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  1. Bit of a mix of parts their but will all work fine , would be worth investing in re-doing the cabs at some stage though , these are the crossovers that go with the early 385's
  2. The hpd385a's are normally the later 4 hole drivers but id say the crossovers are later than these hpd385's , these would of had the earlier type of switches , they still work together fine
  3. In saying that i think it has always been the fear of the foam edge that kept the hpd's a bargain price wise and i think seeing its not a real big issue if genuine surrounds are used , the prices are definitely rising on these drivers in the same fashion as the monitor golds , the equivalent type of tannoy drivers now (alnico with the pepperpot wave guide) are exclusive to the top end
  4. Yes a different crossover which you can tell by that panel, the monitor golds had a beige crossover box , Hpd's are the bargain drivers in that sense , in factory arden and Berkeley cabs they command decent money but are still a bargain in comparison to what you can buy new for that money .....raw hpd385 drivers id say 2k for a lovely set compared to 3k for golds
  5. Early 385's too with the 8 hole leftover monitor gold frames , I've found these to have better drillings or at least more consistently good drillings of the peperpot waveguide which is a plus , allot of people call them monitor golds because they get confused by the gold frame , there in the same family of coarse but golds and reds have paper suspensions and grayish frames , a well cared for set of hpd's are great things
  6. There hpd385's ! Without a doubt ! Great drivers amd well worth it if you get them for a decent price, with the diy cabs the money is on the drivers
  7. ⚡There is a pair of st200's on ebay at the moment ⚡
  8. Hey sam sent you a inbox in regards to this Cheers
  9. Possibly the plessey's badged fosters but definitely not the good old aussie plessey rola's
  10. That's great , they are not a common model as only the very early production hpd's went in these cabs , the amesbury and Mansfield were like early arden and Berkeley's , I'm sure they sound lovely , look after them and they'll have much to offer for many more years Enjoy Alex
  11. Hey there , by the looks of it its the early hpd385 1974/75 (8 hole frame ) this predates the arden and berkeley model , i think this particular one you have here is called the "amesbury " Regards alex
  12. Just ro clear up the numbers on the label , lsu/hf is dual concentric , 15/8 =15 inch 8 ohms , cones are hpd385 as you can tell by texture , foam edge and angled join at the suspension, the only thing separating the monitor gold driver from the hpd's are the cones , effectively these are now hpd385's Regards Alex
  13. Do let us know when you get them and post some pics in the tannoys owners thread on here , exciting times ahead ! 😁
  14. They will be monitor golds then which means the refoaming hasn't applied to this model, these drivers with crossovers seem to fetch in the 3k vacinity now days for a nice pair , they need to be in large enclosures to really shine but if you like the tannoy sound they offer this in spades
  15. Amp again will depend on the model of drivers , most tannoys drive off low powered amps quite well as they are efficient but to get good bass control on hpd's onwards they do like an amp with a fair bit of current ! again will depend on allot of variables
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