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  1. Only discounting the cheap or unsuitable stuff like sbs and locally available Klipsch. thanks purr for info.
  2. No one I know is demoing PSA. I never said there was or that Im comparing all to them. Some guy above thought I was tho. Genuinely not aware/know the stuff I should be looking at for home cinema. https://www.jbl.com.au/ Toy stuff. Tell me where the good stuff is sold please?
  3. Problem is PSA on make the MT and MTM speakers. Basically 1 style. JBL Australia just sells bluetooth crap and soundbars. So anything from over seas is un-demod and super expensive (Id guess), Klipsh same deal - their high end stuff is super up there. HArd to find a good price to performance ratio
  4. Yea getting a demo is a good idea and midland seems like the go. Unfortunately a wall of mx30 speakers is 20k tho which is pretty rough. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole with HT and get fixated on the biggest and best thing. I did see some place place where they had what looked like really nice kits to make up your own front stage. Had horns sorta naked on top of a midbass speaker type of deal. Maybe something like that is worth a look also?
  5. Na thats unfair of you. Dont be upset cause I dont like your suggestion.
  6. I dont think SVS prime especially but even ultras are in the same league as PSA for cinema/HT experience? Dont see how little 6inch drivers from a bookshelf could compare to ten inch drivers and horns with 98% sensitivity. I have heard people say the SVS towers dont stand up to the PSA. I am wary to take your advice on the others at this point sorry. In other news a wall of Krix looks sweet eh?
  7. thats near where I work >< Doh missed it.
  8. Thanks for the reply. WHat would you buy instead or for the same money that performs as well or better?
  9. Have any luck with a demo or with buying them?
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