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  1. Kef hadn't even been established at the point of the blacks or silver Tannoys and wasnt until the 80's when they started producing coax drivers ,
  2. Couldn't agree more , I have multiple speakers that all get use time to time , it's boring getting the same flavour ice cream every time , If I'm comparing speakers to ice creams my tannoys are chocolate and the yamaha's more vanilla , I'm more of a obsessive collector though 😋
  3. Beautiful speakers , I have the same model drivers in custom cabinets and find the rubber suspension mg12 offers a bass response very similar to the mg15 with a better mid range , GLWS
  4. Definitely a top class system👌🏼 , in the same class as the yamaha ns2000's, can't be too many of them in this part of the world
  5. My apps been down since Friday too, deleted and installed twice and still no go, puts me to ease knowing it's not just me now , I shall sleep tonight
  6. Another one from my collection that's currently stored away , these are just a TAD special though , Pioneer s-955's 47kg of rosewood and beryllium oh and 15 inches of pulp
  7. I'm always pre sold when I see glowing tubes but ....I just got engaged and buying any more amps before I pay the bank off for the ring may lead me to become unengaged 😂
  8. 36 year old magnesium drivers showing no signs of corrosion but allot of signs of dust , I guess it's no surprise though that magnesium corrodes when its put into the SEAS though 😉
  9. Ahhhh I understand this too, poor in money and rich in equipment or rich in money poor in equipment , hard to strike a balance 😉
  10. These 40kg bricks are still available
  11. One pair may be leaving the house today [emoji724]⚘
  12. Item: Baileys T/L b139, b110 and t27 Location:Lorne Price: 500 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling: have imf tls80s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info:Kef b139 ,b110 and t27 with wimslow audio upgraded crossover , they are in professionally built solid baileys transmission line designed enclosures filled with long fibre sheep wool , bass reaches down smooth and low into the mid 20 cycles range , mids and highs are much smoother with less distortion with the new crossovers, all drivers are fantastic condition and sound allot fuller than concertos , cabinets are in great condition
  13. Item: onkyo monitor 2000 vintage Japanese model speakers Location: Lorne vic Price: 1600 Item Condition: few small Mark's on cabinet all drivers original and perfect Reason for selling: these impressed me that much that I hunted down the later monitor 2000x models Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here I have my pair of onkyo monitor 2000's up for sale and the only reason for that being is I just acquired the monitor 2000x version instead , these are an almost unheard of speaker in this country unfortunately, I've compared these to yamaha ns1000m , ns1000x and yamaha ns2000's and truthfully are much fuller sounding than the first too and perform very close to ns2000s , the bass of the onkyo on the other hand has more punch than all 3 Yamaha s and goes lower , it's one of my favorite things about this speaker , it's very heavy at 40kg and made from quality parts , all drivers have massive magnets and cast frames , carbon bass cone and magnesium mids and tweeters ,rated frequency response is 25-50khz , this model is actually shown on the onkyo website as one of their landmark speaker systems , there are a few small chips on the cabinet but nothing worrying , all drivers are imaculate with bass drivers having fresh suspensions fitted ! I'm happy to demo these against my ns2000s and 1000ms to show that potential they can have for the money, new they were more expensive than the ns1000 yam I can organise to drop these to Melbourne
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