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  1. abeernut

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    So our 2017 (and 2018) model TVs have now received the Stan app via some sort of update on March 13th. - but still waiting for HDR10+....... https://blogs.panasonic.com.au/consumer/stan-streaming-panasonic-tvs/ Cheers....
  2. abeernut

    100hz or 200hz

    See here for video interview with Panasonic about their latest TVs.... https://www.avforums.com/news/video-panasonic-gz2000-pro-oled-and-more-launched-at-convention.15884 Yes, returned to VA panels, but no Full Array Local Dimming (FALD). I expect more info will be available once the TVs are actually available. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  3. abeernut

    TCL TV’s?

    Might need to be careful with TCL reviews - especially if they are written in other countries. I am fairly sure I have read somewhere (on several occasions) that the TCL models overseas are VERY different (and MUCH better) than those available in Australia. I am not 100% sure about all this, but just a warning to double check perhaps with owners in Oz. If I spot it again where I read it, I'll see if I can update this post to refer to it. Cheers.
  4. abeernut

    Sony 70" X83F LED 4K Ultra HDR

    Seems Costco may sell it???? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/sony-bravia-kd70x8300f
  5. Tweaky, I believe only OLED TVs have (require) compensation cycles. Hence maybe why no Status 8 for our EX LCD models. Also (some of?) the numbers are in hexadecimal format. So need to be converted to regular decimal numbers to make any sense of. (I have previously seen a link/reference to an online converter to help with this if needed). Hopefully Davo gets his problem quickly sorted out by Panasonic.
  6. I do not have this model TV, but I have seen in other forums that owners of the FZ950 have had a problem that looks very, very similar. Apparently the rectangle shows up after the TV has done its automatic long term (after x amount of hours) maintenance/compensation cycle - rather than being a burn in or image retention problem. I don't know if the EZ series also does this maintenance procedure or even if this model suffers the same problem. Has your TV run a compensation cycle recently? I think somewhere in TV settings there is diagnostic info available???? Supposedly there was a bad manufacturing batch of panels (made by LG but used by many different TV manufacturers) at one time. Newer/replaced panels do not suffer the issue. Manufacturers have become aware of this problem and may replace/repair the TV for you. You can probably search for more specific details and solutions. Manually running another forced maintenance cycle may fix the problem (worked for some people, though others have reported it did not help at all). Hope this helps and you can sort it out soon. Cheers.
  7. abeernut

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    If these following disks are released next month as indicated, someone should finally be able to confirm..... Not me unfortunately, as my Sony UBP-X800 player won't do HDR10+, nor my EX780A television (yet). https://www.avsforum.com/first-imax-enhanced-4k-blu-rays-announced-featuring-hdr10/ Cheers.
  8. abeernut

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Looks like the HDR10+ firmware update for the FX (2018) models was released today for Asia/Oceania. Hopefully the EX (2017) update is not far away... http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/tv/download/fw/asia_2018/down_asia_oce_me_03.html Cheers.
  9. Looks like the HDR10+ firmware update for the FX (2018) models was released today for Asia/Oceania. Hopefully the EX (2017) update is not far away... http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/tv/download/fw/asia_2018/down_asia_oce_me_03.html Cheers.
  10. abeernut

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    My 65EX780 just updated about 30 minutes ago. Likewise, I do not notice any obvious differences in menus/settings/options etc. Maybe just apps are affected? Youtube does now play in HDR (if available in a video), but can't recall offhand if it did or didn't previously. No Amazon Prime subscription, so can not check if that app also changed. Disappointing and frustrating that Panasonic do not list any real info about their updates. If we are lucky, it does have the HDR10+ update, but without and actual verified content available to play I don't know if anyone can check/confirm.
  11. abeernut

    Gifted a TiVo... Now what?

    Maybe try forum at OzTivo??? https://forums.oztivo.net Also, looks like Telstra might be up to something with tivo??? https://www.computerworld.com.au/article/640722/tivo-licenses-ip-telstra/ Cheers
  12. Perhaps JB get away with it for ACCC because they have the following disclaimer on their web site in the footer...??? ^Discounts apply to most recent previous ticketed/advertised price. As we negotiate on price, products are likely to have sold below ticketed/advertised price in stores prior to the discount offer. Prices may differ at Sydney Airport store. I guess their "most recent advertised price" is todays price???
  13. abeernut

    Tv lifts to hide the telly away

    Wonder how Mat-with-one-t progressed with this in the end? Is it an option to have a pull-down (rather than pop-up) tv if the wall cavity above window recess is large enough? Or swivel/tilt down if the tv mounted is flat against the top of window recess, or rotate/swing forward to the front if the tv is mounted flat against a side wall of window recess (if window recess is deep enough to accommodate tv size)? Just a thought...
  14. abeernut

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Well done Johnny Boy. You will enjoy it. For more tips and info you can also check out the UK forum (they refer to this model as EX750 though) https://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-ex750-owners-thread.2084911/page-59 Cheers.