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  1. I will be at the 1.00pm Saturday session. Kaynin, thanks for the tip.
  2. I have a pair in walnut. Beautiful speakers. I bought them after comparing them side by side against the Dynaudio X34. The OP should show them naked (taking photos showing the beautiful drivers behind the grill). If listening to them in a small room, say 4mX4m (like mine) then I don't think you need a sub and they can go quite loud if pairing them with a powerful amp. I love the custom made outrigger. They look very cool and I don't think you can buy the original one anymore. GLWTS.
  3. If you live in Melbourne you can go to the shop called "Factory Sound" in South Melbourne where they sell XLR cables that they make using Neutrik connectors and Japanese made cables like Canare. You can ask them to make one for you with whatever length you want. I bought the Neutrik XLR connectors, Canare RCA connectors, Canare cables and sleeves here to make my own cables. I am pretty sure there must be a place in Sydney where they sell those things as well. Cheers.
  4. Few months ago I took my Reel To Reel to the guy in Ringwood to get it fixed. He did not touch it for 3 weeks. I took it back, ordered some transistors from Element14 and fixed it by myself.
  5. Good excuse for staying home and listen to music in the next few days...We need water....
  6. Hi All Members or Audiophiles I have been following this forum for a while and I have found it very interesting. I love Jazz especially female vocals. Some of my favourites are Diana Krall, Julie London, Tierney Sutton, Patricia Barber etc... Just like to say big "HI" to everyone. Regards, Ngoc
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