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  1. Recently took delivery of mine, listening to it now. Very happy with it. A very well designed and great performing product at an excellent pricepoint. I was going to get the RMA ADI2 DAC but this is a third of the price with equivalent/superior performance. Makes the decision a heck of a lot easier.
  2. I went directly through audiodynamics and there was no issue. Its quicker because the retailer has to get in touch with them anyway so it saves time. Just have your proof of purchase and get in touch with them. They were most helpful with my unit, initially they just applied some sort of software update which helped but didn't completely fix it so I took it back and they just replaced it with an entirely new one. Just get in contact with them and see what they say. The only concern is whether or not the CMA600i is still in production and if there is still stock available of it. My replacement unit sorted these issues and the clicking became pretty much inaudible.
  3. Good to hear. From memory mine would randomly click or pop during playback through USB which was very annoying and when changing sampling rates or app the clicking would be extremely loud and obnoxious. All units over the last 3 digits of the serial over 500 should be fixed.
  4. What is the serial number of the CMA600i? The earlier ones had issues with the USB interface causing clicks and pops. I know because I was a victim of it. Had to take it to Audio dynamics (distributor for Questyle) who swapped out my unit free of charge.
  5. Nah that was the actual NBN technician as this house never had internet before so there was additional prep required.
  6. Just figured id share this as its just too good not to. Another great FTTC installation courtesy of Nbn Co at a friend's house. 51 billion and this is the type of installs we are getting... Now to pop down to jaycar get an rj12 connector and joiner to do it properly.
  7. Ping is the issue for me at least otherwise I'd ditch my NBN FTTC for 4G/4GX. This is the speed I got not too long ago at Williamstown on Telstra's 4GX but you'll notice the ping is rather average. On my FTTC NBN I can ping Telstras servers in 4ms, though this wont matter for most people.
  8. I just shot myself in the foot picking up a pair of used clear the other day. Highly recommended the Clear. It's a headphone that gets an awful lot right.
  9. Will consider if I don't get any interest from local buyers.
  10. Item: STAX Sr009 headphones SRM 323ii energizer and dustcover+stand Location: Altona Meadows Price: $2500 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: downgrading (can't justify having these when I have hardly any time to listen) Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: So I'm parting ways with my highest end Sr009 headphones. These originally were purchased off another stereonet member around a year ago. They have always been stored under a dust cover and I have all original packaging for them. These aren't a grey market import either and were sold by an Australian distributor. Cosmetically they are in excellent condition with the slightest bit of wear on the ear pads. Channel balance is also perfect. I will also include the stax headphone stand and dust cover pictured as as well as the srm323 ii energizer. The energizer is 220-240v so no need for a step down transformer. Please message me if you want further information or photos. Strictly pick up only as I don't feel comfortable with posting these. At this stage I'm selling these items together and wont separate until further notice. Cheers. Pictures:
  11. Item: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512gb Midnight black Location: Altona Meadows Price: $850 Item Condition: Near mint Reason for selling: Changing phones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my Note 9 midnight black 512gb in near mint condition. Phone is unlocked and was bought directly from Samsung. Will throw in a few cases. Shoot us a message for any further questions questions. Pictures:
  12. KGST is probably the best amp anyway for the SR009 so you did well.
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