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  1. Hendoferson

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Vogels speaker stands

    Ill take take these please.
  2. Hendoferson

    SOLD: FS: Speaker Stands

    Im in Melbourne and will also put my hat in the ring!
  3. Hello Audiophiles Greetings! I hope you are all well. I was hoping to get some ideas and reccomendations for good speakers to match my amplifier : Cambridge Audio CXA60. I have a small room and the speakers will be relatively close to the wall with a little breathing room. Currently I wad thikining about the elac b6 or elac B6.2 however I am yet to audition these speakers. My budget is around $600 . Second hand speakers would be considered as well. I listen to funk and soul, electronic music, disco, rock etc. Cheers
  4. Hendoferson

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Grado sr80e

    Ill take them mate, always have been curious about the Grado sound.
  5. Thanks mate, I suspected going direct connection would be the safest. Cheers for the advice.
  6. Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice on how best to hookup digital audio from my xbone one to my amplifier with onboard dac. Currently I have my xbox one connected to my tv via hdmi. I have an optical out from my tv connected to optical out on my amplifier dac. Would there be an degradation in audio quality as the signal is being passed via my tv? As I also use the xbox to play cds. If so I can connect an optical direct from the xbox one to the amplifier as an alternative. Thanks for the advice!
  7. Hendoferson

    SOLD: FS: MISSION ISOPLAT-isolation platform

    Which suburb are you located in mate? Id be keen on one if your not far from me
  8. Hendoferson

    Turntable in all digital set-up

    Hey mate , i have a very similar setup in my lounge room . I have a cambridge audio cxa60 which does not have a phono stage in the amplifier. The turntable I purchased was a projecr essential 2 Digital which I am happy with. The project deck has inbuilt phono with both analogue and optical out. Perfect for a digital setup
  9. Hendoferson

    Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    Thanks for the suggestions all, if anyone else has alternative solutions that works for them feel free to post! ?
  10. Hendoferson

    Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    @mloutfie thanks mate for the suggestion and pic. I think this would be a great solution to try. Looks like the spring isolation feet are available on eBay unless you have a reccomendation for another source. Muchos Gracias
  11. Hello Audio Enthusiasts I have recently acquired a project essential 2 digital. My current setup has my turntable on the same shelving unit as my speakers. Wanting to dampen any unwanted vibration Im going to make myself an isolation platform. Wondering if any other forum members have put one together and if so what materials they had used? Thanks in advance Hendoferson
  12. Thanks for all the advice audio enthusiasts. Being impatient I did go with my original idea if the Cambridge CXA60 and the Project digital soon after I posted here. I got the two for $1350,which I thought of as pretty good value. I'm very happy with both pieces. The NAD amp suggested in this thread would have been an option as well if I came across it in my search. I needed multiple inputs so active speakers were out of my search criteria. Now to find the next toy to add to this set up ? Thanks all Hendoferson
  13. Hello Fellow Audio Enthusiasts I was hoping to pool on the sum of your expert knowledge to recommend me some new kit. I am after an integrated amplifier and turntable for a small sized lounge. Budget up to $1300 and looking for the most bang for buck sound in this price range. Features Im looking for in the integrated amplifier: DAC preferable with USB input USB to play audio would be a nice to have Option for Bluetooth playback would be a nice to have Phone stage, but not a deal breaker as I could possible purchase a turntable with build in Phono 60 Watts amplification and above Great sounding amplifier prferable with good bass response. Turntable wise Im open to all suggestions. With my own research I have located a Cambridge Audio CXA60 and Pro-Ject Digital turntable that meets this budget, hoping some of you might have alternative set ups to suggest Thank you in advance everyone, Im itching to get a hold of a turntable set up Cheers Hendoferson