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  1. roshansubo

    FS: Nordost Ribbon Speaker Cables

    Will you post it to QLD ?
  2. roshansubo

    WITHDRAWN: Complete Hi-Fi System

    Ooooops.....no answers.......🤔🙄
  3. roshansubo

    WITHDRAWN: Complete Hi-Fi System

    Would you mind to let me know the details of assorted cables please?
  4. roshansubo

    SOLD: FS: Steely Dan - Japanese SACDs

    I'll take Gaucho, thanks. 4740
  5. roshansubo

    FS: Lot of 9 records

    Is it available yet ?
  6. Then it won't be worth . Might cost double the value of speakers
  7. Any chance of post it to QLD ?
  8. roshansubo

    FS: Sieveking Omega headphone stand

    I wanted to buy this but no response ffom seller before.....
  9. roshansubo

    FS: LENARD AUDIO Opal Class System

    Wow.......I will sale my house to buy this......😉
  10. roshansubo

    SOLD: Kingsound King II ESL Panels

    Hi Pico, how does it go with a solid state amplifier?