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  1. Thanks for the response. I can get suround working from blu ray and netflix via chromecast. However, through hdmi or chromecast, google play movies won't play in 5.1 even if the movie is shown to be capable of 5.1. Has anyone else had this issue or can anyone get 5.1 from google play movies? I'm trying to figure out where the problem is i.e. google play, my receiver, me?
  2. Hi All, I've recently ditched Foxtel and started to stream TV and Movies instead. I have a dedicated theatre room and would like to know if there is a way to rent new movies in HD and surround sound, ideally using Chromecast. I thought this would be fairly simple. I've got Netflix which works perfectly and streams in 1080p and 5.1 surround. However, I can't find a way to rent a new movies online that can be played on the home theatre system in surround sound. I'd prefer not to spend more cash on a subscription. I'd just like to rent occasionally. I've got a TelstraTV2 box but Telstra Box Office movies only play Stereo audio I've tried Google play, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Microsoft Movies but all only play stereo. I've also tried Apple Store movies but Airplay doesn't support video on my receiver. I'm aware I could buy an Apple TV box but I'm trying to avoid spending more cash. Is there a service for online movie rental that I've missed, or is the best option renting blu-rays? Thanks, Dave
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone. Much appreciated. We've not moved into the house yet. The theatre room already has a projector and screen that come with the house. Not sure yet what condition they're in. The screen will have to stay on the 5m wall, just to accommodate a 4 seat sofa, that realistically will have to be close to the other wall. The sofa has to take priority. We're a family of 4 so I need to build the HT around that. Not sure how the family would take it if I built new HT room just for me What's the advantage of using in ceiling speakers instead of wall fixed speakers? Only reason I considered in ceiling was because the rep at the local hifi shop recommended it.
  4. Hi All, I'm putting a home theatre system in a new house. It'll be a dedicated theatre room. Dimensions are are 5.08m wide by 3.57m. There will be a sofa against, or very close to the 5m back wall. I'm trying to get an idea of the best set-up for this room. I'm thinking a 5.1 with floor standing front speakers and the back 2 speakers being in-ceiling. Not sure what wattage I will need for this, so advice on that would be great. The budget isn't huge. Up to $3k for receiver, speakers and blu-ray. I'm not expecting it to be amazing. Just hoping to put together a reasonable sounding system to watch moves with the family. My initial thoughts on equipment are: Yamaha RX-V683 Yamaha NS-555 speaker package. Advice and experience on all the above would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  5. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. I'm about to put a home theatre system together. After looking at numerous online retailers for receivers and speakers, my head is spinning. I need help! Thanks in advance,
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