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  1. I put wheels on mine. Raises it and easy to move around
  2. Hello My father and I both have Onkyo amps in our lounge rooms with different setups/speakers. None of this is high end but it’s what we have. Normally most amps have 0 as a volume setting which indicates reference level and you can tell from that if you are -10db or whatever. Onkyo does not have that tho. They have 0 as zero and count up from there to 100 or something. My sound is pretty loud to us (I do have big subs tho) and my max setting is about 53 on the amp. I have no idea what this is compared to reference however. My dad has more efficient speakers and a more powerful amp but his sounds quieter. He needs his up to 70-76 to where he is happy. Once again we have no reference level to compare to. We are wondering why he needs to play his speakers at 76 (%?) where I’m at 53 (%?). We have bi amped his front speakers if that makes a difference? I have onkyo 607 jensen qx2 speakers (old stuff, I can’t afford upgrades atm) he has onkyo 747 amp klipsch R series speakers. (The lower end ones) any ideas?
  3. You can 'donate' them to me if you like
  4. So I picked up a $50 ex cash converters, no name, pull down 80 inch screen from a guy who used to use it outside for footy matches. Perfect size for my area near the kitchen. I also picked up a BenQ w1080st for $430 off of gumtree as well. mounted the screen as a free floating, pull down attached to chains. I was a bit disappointed at first as it is a bit wrinkly and has some black scuffs but I thought I’d give it a try. Looks pretty dam good to me esp compared to my 42inch old plasma. I don’t notice any of the flaws.
  5. Why cant you be in Perth!? Good luck with sale
  6. Ty. I posted this on the perth pc games page to spread interest too. Thanks.
  7. Are they on the approved resellers list? I couldn't see them.
  8. Always dreamed about one of these. Can’t wait to finish studying and start getting paid again! good luck with the sale.
  9. So I have been a student for years and have not upgraded much due tp lack of funds. My wife wont let me get a large TV even if we could afford it so I'm considering a pull down projector screen and short throw projector for the coffee table. Cheap/second hand of course. So whats exactly wrong with a cheap screen like this? https://www.catch.com.au/product/excelvan-100-inch-diagonal-16-9-ratio-1-2-gain-manual-pull-down-projection-projector-screen-2905602/?offer_id=17267175&iv_=__iv_p_1_a_932902927_g_45522927094_c_222157859700_k__m__w_pla-357629812019_n_g_d_c_v__l__t__r_1o2_x_pla_y_11248162_f_online_o_2905602_z_AU_i_en_j_357629812019_s__e__h_9070557_ii__vi__&gclid=Cj0KCQiAurjgBRCqARIsAD09sg993-ttUIkF1uNGP5GE4dElsqZ-2l54623SnPrgQy4H7TJAM-FRv2gaAkjFEALw_wcB or https://www.catch.com.au/product/excelvan-100-inch-16-9-1-2-gain-wall-ceiling-electric-motorized-hd-projector-screen-with-remote-control-up-and-down-2905605/?offer_id=17267158&iv_=__iv_p_1_a_932902927_g_45522927094_c_222157859700_k__m__w_pla-357629812019_n_g_d_c_v__l__t__r_1o1_x_pla_y_11248162_f_online_o_2905605_z_AU_i_en_j_357629812019_s__e__h_9070557_ii__vi__&gclid=Cj0KCQiAurjgBRCqARIsAD09sg9zvZsS-G_5CwZ73FqanVAFwsIjZPeMT1mhjvmemW1Ou0cG20AWWzYaAsG8EALw_wcB Obviously there are better around but for a pull down to appease the wife, it should be fine, right?
  10. I saw a live band (crappy Christmas carols lol) last week and again I was enthralled by the bass kick coming from the drum set sent into a wide, open field environment. The music was at a certain level but the bass was kicking hard without distorting the rest of the sound. I’ve always wanted this type of dynamic sound at home, say when playing music or an explosion goes off in a movie. However turning up the gain or power on the sub amp increases all the background bass and sounds pretty bad. how can I get this type of sound at home? I have 2x dual 15inch opposes home made subs and a inuke6000dsp to work with. I have dsp the response to be pretty flat at the moment.
  11. Psa hasn’t for a while now. Some resellers like deep hz may have old stock tho still so I don’t know there. Some of their models are 2 series old.
  12. One of the reasons I bought two 15s for 380 off of deep hz Audio. Huge price diff
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