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  1. Id pick the Focal Clear personally. I've previously owned the HD800S SR-009 LCD-2F and the Clear is one of the few headphones that I've held onto. I just seem to enjoy my music way more on these then I did on my previous other high end cans. Sound is subjective though and this is Clears seem to tailor to me more. My advice is to listen to them if you can before taking a plunge.
  2. Hyper elliptical, should have excellent detail retrieval.
  3. Their output impedance is quite high so probably not an ideal pairing with low impedance cans. 250-600ohm Beyers and Sennheisers will be perfectly fine.
  4. DX7s is fine, try looking at the ZMF ATTICUS OR EIKON. Each have distinct sound, I love the punchyness of my Atticus.
  5. Item: Yamaha GT-750 Quartz Lock Direct Drive turntable Location: Altona Meadows Price: $900 Item Condition: Good see description Reason for selling: Upgraded to GT-2000 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Selling my Yamaha GT-750 turntable. Item presents very well for its age. Plinth is is pretty much perfect with no chips or nicks and the dust cover is crack free. Platter is also good but would benefit with a polish. Only real flaw on the unit is that the plastic holder for the hinge on the back has cracked. Still holds the dust cover up without a hitch though (as pictured). There is also no finish plague what so ever on the tonearm which is common on these units and is unsightly (looks like bubbling). The tone arm bearings are also mint and tracks excellently. Comes with the original Yamaha HS-11 Headshell which is quite rare and has extremely easy azimuth and overhang adjustment. Has a brand new AT95e fitted and aligned so you can start listening right away. Since this is a JDM product it only runs on 100v. Will include a 100v stepdown transformer with sale.
  6. RB250 has a 12gram effective mass. Which makes suited to most cartridges available new on the market outside of stuff like the DL103 and other more obscure moving coils. These are what I'd recommend at the sub $300 pricepoint 1. Nagoka MP110 - Most would regard this as having the best tonal balance at its price point warm and rich safest pick, standard elliptical stylus 2. Denon DL110 - My personal pick high output moving coil which means can be used on a normal MM phono stage. Special eliptical meaning its a good tracker and is more resistant to IGD than the Nagaoka but not at the same level as the micro linear found on the VM95ML. Will be more detailed than the MP110 and have strong bass a signature trait of most Denon carts. 3. VM95ML - Cheapest new cart with a micro linear stylus. Longest lasting best tracking and suffers from the least IGD. Tilted in the slightest to the bright side of neutral. Wouldn't recommend use with a system which is on the bright side of neutral. Careful system matching required.
  7. If the pulley is wobbling it's highly likely that the motor shaft is bent. This happens due to the platter potentially bumping into it and bending it during transit. Same thing happened to mine so I just ended up replacing the whole motor unit on the td160 as I found one cheap. They are fairly common aswell.
  8. Has anyone replaced the cuing fluid on these turntables/tonearm before? I've done it on many turntables before but i'm unable to work it out on these. I removed the tonearm from the deck, removed the C clip washer and spring above the cuing shaft but the cuing shaft won't come out. I've tried removing it from the top via the cuing shoulder and it just seems stuck in place. Slides up and down a little but there is something holding it stopping it from sliding out completely. That plastic bracket that surrounds it is impossible to remove because 2 out of the 3 screws are blocked by the arm base (as seen in the second picture). I did notice that there is a little grub screw on the outside of where the cuing shaft is (top picture). I removed this and it allowed it to have more play side to side but still doesn't allow me to slide it out from the top or bottom. I'm starting to think this is where the fluid goes in via a syringe. Only issue is if this is the case i'm unsure on how to clean the old stuff off since I cant actively remove the shaft. Anyone who owns one of these tables and has done one of these I'd appreciate your input as I'm quite stumped. (Pictures are from the 750 arm base)
  9. At33ptg/ii with AT-630 step up transformer. I also ran the AT95e on both was surprised by the results, I think we are used to hearing these on bad/average tonearms. Its actually quite a good cartridge bargain basement price aside. I actually prefer its sound to the at440mlb I used to have even though its an inferior tracker.
  10. I've been using it extensively the last week am extremely happy with it. You can see why these are so popular in Japan. I think its a end game turntable for many people because even if someone is itching for more there is an upgrade path aside from selling the turntable and moving onto something different which can't be said for most vintage direct drive turntables. PSU upgrades, platter upgrades and base upgrades etc can all be had. That being said I have 0 itch through this route because the turntable is great as it stands on my system. As for the sound for me its kind of hard to explain. Unlike my previous setups where I found myself constantly looking for something or experimenting with cartridges I think I'm done until the stylus wears out with this setup. It just gets out of the way of the music completely and just presents it on a blank page. A weird experience I had was while I was listening to Daft Punks alive LP on it (a live album which IMO is very well mastered) one thing I noticed which I never seemed to never notice before was the verticality of sound stage when it came to the crowd cheering. Keep in mind I am very familiar with this LP. It immediately made me look up as if the sound was coming from the ceiling. Now it might sound like i'm talking out of my ass but this is something I never really noticed on any other turntables in this exact system (and believe me there have been many). I'm sure its there if I gave it to a listen on the other turntables i've owned in the past and paid particular attention looking for it but I think little nuances like these aren't brought to the forefront as much on lesser turntables and this is what sets high end gear apart. Its subtle but nuances and details like this are made more apparent. As for comparison to its little brother the GT 750, it gets pretty close to it but I need to do more A/Bing to draw a more thorough conclusion. Construction however is a different story even though they look similar the GT2000 is in another league entirely and has an upgrade path where as the 750 doesn't. That being said the price you can get a 750 for and the fact that its performance is nearly there shows that it is quite a bargain in relative terms. But as I said earlier I need to do more A/Bing. I think the 2000 is an endgame turntable for nearly everyone and it certainly is for me (famous last words).
  11. Item: AUDIO TECHNICA AT 630 STEP-UP TRANSFORMER Price Range: $200 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for this moving coil step up transformer or another Audio Technica one suited for their cartridges. Please message me if you have one. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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