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  1. Customs sound like a great solution... But what a commitment! Like being married. 😀
  2. I suspect, then, that you might appreciate the subtleties that a dedicated headphone amp brings to the party.... A2A Adelaide is definitely worth the trip. Besides the Focal range, they have some Audeze, Sony MDR Z1R, HiFiman and possibly Fostex (from memory). And they are very accommodating.
  3. Comply don't last long... and lose their nice sponginess a little too quickly for my liking. Big fan of the Spinfits - comfortable, durable, good seal, and overall much simpler to use once you've got the right size. I found getting a good seal with Comply foam was not always a simple thing. (Lots of fiddling, squeezing, etc - and a degree of luck involved.) I'm using the CP100 on CA's
  4. This may be a silly question..... but just in case it isn't.... You are aware that the IEMatch switch on the side will further reduce the volume / intensity of the signal to compensate for sensitive IEM's? I've found this to be a pretty good amp at balancing headphones and IEM needs.
  5. ifi Audio micro idsd black label - a good cheaper option - handles headphones and IEM's well. (And has a bass boost switch - who doesn't need that every now and then?)
  6. 😎 Spanning the breadth of IEM's I'm enjoying this new thread very much.... Thanks for starting it @Bengineer
  7. Hang on.... As an audio reviewer, aren't you obligated to say: 'They punch well above their weight...'? 😀
  8. Can't go wrong with the Sony's - especially at that $279 price.
  9. Could I possibly suggest the Sennheiser HD 25 It's not far off the 190 price.... and it's really good. Also quite indestructible - which might come in handy if you're using it in a work setting. It's been a while since I've owned a pair, but I have very fond memories of these.
  10. Further information: Bought these on here recently from @Klaus220 (Thanks mate! ?) during a recent bout of obsessive interest in headphones... This eventually led to my forking out for Utopias, and haven't spent much time with the CA's since. The Cascades are quite aggressively tuned - just like Campfire audio IEM's can be. I love the extra bass heft, and my current obsession is trying to reproduce this kind of aggressive sound signature in the Utopias by EQing the heck out of them. Plenty of reviews online that give a good sense of what these sound like. These
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