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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been asked to provide a bit more information and some more pictures. Also to clarify some things. So....I have two of these turntables - the prototype (which is for sale) and the slightly improved version that I am keeping. The original pictures below are all of the one that is for sale however they were taken at different times and hence one has the badge and there are different cartridges installed in different pics. New pics below were all taken tonight and apart from those of the motor unit and the one of the underside are all of the turntable that is for sale in the current state and at the indicated price. The pics of the motor unit are identical in every respect to the one installed in the turntable. The inside picture is simply to indicate the laminations of MDF used to construct the plinth as a couple of members asked about that. A few members from interstate have contacted me and the answer is yes I would be prepared to pack safely and ship at the buyers expense. As a guide the box dimensions would be approximately 600mm x 500mm x 200 mm and a packing weight in the vicinity of 10-12 kilos. One final thing I should have said - this runs on 110 volts so a step down transformer is required. I can advise any prospective buyer of where to get one for around $30,
  2. Hi Stevoz, apologies for the confusion. It is the same turntable, just taken in various stages of completion! I'll revise the pictures later tonight to ensure only those of the completed tt are there and I'll also add more detailed pics. You're not the first to ask.
  3. Hey Drew, I'm wrestling with a similar dilemma and realisation. I have progressively built up my own reference system over my entire life really. (I'm 62 and my first real audio system was purchased when I was 17). You know how it is, constantly upgrading individual components, tweaking cables, changing cartridges, etc etc. I've just semi-retired and so have recently fulfilled a life long ambition to design and build a turntable of my own. Very pleased with the aesthetics of the result, I connected it into the heart of my system and 'temporarily' took out my Michell Orbe. Well.....this damn thing gives the Orbe a run for it's money and in so doing undermines everything I have come to believe about hifi over the years. How can a turntable cobbled together from parts obtained via eBay and a hand made plinth seriously compare to one costing about 10x the price? So 6 weeks on and it's still in there with the Orbe sitting idle and looking a bit forlorn in the same room. The big question is......do I sell the Orbe and stick with my home made number?? I aspired to owning an Orbe for about a decade...... but in value for money terms it's impossible to justify. I plan to make a pair of speakers next.....oh no!!!!!!
  4. Two of the entire deck mate - I made this one as ,my prototpye and I am just finishing Mark 2 which i will keep. In total I also have one MC10 Mark 2 and three MC20s - an original Mark 1, a Mark 2 and a Super. Love them. All MC20s have up spec cantilevers and tips from Audio Dynamics in Melbourne. . The Super is on the Orbe, the MC10 is currently on one of my own TTs (as pictured) and the original MC20 is on the other one.
  5. Hi Everyone, this turntable I made myself is up for sale. The plinth is 6 sheets of 16mm MDF, hand finished and spray painted in gloss black. The Denon motor unit runs smoothly and silently and holds speed perfectly. The Acos Lustre tonearm is in mint condition and installed exactly to specification. Offered with Ortofon MC10 Mk II cartridge - with brand new cantilever and stylus tip from Audio Dynamics/Garrott Brothers. Receipt available for this work completed just a few weeks ago. As hard as this might be to believe, sound wise it gives my Michell Orbe a run for it's money. I'm only selling because I have also built a slightly improved version which I am keeping myself. Very unique looks (everyone that has seen it loves it). Able to audition by appointment if you are serious. There is some flexibility re the cartridge included (I have a few, or it can be sold without a cartridge if you prefer) and also I have a different Acos tonearm that could be included instead. Price will be adapted according to final spec of course. I'm confident that if anyone makes the time to come and see and hear it they will end up taking it away with them! Even if you're not a buyer, let me know what you think of it anyway! I have had such fun making it. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  6. Here's my two! Michell Orbe with Technoarm and Garrott modified Ortofon MC20 Super (Ortofon MC20 Mk1 installed at the time this picture was taken), and a turntable I made myself from a Denon DP3000 motor unit., Acos Lustre GST1 tonearm and Garrott modified Ortofon MC20. I have two of these and one is for sale if anyone is interested. Andrew
  7. I have used the Garrott Brothers /Audiodynamics several times. Always great service and great results.
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