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  1. So thought I would post a few pics of these monitor gold 12's I've been rebuilding for @naggots , they were dropped off with me , voice coil rubbing and not working , we sourced the last known nos 12 inch monitor gold cones as I found the original voice coils were absolute toast , I've cleaned the VC gaps and hf gap , re aligned and check shims on hf drivers , fitted and aligned new bass cones and yet to do crossovers and plugs , just got them running and ran a few sweeps and they are ballanced nice and even and testing spot on ! Have them running with brand new 50 year old cones and they soun
  2. Further information: Due to my limitations on space my ns2000's are up for grabs , I dont need to mention much about these because the have a well known reputation for detail and accuracy , they are the advanced big brother of the ns1000, this pair has matched serial numbers , correct suspensions from japan fitted that will not deteriorate, no broken grille pegs or damaged cloth and well preserved vaneer , due to weighing 47kg each its pickup o ly or I can drop to Melbourne, they dont have the genuine sps2000 stands but do have some correct height 13kg stands Included , if any more inf
  3. Thought I'd try something different today .......JUST JOKING , it's another pair of Tannoys
  4. Lurking up in my bedroom I have my second pair of ardens that I'm about to service over the next few weeks and then due to space they will be moved on ! These are the rarer teak with sand grill cloth models ,
  5. Got the glenair 15's being fed by a couple of 845's today .......goodluck for ne listening in the dark tonight 💡
  6. Finally I re arranged so I can get out my back door .......for now 😁
  7. Another part of my tannoy museum, the grf memory , and the other one is.........on the other side it think ? Sorry I may have temporary memory loss 😋
  8. Hmmmmm I wonder what this key will fit ....maybe a treasure chest
  9. This is the covid immunization....with all these tannoys in the house I dont leave so never have a chance to catch covid 😉
  10. tonight's music and rotation of the week is brought to me by my 1968 monitor gold 15's 😁
  11. Open invite to listen if you ever find yourself in vic covidsafe of coarse 😁, they are hard to come by in Australia , the bass on these distributor port (think onken style ) sounds so open which is what I like......and everything else tannoy about them
  12. What else is a man meant to do when home alone .....spent the last hour waxing my wood
  13. For anyone else interestead in dating there tannoys the serials number runs are individual and consecutive for size , I can post all the serial data sheets up
  14. First run of golds was 67 so it make sense and with those red frame castings it backs it up ! I would of gone and had kids by now if I knew I'd be gifted a set of monitor golds 🤣
  15. They will be 67, 68 without a doubt , quite normal for tannoy to find a box of leftover components and throw it into a run of golds , same with the first hpd385's using monitor gold 15 frames with 8 holes
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