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  1. Again, thank you for all your help. I've given everything a gentle twist and rock but to no avail. However, I've found a slightly nicer version for a good price (got wood panels down the sides), so I think I'll pick it up and keep this one as a spare for any transplants I may need in the future. My dad actually found this amp in the throw outs a few years ago, so it's been good value while its lasted! It'll be nice to have a remote and a working display...
  2. Oh right, by older I was meaning of similar "vintage" to the Yamaha I have. Basically something high quality and used for under a grand. It sits behind my TV so no need for a looker.
  3. So I tried: 1. Changed input source position and position of selector switch. Issue persists. 2. Crossed and recrossed pre-out and main in using RCA cable at rear. Issue persists, moving from left to right speaker depending upon connection configuration. 3. Haven't tried WD-40 yet, but haven't had an crackling or anything due to moving the selector dial. Apart from dirty switches are there any other likely culprits? It strikes me as strange that on occasion sound to the right is completely lost, and will return (though in its sub-par
  4. Thanks so much for your replies everyone, I'll get my head around what this advice means, implement it, and get back to you! Also, the problem doesn't follow the speaker, it follows the output to the speaker. I changed cables but the issue remained. And no crackling is evident. Off-topic , but failing these solutions, any recommendations for older high quality amps I should try to get my hands on?
  5. I'm having some trouble with my Yamaha DSP A1 amplifier. It sounds like the right channel is giving a weak or sub-par performance. It's relatively subtle, but seeing as my wife agrees with me it must be true. It sounds as if one of the two mid-range speakers might not be operating, like that side is lacking something. Also, occasionally after turning the system on there will be zero sound coming from the right. After turning off and on this usually resolves itself. However, I've recently started using the amp's headphone socket, and have noticed that if I p
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