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  1. Good to hear a review in the Fynes. Which model did you end up going with Mikah?
  2. I see the Evo's got 5 stars at whathifi. Great to get your impressions on these babies. Curious about these due to the rating.
  3. Wow these suggestion are great, I honestly wouldn't have known to search for these. I shall start to go crazy and mate you have been ona role for sure! ?
  4. Mate this is gold, I really appreciate the insight and experience passed on here sfdoodsy. Your are correct about getting much more bang for buck in the second hand market and no better place to audition speakers than in your home. I'm going to do this and there's plenty of recommendations here to keep an eye out for!
  5. Your right sfdoodsy the link you provided is definitely going down the preverbial rabbit hole however the quest for perfection involves research!
  6. Some great content here Prog, thank you. Lol love the story of the music track. Going to have a geez online as it sounds like a doozy!
  7. That's really interesting sfdoodsy and I never considered this tbh. Based on your viewpoint I like the fact that the KEF is pushing the boundaries here and will audition this as well mate. I appreciate the insight here.
  8. I'm quite interested in how those q acoustics sound. On paper they certainly are impressive! What make and model is the black speaker mate ?
  9. I'm drawn to these for some reason. I'll tee up an audition once Daniel Andrews gives the green light ?
  10. Yup you've got a point mate. If the amp is not keeping up, it's going to have to get the boot
  11. The description does sound right up my alley. I'll audition a pair of these to get a feel for the sound
  12. I agree , definitely keeping an eye on the second hand market as well mate. Patience can be rewarded!
  13. I've not looked at this model yet, cheers Bill. Looking into this puppy
  14. Hello Hifi Bretheren, Looking to the sum of your knowledge for what you would consider the best bang for buck speaker under 3K. Floor-standing and Bookshelf recommendations considered. Second hand is fine as well. Ill be driving them with a Cambridge Audio CXA60 , sources both turntables and cd player and network streamer. Living room is small, however this will change in a few months to a medium space. Seeking a warm, fun sound with ample bass and a good sound stage. Ive been considering : Fyne audio 501 Buchardt Au
  15. Hello Audiophiles Greetings! I hope you are all well. I was hoping to get some ideas and reccomendations for good speakers to match my amplifier : Cambridge Audio CXA60. I have a small room and the speakers will be relatively close to the wall with a little breathing room. Currently I wad thikining about the elac b6 or elac B6.2 however I am yet to audition these speakers. My budget is around $600 . Second hand speakers would be considered as well. I listen to funk and soul, electronic music, disco, rock etc. Cheers
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