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  1. Great pair of speakers ! Offering that large scale tannoy sound that now costs about 3 times this price , due to the lower production numbers I doubt we will ever see another pair of arundels for sale any time soon !
  2. Added an isotek power cable and consonace power board "now my system tastes more full bodied and richer "
  3. Have the big ardens bringing 1977 into 2021 on the last day I own them ....... @Willmax
  4. An easy start to with the big ardens warm welcome to 2021
  5. Hey there , try mainly tannoy in the uk on ebay , they generally have spares or there upgraded sockets , Regards alex
  6. I loved my ns2000's but I sold them before I even considered selling these.... subjective I know
  7. Thanks guys for the compliments, these truly are a unknown masterpiece! Anyone in the market for ns2000's would definitely like these big boys
  8. Further information: Up for sale regrettably are my pioneer exclusive s-955's , these are very rare and amazing speakers , these are 47kg and made of birch ply with rosewood vaneer , they have a 15" tad bass driver with a ceramic coated pulp cone and recently replaced cloth suspensions, these things dig deep in the bass and are clean and powerful , the magnet assemblies are huge ! The midrange is a pure beryllium done with a free edge design like a goodmans axiom 80 , to stop sound coming mostly from the edge of the diaphram , it also makes this driver much faster , they also use elasto
  9. Looks like I'm having dinner at yours every night 😉
  10. I have seen these in person and they are immaculate condition, great buying here!
  11. Very much welcome , look foward to your end impression , Please stay away from the speaker hospital, from what I've seen of there repairs are closer to butchery in most cases
  12. Hey there , to the best of my knowledge the difference between the srm12b and little red monitor was the bi-wiring posts on the little red as standard , I have seen a few srm12b's with just 2 posts, these in their simplest crossover form were the domestic dc4000's , they all use the 3149 driver which I find is a great driver , personally I would stick with the original tannoy crossovers and just measured and upgrade components with good quality caps , the factory crossovers are designed well and are time compensated for the later short peperpot waveguide compression horn , the biggest thing w
  13. 2nd the speaker hospital warning , I was looking a some pictures of repairs they had performed on the internet and was horrified at the fact they were fitting something as simple as the wrong suspensions to drivers and to make it worse ones that were meant to be attached from the rear of the cone instead just glued to the front , obviously this will affect voice coil height in the gap and in turn ts parameters 🙄
  14. Just to add some options in the a88t has a little switch on the back to switch to configuration to run el34's if you would like to head in that direction
  15. So thought I would post a few pics of these monitor gold 12's I've been rebuilding for @naggots , they were dropped off with me , voice coil rubbing and not working , we sourced the last known nos 12 inch monitor gold cones as I found the original voice coils were absolute toast , I've cleaned the VC gaps and hf gap , re aligned and check shims on hf drivers , fitted and aligned new bass cones and yet to do crossovers and plugs , just got them running and ran a few sweeps and they are ballanced nice and even and testing spot on ! Have them running with brand new 50 year old cones and they soun
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