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  1. I see this is a 110/220V model as per your description, so I would need a transformer or Variac to run at 240V to avoid voltage drop? Could you please confirm that? Thanks.
  2. Further information: $50 each driver 1) 2 x Richter Wizard Mk1 Magnavox drivers (Australian Made). Tested 2) 1 x Philips tweeter, tested. These are super rare now. AD 11610 T8 2422 257 43505 DD 03 948 72 Philips, Made in Belgium Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I still have my Wizard Mk1s, and I can’t bear to part with them. Tomorrow I’ll check to see if the drivers are the same. If so I think I may just part these out for spares. I hate doing it, but it may keep somebody’s Wizards going at least.
  4. Unfortunately, one of the tweeters wasn't working. I pulled it out and sure enough, she was dead. Now I have to consider what happens next. There may be a spare tweeter for sale somewhere, I'll have to search. If not, I'll need to consider a suitable closely matching replacement, and obviously then, it's for two of them. It's a Phillips, made in Belgium. Bugga! Otherwise, the "good" speaker sounds great and has surprisingly good bass for its size.
  5. Many thanks for the links! I could not find any info on these Oracles so this is great and much appreciated! I picked them up today and they are in great condition, so a bargain for $50 I think. I’ll hook them up this evening and put them through their paces.
  6. Trying to identify some vintage Richters. The moniker is ORXXX. Anyone know?
  7. Hi mate, is the Power conditioner still available? cheers bruce
  8. I’ve bought a phono preamp and valve tube amp from China HiFi Audio, which is a factory outlet for quite a few brands. Dealt with Yong Lee who is very responsive with emails. 240 volt versions take about 10 days as they are special orders from the factory. I recommend the express courier shipping which costs more, but worth it, about 2-3 days to your door. (Otherwise you are looking at quite a few weeks) I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.
  9. Thanks Andy. There is an audio shop near me that does sell specialty records, with quite a few half speed mastered editions. They are pricey, of course. Lots on on Discogs, but I kind of don't trust sellers there any more after I bought some LPs that were listed as Mint, but were far from it.
  10. I have other turntables that do 45, so I'm not really missing out on 45s. Where is the best place to buy half speed mastered? Bruce
  11. My Valhalla isn't scorched like many are. But yes, in due course I'll mount it into a case where it can live outside of the tt, as it should have been in the first case. It's a good power supply that does the job, but suffers from the way it was implemented by Linn.
  12. Sounds good Andy, I'll have to check them out. Sigh, so much audio, so little time....
  13. Hi guys, not 45s so much. But I have sold off all my digital and SS equipment in favour of 1/2 speed mastered records played on vac tube equipment. Of late, I’ve become somewhat of a Yaqin convert, but that’s another story!
  14. Thanks Grant, that confirms what I read somewhere else, that the Valhalla is really useful as a “universal” power supply for 24 pole motors. So no madness of swapping pulleys as the output is 50hz, even from a 60 hz supply! That’s pretty cool.
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