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  1. Unfortunately area coding on discs still exists (though not for UHD BD discs). Many DVD and BD players do already come with multi region DVD capability already enabled (or at least can be enabled with a sequence of button pressings - specific to the brand/model of the player itself). Note, usually for DVDs only, not BD discs as well. However, the Sony UBP-X800 is not one of those that can be simply enabled (as far as I know) - but can be hardware modified...... at a cost. An options is to get a second player that is already (or can be turned on) multi region enabled. One I recommend is the Laser brand BLU-BD3000 player. It is already multi region DVD enabled as well as multi region BD. (Will not play UHD BD discs and is not a "smart" device with apps etc. but will play media files and connect home network as well as to internet for software updates etc.) DVDs from any region will play automatically. BDs from various regions will have to be manually selected per region per disc - but can be toggled back and forth an unlimited number of times. Their BD3000 player is less than $100, but can often be on sale for 30% less from Good Guys, BIG W, JB etc. However, it does mean an extra device and remote control etc. They also have a cheaper multi region DVD only player (as do other brands). Hope this helps and you find a suitable solution. Cheers.
  2. Hi Tweaky, thanks for your response and info. Yes, it is a crazy situation. I had read elsewhere other messages about the HDMI HDR setting options including Dynamic, Static and Off as options available after their HDR10+ update but I am thinking ("hoping") that via handshaking this depends on the HDMI device actually being capable of outputting the data (to trigger these options). As my (Sony X800) player is not capable of dynamic data (neither Dolby Vision nor HDR10+) the options may be restricted to only Off and On (as currently shown on my TV after the update). If, however, the options are independent of whatever device is connected (or not) to HDMI input then, unfortunately, it seems our TVs are not yet HDR10+ capable. Perhaps if someone with an HDR10+ capable player AND has updated their TV software AND has an HDR10+ disc (not necessarily easy to tell if disc has it or not from what I have read) can verify if our TV will have these setting options and thus display HDR10+ or not would be appreciated. PS. Hopefully your eye problem (not related to head butting ladders?) is resolved soon and you can see clearly now/soon to fully enjoy your home theatre.
  3. Hi Wags. New software update for our TVs just released. Are you able to verify if HDR10+ is included ? (I don't have an HDR10+ player to confirm it myself). Cheers.
  4. My EX780 updated itself to latest software 4.232 today. Can anyone verify this includes the HDR10+ upgrade? The Panasonic site release info, as usual, just says improve network applications. I don't currently have a device to play HDR10+ content to double check. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi Lynne, try this....(from one of Tweakys earlier postings for settings). Adaptive Backlight set to MIN Ambient Sensor set to OFF Contrast Control set to OFF BT1886 should then show up as an option for Advanced Settings - Gamma Hope this helps. Cheers.
  6. I had just posted the following response in your Whirlpool query, but you may find it here first... Although I suspect you will resolve your issue, if still no luck, please confirm the make and model number of the remote control? That is, where did the Remotec 1279041 information come from? Cheers. As per the instruction for this remote control, if you don't have the 4 digit codes for you brand TV, the remote control can be set to automatically step through its built in codes until one works for your TV. (Though it still might not be compatible). Refer to page 2 of instructions under heading By Searching Through Library to put remote control into auto search mode (a bit tedious and it may take quite some time to actually get to the required code though). Hope this helps and you find a solution soon. Cheers. EDIT: Perhaps this more comprehensive version of user manual with the codes listed may solve your problem.... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1002237/Remotec-Bw-0930.html Sanyo codes: (start with first code, then try each code next if doesn't work fully) 0141 0151 0401 0491 0651 0781 0801 0821 0981 1101 1111 1291 1351 1691 1741 God Luck.
  7. I use and recommend Harmony remotes, but yes, can be confusing to set up and use initially. Have you tried one of the numerous "universal" remote controls? I expect most (but not all) would be compatible with Panasonic TV. Available for less than $10 online or in bargain/reject/cheap shops. Just a matter of setting it up to suit the brand/model of TV (from its many built in codes). Then the buttons behave as usual/expected. Often they will control multiple devices (allowing one control to rule all/many devices) to simplify things. Here is a genuine, but refurbished one. $29.99 including postage. Missing battery and rear cover, but you could use your original ones. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-PANASONIC-TV-REMOTE-N2QAYB000122-NO-BATTERY-COVER-BOTTOM-FLIP-COVER/233175061431?hash=item364a5113b7:g:UccAAOSwv4FclCD6 Here is a new genuine one. Complete. $44.99 including postage. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-PANASONIC-N2QAYB000122-REMOTE-CONTROL-TH58PZ700A-TH58PZ850A-TH65PZ700A/162290368134?hash=item25c9427e86:g:WIIAAOSwKtVWx7Tl As mentioned by duster, other Panasonic controls will probably work in place of original (though some buttons might be different/missing/additional). Perhaps can borrow one from a friend/colleague/neighbour? Possibly (but I do not know for sure) one such as; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-Replacement-Remote-Control-N2QAYB000350-For-Panasonic-Viera-Smart-TV/332724402060?epid=26021546923&hash=item4d77eb778c:g:fiQAAOSwXSRbTt-T https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-N2QAKB000059-Remote-Control-RC-IR-For-Panasonic-Viera-TV-LCD-Plasma/263864131597?epid=21007492357&hash=item3d6f87200d:g:miMAAOSw1r5baV8x https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Replaced-Remote-N2QAYB000239-for-Panasonic-LCD-TV-PLASMA-sub-N2QAYB000122/263562028702?hash=item3d5d85669e:g:X7sAAOSw-09aHu2k&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Remote-Control-For-Panasonic-TV-N2QAYB000238-Same-N2QAYB000122/152987052442?hash=item239ebd299a:g:IYsAAOSw241YW0qF Hopefully you find a solution soon. Cheers.
  8. A cheap option is to get a Laser brand BLU-BD3000 blu ray player (however, as an extra device) to go with the 4K player. https://www.laserco.com.au/BLU-BD3000-blu-ray-player-multi-region-hdmi-digital-7-1-with-lan-for-bdlive Out of the box it will play all region Blu Ray discs and DVDs. DVDs automatically play any region. Blu Ray you need to manually choose which region is appropriate. No limit to how many times region can be changed. Local company. A basic player. USB media support, but no smart apps built in, or WiFi (has ethernet only) or upscaling to 4K (only to 1080). Has 3 year warranty (just hang on to receipt, not necessary to register). Cheap at $99.00, but occasionally 30% off at BIG W and/or Good Guys. Just a suggestion. Cheers.
  9. If a suitable remote is needed, looks like Logitech have this brand and model in their database to program their Harmony remote controls. Perhaps other "universal" remote(s) may also have it built in as a selectable choice? Cheers.
  10. So our 2017 (and 2018) model TVs have now received the Stan app via some sort of update on March 13th. - but still waiting for HDR10+....... https://blogs.panasonic.com.au/consumer/stan-streaming-panasonic-tvs/ Cheers....
  11. See here for video interview with Panasonic about their latest TVs.... https://www.avforums.com/news/video-panasonic-gz2000-pro-oled-and-more-launched-at-convention.15884 Yes, returned to VA panels, but no Full Array Local Dimming (FALD). I expect more info will be available once the TVs are actually available. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  12. Might need to be careful with TCL reviews - especially if they are written in other countries. I am fairly sure I have read somewhere (on several occasions) that the TCL models overseas are VERY different (and MUCH better) than those available in Australia. I am not 100% sure about all this, but just a warning to double check perhaps with owners in Oz. If I spot it again where I read it, I'll see if I can update this post to refer to it. Cheers.
  13. Seems Costco may sell it???? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/sony-bravia-kd70x8300f
  14. Tweaky, I believe only OLED TVs have (require) compensation cycles. Hence maybe why no Status 8 for our EX LCD models. Also (some of?) the numbers are in hexadecimal format. So need to be converted to regular decimal numbers to make any sense of. (I have previously seen a link/reference to an online converter to help with this if needed). Hopefully Davo gets his problem quickly sorted out by Panasonic.
  15. I do not have this model TV, but I have seen in other forums that owners of the FZ950 have had a problem that looks very, very similar. Apparently the rectangle shows up after the TV has done its automatic long term (after x amount of hours) maintenance/compensation cycle - rather than being a burn in or image retention problem. I don't know if the EZ series also does this maintenance procedure or even if this model suffers the same problem. Has your TV run a compensation cycle recently? I think somewhere in TV settings there is diagnostic info available???? Supposedly there was a bad manufacturing batch of panels (made by LG but used by many different TV manufacturers) at one time. Newer/replaced panels do not suffer the issue. Manufacturers have become aware of this problem and may replace/repair the TV for you. You can probably search for more specific details and solutions. Manually running another forced maintenance cycle may fix the problem (worked for some people, though others have reported it did not help at all). Hope this helps and you can sort it out soon. Cheers.
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