabo edit) - Julian Jeweil 10. Dark Beat (Addicted to Drums) (Danny Daze Dub / Sabo Slow edit) - Murk feat. Oba Frank Lords 11. Egbert - Straktrekken 12. El Ladron De Mails (Sabo edit) - Marcelo Rosselot, Francisco Allendes 13. Yukon (Sabo edit) - Ellroy 14. Points (Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras remix / Nada edit) - Danny Fiddo, Affkt 15. Human Jungle (Santos Re-edit) - Maskio 16. Ikizukuri (Alt mix) - Roman Fluegel, Simian Mobile Disco 17. 4 Day Bender - Sabo & Disgraceland (Unreleased) Time for a dip.
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    A bit of a hike up the freeway and back for work today, took a couple of CD's for the road... Coheed and Cambria 'Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV - Vol.1; From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness' 2005 Equal Vision. Sony, Aust. Coheed and Cambria 'Year of the Black Rainbow' 2010 Roadrunner Records. Sony. Warner, Aust. One of my more favoured bands, love Claudio's voice. I came to them through a friend who gave me a live DVD, which he didn't like. They are a progressive rock band with diverse influences. Their albums are a Sci Fi concept, based on 'The Amory Wars, written by Claudio and now transcribed into comic books and a novel (wiki). Another band who relish with their fans, the crowd singing every word. They released a DVD 'Neverender', recorded in 2008, to mark the end of the saga story, four albums played over four nights in their home town of New York. The gigs were at the start of the tour, so there are a few mistakes. The recording was mixed, but there are no overdubs, providing an authentic experience - NICE.