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  1. haha nice box. $350 is just design and cut, Id have to assemble it etc. I was going to copy the PSA XS30 design as they are the subs I have got. From memory its about 5.6 cubic feet. Ive got it written down here somewhere. I am just going to modify the dimensions a bit so its more like a table. They are dual, sealed, opposed design.
  2. Veneer? Paint? What are you thinking? Well I have marri furniture but apparently marri veneer looks pretty crappy. So maybe paint, yea. Ive saved a link to the speaker paint stuff I can buy somehwhere.
  3. Sure, Ill get some if I ever get a move on! So if Im making them out of MDF Im gunna get 2 great big black boxes. Any idea to make the look better? One will be an end table firing up and down.
  4. Thanks for the advise guys ive found a guy with a CNC here in Perth that does car audio. He’ll design and cut for 350 plus materials. No one else has responded haha Edit 350$ each!
  5. PSA sub amp blown?

    Dont be afraid to talk to Tom from PSA if you have questions too. He is available for chat on his websites during the day time. Any message left will be answered quickly. You could say how you are worried, does Tom know why this is happening etc ewtc
  6. Im getting a few quotes off gumtree starting at $750 minimum for 25mm mdf. Others are higher. No car audio shops I have contacted have even bothered to return my emails. Whats a box cost and htf I get someone to build it? I see car audio sub boxes everywhere for 80 bucks.
  7. Neeed: Speaker Builider

    Know of one in WA also? Looking for two subwoofer boxes to be made. Might as well jump on in the thread.
  8. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Inuke 6000dsp puts out 2x3000watts at 4 ohm. Actually I saw a you tube vid and its 2000watts RMS. The XS15 has a 500watt amp and the XS20 has a 725 watt amp. Am I going to blow something up? I have read the amp has a limiter, but I have no idea how that works.
  9. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Nice. Ill PM them to get more info on sizes and how they sound
  10. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    http://swpaustralia.com.au/ I emailed these guys and they say they might have some offcuts for me to look at in concrete form tube. Good lead. However it looks like plastic or some sort of weird material. How you think it will go as a sonotube? Still cant find any formatube here.
  11. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Im leaning towards getting help to build the box so it may cost a little bit. I dont know If I can do it. The sonotube on the other hand seems easy. Just a tube with some round end caps
  12. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Very cool. Was that 1 sub per box? Im looking at doing 2 per the same box, just I have no idea on the driver specs. Did you sim your box beforehand to get those dimensions? What did you drivers cost? I see them on parts express and its about $380 each plus delivery. That would have blown my budget out. How do they sound? Not sure how ply subs go.
  13. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Thank you for your reply (I have gone back to uni (5 years in )so I am trying to save money rather than buy a PSA sub. I think I could build 2 for the price of one there, even tho the 30f se on special). Background - I want to build 2x 2x15inch opposed, sealed subs for my home theater (lounge room really). I think these will be easiest over ported, especially as I don't have all (any) the specs I want. A sonotube one will fit nicely in the corner and a square one will fit in between my couches. Thats about the only spaces I have to fit these things. Drivers seem to be really expensive here in Australia but I found some on clearance at deephz audio which seem a steal. They are ex PSA drivers as used in the XS30 so they should be decent drivers. The downside is that there are no specs available for them. I have contacted Peter at deephz and he does not have the details and Tom at PSA wont give them to me. He says as they have never been sold separately he does not want to give out internal figures. That sucks but I can understand the position. So all I have to go on is the dimensions of the PSA subs which had these drivers in, the XS30 and the XS15. The XS15 outside dimensions calculate to 4.33 cubic feet ^3 and the XS30 outside dimensions calculate to 5.625 cubic feet ^3. Power rating of the bash amps for the XS30 and the XS15 are 500w and 750watt respectively. Although there are ICE amps available for upgrades. I saw a pic of the XS30 with a sub out and it seems like a 25MM case heavily filled with sound deadening material. Even the new s3000i has the same size enclosure (better drivers) but a larger amp than the XS30 I am planning on sorta copying. I know I have to take wall thickness into account. So I want a cylinder formatube or whatever 450mmx~1m for a volume of 5.61 cubic feet^3 I was planning a box a bit bigger for 600x600x600 (8 cubic feet) but I could make that a bit thinner if needed to match. I was thinking a little bigger might be OK here. But Ive no way to sim it or tune it ahead of time. Planning on using Inuke 6000DSP amp. Anyway I need a ton of advice, but I was starting with a small question at first haha.
  14. Hello Ive found some 15 inch drivers at a great price but I dont have specs for them. Anyway I want to build 2x sealed, dual opposed subs about 6-8 cubic feet each sub. 1 I want to be 600x600x600 MDF 25mm etc -Ill use this next to my two couches and it can be like a table there. 1 I want to be a tube sub (sonotube) about 450mm x 1m long in the opposite corner. I cant find sonotube anywhere here (WA) like USA seems to have. Its everywhere there. Anyone know where I can get it here or something else that does the same thing? As for the square sub, Ive been quoted $350 to design and cut (plus materials) or $750 to assemble a bare box for the subs. -anyway I can get this price way down on the sub box? Id rather not try to cut this myself tho as its a bit beyond me, a CNC would be good. WA help