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  1. I’ve heard polyfill or insulation make s the sub sound bigger. Is there a prob adding this to it? Does this allow for a smaller box?
  2. Thats the plan for the end table one. One driver facing down to clear the dust from under the couch and the other facing up to look cool with some glass over the top. The other one will be more normal in the corner somewhere. Front and rear facing drivers. Not the inuke 6k DSP. I think the Inuke4 6k does, from memory. Either way Im happy with the dual opposed idea.
  3. Thanks for the info above mike. I missed this question above. I liked the idea of 2 subs per box for extra power and since one of them will be a coffee table, dual opposed reduced vibrations seemed like a good idea. So then of course we need 2 seperate subs to reduce nulls so I’m planning 2x2 dual opposed subs. 1 will be nearfield at the end of the couch, beside me. The other near the tv or in the corner. Placement is a bit flexible there. to that end, the inuke 6k dsp only outputs 4ohm min, so I purchased 2x2ohm speakers per subwoofer box so everything works out. So I couldn’t even run 1 in a box if I wanted. Plus the inuke 2k power seemed better used for 2 380w subs rather than 1. (Inuke 6k has been measured to only but out about 2k rms btw) this is for a basic loungeroom so no seperate amplifiers for each listening speaker I’m afraid. so from all this measuring above, it seems to come down to ‘bigger box is better.’ ? No specific size, just it would work better with more space? Better as in less boost needed to reach 20hz.
  4. Thats a crazy amount of info, thanks Mike and BJC. So 165L is factory but its a small size so needs more boost down low to even it out. 190L would be better and less DSP needed. I have the inuke6k DSP so I can add some power in down low, right? From what I have read it only allows adjustments to 20hz tho. The inuke has gobs more power than these subs can handle, is there any safety issues adding the bass in with a smaller box? 2000w RMS amp into 2x380w drivers has me a little worried. Also, think this will sound any good?
  5. Thanks for that reply. The sub box design is a little tricky. Its going to be a dual opposed design the same as https://www.powersoundaudio.com/pages/xs30 so I need the software to handle that. If none can then Im back to trying to match the specs of the sub in that link there as close as I can. Thanks (NFI why that silly line/link is there.)
  6. Thanks BJC, Im PM you. I bought the subs from Pete and asked twice for specs but he said he didnt have them. He just linked the xs30 PSA page as a resource to copy from.
  7. haha nice box. $350 is just design and cut, Id have to assemble it etc. I was going to copy the PSA XS30 design as they are the subs I have got. From memory its about 5.6 cubic feet. Ive got it written down here somewhere. I am just going to modify the dimensions a bit so its more like a table. They are dual, sealed, opposed design.
  8. Veneer? Paint? What are you thinking? Well I have marri furniture but apparently marri veneer looks pretty crappy. So maybe paint, yea. Ive saved a link to the speaker paint stuff I can buy somehwhere.
  9. Sure, Ill get some if I ever get a move on! So if Im making them out of MDF Im gunna get 2 great big black boxes. Any idea to make the look better? One will be an end table firing up and down.
  10. Thanks for the advise guys ive found a guy with a CNC here in Perth that does car audio. He’ll design and cut for 350 plus materials. No one else has responded haha Edit 350$ each!
  11. PSA sub amp blown?

    Dont be afraid to talk to Tom from PSA if you have questions too. He is available for chat on his websites during the day time. Any message left will be answered quickly. You could say how you are worried, does Tom know why this is happening etc ewtc
  12. Im getting a few quotes off gumtree starting at $750 minimum for 25mm mdf. Others are higher. No car audio shops I have contacted have even bothered to return my emails. Whats a box cost and htf I get someone to build it? I see car audio sub boxes everywhere for 80 bucks.
  13. Neeed: Speaker Builider

    Know of one in WA also? Looking for two subwoofer boxes to be made. Might as well jump on in the thread.
  14. WA want to build two HT subs -need parts

    Inuke 6000dsp puts out 2x3000watts at 4 ohm. Actually I saw a you tube vid and its 2000watts RMS. The XS15 has a 500watt amp and the XS20 has a 725 watt amp. Am I going to blow something up? I have read the amp has a limiter, but I have no idea how that works.