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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tonearm for a commonwealth 12d? Budget? Not much experience with Idler drives but starting to research.
  2. I have a Commonwealth 12D that I bought a few years back and has been sitting in the cupboard. I'm thinking of getting a plinth built and getting it a tonearm etc. I love owning a bit of Australian audio history....but how well do these compare to a modern turntable, for example an oracle? Does anyone have any recommendations for a tonearm and how much I should spend?
  3. Yep, that sounds like a good idea - will do. He told me verbally but I've forgotten already. I reconnected my speakers with a single strand accidentally connecting the terminals and shorted the amp and melted the speaker relays! Thinking of the smell still makes me cringe!
  4. Yeah, I've had EC stuff fixed by Tony Mckay there before, he's great but there is usually quite a wait - difficult for me to go without for so long I had a chat to Joseph ac CVE, he seemed to know what he's talking about and is an electronic engineer by training.
  5. Do they repair high end stuff like electrocompaniet?
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