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  1. I have a couple of hours on my high voltage version of the kraftwerk II. It replaced my sotm sps500 with over $1k worth of furutech power cord. It's powering my DAC attached endpoint NUC in akasa fanless case running roon bridge on headless audiolinux 2.6 in ramroot with Apacer industrial RAM... This is a highly modified DIY unit that replaced an sms200 a few years ago. I won't bore you with the details... suffice to say I've spent a lot of time tweaking it. With only a few hours, the kraftwerk II has a long way to go to settle in properly and yet I can already say that it is clear
  2. After 36 hours the low voltage version has become a little more focused, images are more solid and bass has more authority and punch...the tone that this PSU has is superb👍
  3. Yesterday I received my low voltage version of the kraftwerk II 😁👌... very nicely packed and excellent communication and service from @Gieseler Audio It has been powering my Etheregen at 7v (I might try 9v and 12v later) for about 12 hours and even at these early stages of settling in I can already say that this is an exceptional sounding PSU. It has replaced the stock SMPS that comes with the Etheregen and I think that the uptick in SQ is at least as impactful if not better than the Etheregen itself which I find to be a very serious piece of HiFi. Previousl
  4. Ok thanks.... I'm probably about a month away from deciding and ordering 👍
  5. Ok thanks... Good to know 👍... When do you expect the kraftwerk II PSU's will be available to order on the website?
  6. Just wondering when the kraftwerk II will be available to order? I am considering ordering a couple next month... If my requirements are for 12v for my Etheregen, would there be any difference in sound quality between the lower voltage version running at 12v and higher voltage version at 12v?
  7. If we were to use a kraftwerk II to power a kompakt, would we need to buy the lower voltage version and select 9v output or can we use the higher voltage kraftwerk II set at 12v output?
  8. Hi Clay I have been following along here for a while and reading all the reviews of your dacs but this is my first post. When you say that it has a basic krafwerk style PSU.... Do you mean that the design is not as advanced as your krafwerk enhanced PSU design? Or do you mean that it is a roughly equivalent design? Also do you have anymore details regarding the femto master clock upgrade? Is this clock used for the USB board as well? Or just for the dac chip? Will this dac be called the Klein IV as per the PCB in the pic? I am curren
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