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  1. What do you find is the difference? I have a weight but am considering a clamp.
  2. Ok, I've spoken to my tech, and he reckons that the ground shouldn't make a difference except for reducing hum. I think in this case, not having ground applies to balanced output (Speakers) rather than balanced input (line level), which is what I have. Is this what you have too?
  3. Def 1st world problems, but it's a bloody good distraction at the moment!
  4. Unfortunately, one of my monoblocks has stopped working! It would work at lower volumes and then cut out when I would turn it up. It was the one with both the positive and negative coming out of it. It worked ok for a couple of weeks when I disconnected the sub and now has stopped working all together! I'm not sure that it is because of the sub though as previously I had the sub connected with a different cable and it worked fine for a few weeks, it was only when I made up an XLR cable from better speaker wire that it started to have problems. I'm keen to try again with another power amp that I have (thank god I have a backup!) but am worried just in case the problem is from connecting the sub. I have tried both with and without the ground and have not had any hum issues. I thought the ground placement was mainly to deal with any hum issues, so hoping my monoblock not working is just coincidence! As I don't understand how it could get damaged. I might try speaking to the tech before I plug the sub back into my poweramp, probably without the ground. Whaddyareckon?
  5. @haygeebaby I just made up a similar cable out of some old cord speaker cables but I used an XLR cable as it is an older Sonus Faber Sub with an XLR connector instead of a speakon. I used two connectors to L and R positive and one to negative. I have a pair of balanced monoblocks and a balanced power amp I'd like to try the sub with. I have seen a few REL guides saying with balanced power amps to only use the two positive connectors and not to use them with monoblocks, but to instead use the line-level inputs. I'd prefer to use the high-level outputs. Can using this connector with the ground do any damage to the amps? They are both Electrocompaniet. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if the end of these speaker binding posts come of or something so I can use banana plugs? I’ve been using bare wire but have changed cables now. It’s an AW-60ftt. @rockeater have you seen these posts before?
  7. Hi Roman, Thanks for your response, I tend to agree that these do seem unnecessary and you would know! I would rather just get a new dac if I wanted a completely different sound and I have never heard any hum either. I know that EC used to do upgrades and wondered if there were any for this dac? as I know that there was one for the EMC and for their amps they used to upgrade the rectifier diodes and output transistors etc. So you don't think replacing the clock would lower jitter and clean up the signal? This seems to be a common mod in most cd players/dacs. Thanks for your comment about the output relays too, I'll let Tony know when I take it to him, was there a particular replacement you would recommend? Cheers Andre
  8. My ECD-1 Dac has just died and I will take it in for repair soon, one of the channels in balanced mode got quieter and then the whole thing lost power, so it's probably more than a fuse. Does anyone know of any not too complicated mods I might get done whilst I'm there? Maybe replacing the clock or caps in the output stage etc. know that empirical audio used to do a heavily modified version of it including: Replace 12 rectifiers with FRED's Upgrade the bulk decoupling caps to Black Gates Upgrade and add high-frequency decoupling caps to analog section Improve power delivery to DAC chip Improve DAC PLL filtering Rewire long analog signal traces with Perfect Crystal Silver wire in Teflon Eliminate the hum Improve the post-DAC analog filtering Replace the input selector with a low-impedance chip Match the input impedance to 75 ohms Add high-performance pulse transformers Optional modded Superclock2 Optional modded SuperTurboclock2 Taken from here: https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=11396.0 I don't really want to change it too much as I like the sound, it's really lush and full-bodied at the expense of not being super detailed and transparent. But it does get lost complex orchestral pieces sometimes. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Yeah, Running balanced with EC makes a massive difference, so much clearer with more detail amongst a black background. I ran an aw-60ftt for years single ended with a valve pre. I then changed to a balanced SS pre & couldn't believe it was the same amp. I've since upgraded to EC monoblocks & their higher end power Amps don't even have rca inputs - for good reason! Enjoy!
  10. Hi, do these need to be soldered? What width will they accommodate? I need to shove a biwired cable into them. Thanks
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