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  1. Mendes

    currently drinking

    Lazy Friday night here at home in the West watching the Magpies play their first game of 2019 and slurping on a couple of Margaret River beauties. Two vastly different wines, colour , variety and winemaking style. One well known and the other flys under the radar. Both very , very good, exciting!!
  2. https://www.vinomofo.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9L7Q1LGT4QIVGSUrCh1AAwYYEAAYASAAEgI0IfD_BwE hope this assists..
  3. Mendes

    Kia Stinger

    @Sime V2....how many points do you left Sime ? 😁
  4. @Luc.....I read the whole dam thing, there is 5 minutes I’ll never get back....🤣 Happy birthday for tomorrow Lee.....will open a bottle of vino for you brother 🍷🍷 Cheers......🍸🍸
  5. Mendes

    currently drinking

    Tell us more....
  6. What I find lacking here from time to time is "emotional" intelligence..........it's not that important to win every argument.....
  7. also check out @Smp..... he has 845 and a 300B amps up for grabs at the moment, both extremely well presented...... lots of choices for you with @mwhouston amp as well......
  8. @fffastfaz had a neat Integrated Dared 845 up for sale recently......
  9. Mendes

    currently drinking

  10. Mendes

    currently drinking

    Wow, we have take off Huston....... only been open open a couple of hours and this is seriously stunning. Pretty floral nose of roses,tar and a hint of orange peel, and just so dense on the pallet which should open up further as the night evolves. A fun night ahead....
  11. Mendes

    currently drinking

    They say it’s Australia’s finest......I did try a bottle and indeed liked it, albeit it’s not Barolo...
  12. Mendes

    currently drinking

    2014 in Barolo is supposed to be a bit hit and miss, so best to try this now (yes, I know it’s young) before I buy any more....... Quick Friday night decant....
  13. I have owned a pair of these previously and really enjoyed my time with them. They like good amplification and can really sing. This is a bargain at this price for someone. and they look great with very high WAF!!! GLWTS
  14. Mendes

    currently drinking

    These were purchased from Langston’s Wine Store online, very easy to set up an account, but beware can be extremely costly...