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  1. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Cambridge Audio CP2 MM/MC phono

    Item: Cambridge Audio CP2 Location: Melbourne Price: 190 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Change of setup now surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on pickup Extra Info: Selling my Cambridge audio CP2. Only owned for a few months and it is in mint condition. Selling due to changing of setup. Was originally gonna keep for a secondary system but never got around to it. Have all original packaging. Pictures:
  2. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Thorens TD160 Super Turntable

  3. TheWretchedWorld

    WTB: Denon AU300LC Step up Transformer

    @PMac76 pm sent
  4. TheWretchedWorld

    WTB: Denon AU300LC Step up Transformer

    Item: Denon Au-300lc AU 300lc AU300LC Step up Transformer Price Range: 200-300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for this stepup transformer or any other denon MC step up transformer that people are willing to sell at this price range. Cheers
  5. Someone please snap this up. You won't get a better turntable for the money and i'll never let go of mine which says a lot because many turntables have come and gone from my setup.
  6. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X Headphones

    Good price for these someone should snap up.
  7. I have to try to avoid the temptation to buy these with every fibre in my body...
  8. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Rega Elicit Original Clamshell Dual Mono

    Do you know what watts per channel this amp is rated for? Can't find this info online
  9. TheWretchedWorld

    FS: Benchmark DAC1

    Item: Benchmark dac1 Location: melbourne Price: 500 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: No longer in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my original benchmark dac1. This is the non USB version so it has coax (via BNC and coax) AES and optical inputs. It presents in good condition other than some light scratches and dings on the faceplate. Originally was sourced from the US but have switched the voltage and fitted the correct fuses so works perfectly on 240v. Will also include Australian IEC mains cable. Pictures:
  10. TheWretchedWorld

    WTB: NAD C388 or C368

    Item: NAD C368 NAD C388 Price Range: 700-1400 depending on product Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking at either of these amps preferably the c388 but would also consider the c368. Just trying my luck on here to see whether there is anyone who is considering selling either one of these amps. Cheers.
  11. Yeah I'm in Melbourne. If you have the original packaging and are willing to post it I'd wear the costs. PM me.
  12. You wouldn't be willing to post the amp would you?
  13. TheWretchedWorld

    SOLD: FS: nad c372 integrated amp

    Yeah it's a good piece of gear. Tbh the main reason I'm selling is that it doesn't match with my other gear cosmetically. You'd be hard pressed to find a better specced amp at this price point imo.
  14. TheWretchedWorld

    SOLD: FS: nad c372 integrated amp

    Item: Nad c372 Location: Melbourne, Altona Meadows Price: $450 Item Condition: good with very slight cosmetic blemishes Reason for selling: Have another amp this doesn't get much use Payment Method: Pickup Cash on pickup Paypal Extra Info: Here im selling my nad c372. Powerhouse of an amp with 150watts per channel. Works perfectly. I believe the previous owner has upgraded the power caps to Elna audio grade ones as they are notorious for failing in these units. Cosmetically presents well with a slight scratch on the front panel but it's very hard to see. Comes with remote which presents as mint. Also have original box. Pictures:
  15. TheWretchedWorld

    SOLD: FS: HiFIMAN HE500 *good condition*

    These are far better than the HE-560 IMO