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  1. Sony ss-g7's , vintage flagship mid 70's sony Japanese speakers, 15 inch alnico woofer and alnico tweeter, haven't had much time to play with these yet but very impressive design and build quality
  2. Not allot is known allot but these on the net or maybe just outside of japan , they were onkyo's competitor against yamaha , very surprising too , the cabinet finish is not up with the Yamaha but cabinet build is just as solid and the drivers without a doubt are just as substantial s the ns2000, the onkyo woofer actually has an even larger magnet , I had to re do the suspensions on these but well worth it , sound wise they are quite clinical and very similar in mids and highs to the yams, maybe not quite the micro detail as the beryllium drivers but still very good , the bass though goes lower than the ns2000s with more punch as well which is very impressive !
  3. One of my favorites! Yamaha ns2000's I sold one set of these but still have pair remaining in my collection! Such a beautifully built speaker system
  4. Tannoy glenair 10's currently packed up were my first setup when I moved into my unit , keen to pull these back out again and try them with a few different setups !
  5. Had some ns1000x's set up for a little while , definitely an enjoyable speaker but I have ns2000's so moved these on
  6. Havent updated my log for while, Have acquired quite a collection of vintage speakers over the last year allot which were pretty hi end Japanese models , most are stored at my fathers due to space limitations atm but I look forward to having a play with them soon , my tannoy monitor gold 12's have taken prime spot in my living room for now [emoji1362]
  7. i would also suggest that if your having the surrounds done to get the hf driver air gap cleaned and diaphram allignement checked , very common to build up oxidisation in the air gap which causes nasty resonances , also hf ballance is sometimes a bit over the place with old tannoys so at the same time as cleaning the hf drivers can be set up properly providing they dont need any shims added , best to start with having the drivers 100% before touching the crossovers which too yeild good improvements
  8. ill back your ears up on that ! i have a few pairs of vintage tannoys and they always seem to have a "full" sound which sounds magic on some recordings , they star on vocals and saxaphones ! any shortcomings they do have can be forgiven by how involving they become to listen too , Enjoy [emoji16]
  9. far from optimal but ive fallen back in love with the mg 12's since ive taken them out of storage and crammed them in my 1 bedroon unit [emoji16]
  10. have you seen the tannoy corenetta cabinet designs for the 10 inch monitor gold ? apatently that is like a scaled down autograph cabinet for the 10 inch MG
  11. hey chris , i have tannoy glenair 10, tannoy glenair 15's , some tannoy mayfairs , monitor gold 12's and some hpd385's , i prefer with valves but are good on solid state too, even with the mix of old and new tannoys i have the simarlarities in sound are closer than the differances , one thing i can say is out of all the speakers i have in my collection the tannoys are the easiest to drive and always seem to be pleasent and full sounding ! hope your enjoying them.[emoji1362]
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