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  1. I think this is more so in Australia than Europe. I often go to concerts in both continents and I think unlike Europeans, Australians just don't see it as part of their cultural heritage. At live performances in Germany for example, there is a cross section of age groups and many families go together. In Melbourne, the crowd is largely homogeneous consisting of older people. As a genre, it's really the last 1000 years of music and without understanding some of the history and historiography, it's not particularly accessible. For example, Bach became mindblowing to me mainly after I unders
  2. I have this DAC and love it. Not as detailed as some of the more modern ones, but there's an analog musicality that I've not heard in many DACs.
  3. I built a similar cable for my subwoofer out of a decent chord speaker cable I had lying around, where I twisted two of the strands together for the ground. Seems to work fine, but I didn't compare it to a single strand.
  4. I still have my original late 90s model in a Jarrah finish. These are excellent speakers with great imaging when fed by a decent amp. You'd have to spend around 5 times this amount on something modern to beat them. GLWS.
  5. Damn it - can't quite afford this at the moment, otherwise I'd take it for sure! This is such a good price for someone!
  6. I still have a pair of the original Kurre’s that I can’t let go off. Very fast and excellent imaging, Plus Tim is very trustworthy and fair - I’ve bought speakers off him before.
  7. What do you find is the difference? I have a weight but am considering a clamp.
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