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  1. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Topping D30

    Topping stuff always gets snapped up fast, says a lot about their products.
  2. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Benchmark DAC1

    Item: Benchmark dac1 Location: Melbourne Price: 250 Item Condition: decent see photos Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my original benchmark dac1. This is the non USB version so it has coax (via BNC and coax) AES and optical inputs. It presents in good condition other than some light scratches on the faceplate (hard to photograph) and functions perfectly. Just a note a lot of DAC1s develop static and crackling when adjusting the volume pot as they get old. I've cleaned the volume pot on this unit and can verify that it is silent. Can throw in a USB to S/PDIF converter for an extra $30. Pictures:
  3. I couldn't hear an audible difference between a component video cable which I used for digital audio vs BNC. Both short runs.
  4. TheWretchedWorld

    SOLD: FS: Linn LP12 SOLD.

    bargains to be had in perth
  5. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Topping DX7s , new remote control...!!!!

    Why couldn't this pop up earlier, just bought mine the other week. Awesome piece of kit GLWS
  6. TheWretchedWorld

    DAC Recommendation Needed

    Topping d50 or dx7s depending if you need balanced or not.
  7. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Audiogd r2r11

    Item: Audiogd r2r11 Location: melbourne Price: 400 Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Addictive sounding amp/dad/preamp combo. Powers all headphones well. Very versatile all in one solution. Personally updated it to the latest firmware so it doesn't click when changing tracks like some of the early models. Have original packaging so can post at buyers expense. Cheers Pictures:
  8. 12ohm will be fine, just less power will get to them but to compensate most 12ohm speakers ive seen sport higher sensitivity so it cancels that out.
  9. Oh wow you managed to save it! Hope it finds a good home.
  10. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Denon DP60l Turntable excellent condition.

    Yeah it's an awesome unit. It outperformed my Project 2xperience SB which I sold on. I'm in no rush to sell this unit and happy to hold onto it. It's just now in my main system I have a Yamaha GT750 with at33ptg which suits the decor of my entertainment unit a bit better. I'd say they're on par when it comes to sound.
  11. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Denon DP60l Turntable excellent condition.

    Forgot to mention in the ad this was a personal import from Japan therefore runs on 100v.
  12. Item: DP60l Location: melbourne Price: $1100 Item Condition: Very good for its age. Reason for selling: Lack of use deserves a good home Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, paypal Extra Info: Selling my beloved DP60l, it is in seriously good condition for its age. No chips on the base only one noteworthy mark on the unit (on the dustcover as pictured) unit functions flawlessly auto lift works and strobe is dead still at both speeds. Motor is dead silent. Comes with both tonearms and counterweights (rare to find) and a Denon headshell. One thing to take note of however one of the cartridge connectors fell off the straight tonearm. Easy solder job. Comes pre mounted with a dl301 moving coil cartridge with low hours. Sounds absolutely fantastic on this table particularly with the straight tonearm. Pictures:
  13. TheWretchedWorld

    SOLD: FS: Audio-GD NFB-11.28 DAC/Amp

    Coming from much more expensive gear, I can attest to this being a bit of a giant killer. Easily the best amp/dac combo you can get at its price point when new. Absolute steal at this price.