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  1. Thanks mate. I am in a process of building a new home theatre. Looking for inwall speakers. Jensen is a cheaper option for LCR. Any suggestions mate ??
  2. Hi Eamon, Have you found any details about Jensen. I am looking to set up a home theatre. Jensen is one option for me but not much reviews in web. Thanks, Roshan
  3. One more questions friends, If going for a projector, how far behind the front wall the power point should be located on the ceiling ? Hope need to wire a HDMI cable too ? is there long HDMI cables in the market ? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks WasM For your kind reply. From all the reply I thought to go for a single raw couch. But do I still need a riser ?? Do you recommend to go for a solid hinge door over a solid cavity door ? Thanks, Roshan
  5. Thanks a lot Ken for your kind advice. Basically it's for 4 people. If kids got friends - could be 8. I don't like the idea of HT recliners too. Trying to use a normal sofa to give it a casual look. 2 subs are REL T-Zero which have been using for my music listening. Not much big base but sweet base for music listening. Do I need a riser if I use a 4 seater or 2 seater x 2 sofa ? How do you connect base drivers in riser to AVR ? I am still not sure whether to go for a projector OR a descent size of a TV. DIY absorption panels is a good idea and I have been thinki
  6. Hi All, I am going to build a house within next few weeks which includes a media room. Initial plan was for a listening room but due to pressure from kids had to change the initial plan to use it for both a listening + a theatre room. I have attached the plan below.- 4 x 5 m room with 2.95m high ceiling. Had to include windows at the back of the room according to the master plan but will cover them internally with absorbers / diffusers. Entry door in original plan - 2 cavity sliding doors - but planned to change to 1m wide single cavity door. There was no back stage f
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