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  1. Troyus_

    PSA sub amp blown?

    Psa hasn’t for a while now. Some resellers like deep hz may have old stock tho still so I don’t know there. Some of their models are 2 series old.
  2. Troyus_

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    One of the reasons I bought two 15s for 380 off of deep hz Audio. Huge price diff
  3. Drop it off to perth on your way past please!
  4. Thought some of you may enjoy this. The guy who owns it is the CEO of a computer company so maybe you lot wont come across this video. Anyway this looks pretty fancy to me!
  5. Any reason why the graph takes a dive off a cliff after 80hz? That graph was with a lot of DSP to get it looking even like that
  6. Moved sub out from the corner today to reduce room gain lol. Played with rew again, all manual, mainly used boost tho. See pic. questions. I have a spl meter on my iPad here. Upping the pink or white noise or whatever on the Onkyo or rew significantly does not increase the measurements on the spl meter/ipad. We are talking around 56db max ish. Why? im setting my gains at -4 or less because anything else is still setting my avr sub trim -15. Is there a problem setting gains really low? Clip input signal or something? are these subs too much for my mains? Is there too big a mismatch between 4x15” drivers and my entry level Jensen speakers? Seems I can’t turn up the subs much without them overpowering the speakers.
  7. No crashes and bangs for a while. Sorted that issue out thanks. It’s a lot louder now. I set my gains on the sub amp pretty low -4 and n software. Audssy still sets my sub output to -15 (the max), which is a weak signal output. I’ll have to deal with it for the next month or so.
  8. Yea you are probably right. I just don’t have time. I’m studying all days and have exams so I’m busy atm. I read various forums a lot but maybe I need to master rew more.
  9. It’s not 120db. It’s quite low to the ears. -25 To -30db on reference from memory. Something to do with the setup/config? yea, red lights come on whenever a big scene comes on. Just watched lord of the rings and while the bass was sounding better, it was clipping. Something to do with gains? My avr is -12 to -15 (bass sounds loud. Trying to stop bass from overwhelming movie.), gain is -4.5 on inuke. Dsp is all over the place to smooth but the 40hz roll off is 12db now.
  10. First bash with the umik1. No idea how to or if I should calibrate it (I did download the file but it’s on about the sound card or something). first run has that 9db 40hz boost as above. That’s a pretty ugly graph imo. I had to get the second one manually messing around with a lot of runs. It’s got a 10 odd dB spread so it’s no good but better than nothing. I tried to use the REW program to get some dsp calculations but either I did it wrong or it does not work. The values spat out are way too high to dsp. the red lights come on the amp sometimes, indicating clipping. Is this because I’ve set a limit? (1900w). I’m pretty scared of putting too much power to the drivers, but I’ve no reference on how it should sound. I’ve never had anything this big or sealed.
  11. I may like to sit on the couch watching a movie and feel the subwoofer next to me move by resting my fingers on the edge..
  12. Yes, its does have a channel A and a channel B screen in the software I use on my little laptop here. The settings were already pre set to what you suggest haha. ls12 and 40hz. Must be a common issue. I have the gains at 9db each now and its def louder in the 20-40hz range. Couldn't do much tho as the house was shaking and the wife was trying to sleep. Anyway there was almost nothing sub 40 before with my test tone that I could hear. These settins def add some oomph down low. Ive been watching movies all week but not getting sound below 40hz haha
  13. Why does everyone hate my dual subs? the box was 80mm away in that photo. Moved it a bit further now
  14. Wife is not a big fan but they are in. Need the glass top etc for the table one. Sounds ok so far. Umik1 arrives Friday to continue playing.