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  1. Hey Nick, welcome ! I'm one of the local Victorian Tannoy nuts here , best bet would be to post a few pics of your hpd385's, generally the suspensions will be due for replacement every 15 years so may be well on the cards , they need to be replaced with genuine suspensions as they are a specific material to give the correct damping and mechanical resistance to the cone , hpd's are beautifully balanced when done right and this cam be easily ruined by a botch job suspension, as far as crossovers go they generally don't drift to bad but can be improved on with higher grade of capacitors , perf
  2. With the cold weather coming in I went from the 12 inches down to the 10 inches! Stirling tw on the front and centre and performing much better now they are spread out !
  3. I hope it eventuates you'll post plenty of pics , I've never heard cornettas probably due to them being Japanese market only , it would be interesting to see how the combination of large bass reflex and front horn loading works with some 315's
  4. So guys it's been months since I've been active on here due to personal situations, recently I have got around to servicing the Edinburgh's, now the Edinburgh's use the tannoy 3149 driver as used in the lrm and dc4000 and others, allot of people think the cloth surround is forever lasting but this is far from the case , the end result is cracking but even long before that point they harden and this dramatically increases driver fs. My two measured up in the 70hz region when in fact 32hz is spec , I can't imagine a single 3149/3169 driver would be in spec now unless it's been reconed or re s
  5. Great pair of speakers ! Offering that large scale tannoy sound that now costs about 3 times this price , due to the lower production numbers I doubt we will ever see another pair of arundels for sale any time soon !
  6. Added an isotek power cable and consonace power board "now my system tastes more full bodied and richer "
  7. Have the big ardens bringing 1977 into 2021 on the last day I own them ....... @Willmax
  8. An easy start to with the big ardens warm welcome to 2021
  9. Hey there , try mainly tannoy in the uk on ebay , they generally have spares or there upgraded sockets , Regards alex
  10. I loved my ns2000's but I sold them before I even considered selling these.... subjective I know
  11. Thanks guys for the compliments, these truly are a unknown masterpiece! Anyone in the market for ns2000's would definitely like these big boys
  12. Further information: Up for sale regrettably are my pioneer exclusive s-955's , these are very rare and amazing speakers , these are 47kg and made of birch ply with rosewood vaneer , they have a 15" tad bass driver with a ceramic coated pulp cone and recently replaced cloth suspensions, these things dig deep in the bass and are clean and powerful , the magnet assemblies are huge ! The midrange is a pure beryllium done with a free edge design like a goodmans axiom 80 , to stop sound coming mostly from the edge of the diaphram , it also makes this driver much faster , they also use elasto
  13. Looks like I'm having dinner at yours every night ?
  14. I have seen these in person and they are immaculate condition, great buying here!
  15. Very much welcome , look foward to your end impression , Please stay away from the speaker hospital, from what I've seen of there repairs are closer to butchery in most cases
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