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  1. You just can't beat flexible payment options.... 😎 Great work, Bill!
  2. Given the quality of the gear in your system, I would suggest that your current DAC might blow out your Kessel Run to well over 15 parsecs.
  3. https://caterinabarbieri.bandcamp.com/album/ecstatic-computation An Avant-Guard electronic composer who has not forsaken melody....
  4. Yes, you could do that... but an integrated amplifier would be simpler - a one box solution that would provide great two channel audio quality and handle inputs from a number of sources (including TV potentially) An integrated amp is made up of a power amp and a built in preamp.
  5. That receiver will drive the Emit M20's without any problems at all. Relax and enjoy!
  6. I'm tempted! Tried to PM but told you can't receive messages atm. (Mailbox too full?)
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