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  1. Happy to buy. Can you check the cost if post it using a Aus post delivery box ? Thanks
  2. Sorry about my panic response mate. Noted the details later. Sorry again.
  3. I will buy  Fleetwood Mc - Rumours, Oz original, VG, 10. Thanks
  4. I need , Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy And The Poor Boys 1969 VG VG+ Fantasy 8397 $15.00 
  5. Hi Jesco, can you send me a snap shot of Queen - Queen album please ?
  6. If he is buying only one stand. I'll buy the other one.
  7. How is it compared to PS audio preamp ?
  8. Is this the current model ? If you bought last year, is it Under warranty?
  9. Have you still got them ? One of my friend is coming to Carindale today and can pick it up. Thanks
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