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  1. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronic currently spinning

    Can't believe this is 12 years old now.....
  2. DrTobiasFunke

    Laser Discs... Why so expensive? Hidden Gold?

    Yep, that makes sense. I remember (back in the day) the aura surrounding them was that they were a very elite thing. (I was too young and too poor to experience them first hand). Appreciate the responses, guys👍
  3. Was just noodling around on eBay and discovered how expensive old laserdisc players are these days. Anybody know why? Is there some hidden potential in these ancient technologies? Or simply a case of it being an old collectable thing nowadays? As soon as I saw the prices, I started thinking 'Mmmm, maybe I should be on on the lookout for one of these...' (Damn social psychology). So hoping someone might have some insight into why these machines are so desirable. And, more importantly, should I be desiring one also. Are they the AV equivalent of turntables? thanks all....
  4. DrTobiasFunke

    SOLD: FS: ENERGY XL-250 floorstanding speakers

    Great value at $120.... and sweet sounding little things they are too. GLWTS!
  5. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronic currently spinning

    Some reminiscences of Front 242 here.....
  6. DrTobiasFunke

    SOLD: FS: REL T3

    Got one.... these things deliver an unearthly amount of beautiful bass for their size. GLWTS...
  7. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronic currently spinning

    This may be a little too 'low-brow'.... but I do love my Psy-Trance😎
  8. DrTobiasFunke

    SOLD: FS: Technics SL-P1200 CD Player PRICE DROP

    Yep, that makes more sense! I remember my boss demoing for me - and he told me 'Listen to this: you can scratch with it!' (He then proceeded to skip through the track with the jog wheel and announced that he was scratching a CD) My recollection of the unit is that it was as solid and impressive as an SL-1200 turntable. Clearly, Technics named this player to invite that comparison.
  9. DrTobiasFunke

    SOLD: FS: Technics SL-P1200 CD Player PRICE DROP

    Ah yes... I remember when these came out. They were aimed at pro DJ's and touted as the next big thing - with pitch control (the big slider on the right) to enable beat mixing. And couldn't you even 'scratch' using that big ol' dial? I recall playing around with my boss's back in the day and being pretty impressed. A beautiful piece of kit. GLWTS!
  10. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronic currently spinning

    Currently digesting the new Max Cooper album (via Spotify) - 'One Hundred Billion Sparks' I'm liking that much more than the new Aphex twin release!
  11. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronics Repair Adelaide

    Thanks for the response Darth.... I look forward to experiencing Bruno's magic:)
  12. DrTobiasFunke

    Electronics Repair Adelaide

    So does that mean there is no-one recommended in Adelaide? Bummer... And sorry if I'm not following.... but who is Bruno? Thanks!
  13. Probably don't need a re-foam, by the looks of them. I've had a pair before of similar vintage that was AOK. (Not an expert on that topic! Best guess!)
  14. Yep, those Merlins are really beautiful. They just sound 'right'. Great buy for $100. And, as someone who also listens to a lot of electronic stuff, I would also encourage you to add a sub to your set up when you are able.