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  1. Hi Bob Here is a You tube video, but would gladly help if I lived nearby.
  2. Building the ideal(ish) Music Server

    This might provide some help, and potential saving of money too https://www.ap-linux.com/
  3. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    Yes he does have 685's, and enjoys them. His thread specifically asks " Do I need a power amp ? , ( not speakers) , Recommendations please " Some of us are just expressing that we agree that a power amp is needed, rather than having to replace speakers, he already greatly enjoys. If you know and appreciate amplifier design , it comes down to certain criteria namely very low distortion, and ability to drive any speaker. Indeed there are better speakers, but he then is less likely to be able to afford such an amplifier, If he then affords a amplifier as well, it is unlikely to drive his 685's nearly as well, so misses out on a great opportunity to solve the amplifier requirement once and for all. But let's entertain the better speaker path to see where it goes. It goes straight back to then needing a better power amp to get the most from that speaker. Whereas the other way what we are recommending that his amplifier will have no difficulty at all driving the 685's We suggest this is the better alternative.
  4. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    Similarly I would recommend a Quad 909 , but they are no longer in production. If Serpeant buys slightly better speakers, the Marantz starts to appear as the weak link, which causes him to find a better amplifier that has the features he likes, which then may cause him to reassess the speakers he just upgraded.
  5. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    If you like the sound of the B&W speakers, then stay with them for the time being. A amplifier like the Holton, you will never regret buying, but if you take the step of buying other speakers, you then have less available cash for a decent power amp. You are solving the upgrade difficulties now by purchasing a power amp that will likely stay with you for 30 or more years. When I was just 17, I made a similar choice buying a Quad 405 power amp - at that time I was listening via AR16 speakers - also a two way design The 405 stayed with me, and is still in use some 40 years later. Also still with me are Gale 401a speakers that worked really well with the 405 which I bought brand new in 1978. I still love the AR sound, so I am thinking you also like your B &W speakers, maybe they are just right for your room. So yes you will end up buying far better speakers than the B &W and you will in time have a far better front end source than the Marantz, but use the opportunity now to plan a far superior system, beginning with a power amp that you can enjoy with the gear you already have and will stay with you for many years to come. It should put a smile on your dial.
  6. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    You should be able to have your outdoor speakers going on set A and mains on Set B or vice a versa , however the analog out gets disabled when set B are on. If planning a awesome power amp, like the Holton, it will lead you toward discovering just what is possible- vs maybe never finding out.
  7. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    On the contrary, if Serpeant enjoys his B & W speakers, they will perform to their very best with the Holton amp. In time he may adjudicate other speakers, and he will be well set with his choice of an excellent power amp, at that time too.
  8. Do I need a Power Amp? Recommendations Please!

    Your marantz manual states : When the volume adjustment for analog audio output is set to “Variable”, the volume is linked to the Speaker A volume. This unit does not output to the analog audio output when “Speaker B = On” is set for the audio output speakers. So you could use the marantz to link to your outdoor speakers using Speaker set A, and purchase an amplifier for your b & W if it was me I would not hesitate with buying a Holton amp, Anthony's thread is here:
  9. Impedance matching

    Change that wording to source output impedance, and it clarifies that attenuation (presently not being discussed) is always needed, and cannot be avoided, if you wish to alter volume level. There are of course many ways of doing attenuation. Sources should have output impedances below 100 ohms, ideally 30 ohms or lower.

    There are large differences between proprietary file types and free types, namely you not free to use the program as you wish, you are not free to copy and distribute to others, you are not free to modify the file as you wish, and you are not free to publish those modifications for the benefit of others. With free software all of the freedoms are available to you. It is therefore your choice Whereas FLAC is free and is ethical ALAC is not free software and keeps users divided and helpless.

    Hi Thomo Your Gale 401a, has 2 x 8 inch acoustic suspension drivers per cabinet, so you would be well conversant just how good their bass reproduction is. If manufacturers similarly use acoustic suspension https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_suspension in a two way, similar excellent performance is usually the result. One could conclude that acoustic suspension is one of the best ways of loading a loudspeaker, as it achieves lower distortion and allows smaller cabinet size. The alternative bass reflex and its unfounded popularity is described at the end of the Wikipedia article as a compromise "The speaker enclosure designers and their customers view the risk of increased distortion and phase delay as an acceptable price to pay for increased bass output and higher SPL. " However Electrostatics are in another class altogether for midrange and higher frequencies, that said the ESL57 Quads famous speaker ,can do bass reasonably well, just don't ask too much of them, or use four of them ( tempted to say, per channel ! ) Martin Logan a two way speaker appear to marry the best of both, with advances in bass reproduction, and electrostatic technology. https://www.martinlogan.com/en/martinlogan-bass-advances
  12. Help! My power amp is bleeding!

    Answering why a power supply capacitor fails, the usual reasons are 1. The physical mounting, . It is bad practice to have large capacitors with terminals facing toward circuit boards. An example of a manufacturer correcting this was Quad with the 303 power amp, Quad going to considerable trouble to provide a kit for existing customers to invert capacitors to have terminals upward facing, and not downwards. 2. The voltage rating of the capacitor being too close to the positive or negative voltage rail. An example a 63v capacitor with a 50 volt rail is far more likely to not last as long than the same uf rating capacitor at say 80 volt. A check of the schematic shows In the case of the RMB1075 a 57 volt rail , with a 63 volt capacitor installed - is just asking for trouble. 3 Heat from internal electronics, or the most likely the capacitor itself from ripple current exceeding its rated value. A check of possible diode bridge rectifier failure and replacement should be done, at the same time as replacing the capacitor.
  13. Klipsch Sub Dead in the Water?

    Hi Jason Did what I advised work ?, is the Klipsch 12 now working ?
  14. Klipsch Sub Dead in the Water?

    Hi There is a gain setting potentiometer on the Klipcsh 12 panel, maybe that needs adjustment if using 2 devices. http://images.klipsch.com/SynergySubs1012Rev2012_635042117391170000.pdf Try the Klipsch as your only sub and see if it returns to function normally. Also the Klipsch has a auto sensing facility, perhaps there is insufficient signal with 2 devices and it is in its off sleep mode. You might be able to get it to turn back on with 2 devices by altering the gain. "AUTO/ON When the main POWER” ON/OFF switch is in the “OFF” position, this switch has no affect on the subwoofer. When the main “POWER ON/OFF” switch is in the “ON” position, this switch allows the auto circuit to be engaged. When this switch is in the “AUTO” position, the subwoofer will automatically turn “on” when it senses a signal. It will automatically turn “off” after 20 minutes with no signal. When this switch is in the “ON” position,the subwoofer will remain“on”as long as the“POWER” ON/OFF switch is in the “ON” position. "
  15. I have not regretted at all purchase of AKG 701 headphones. AKG 701 are super comfortable and provide excellent audio. There are many nice headphones around, try as many as you can, I hope you find the perfect solution that suits you.