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  1. Been running these in simple mdf open baffle driven by Musical Paradise MP 305. Right from the getgo these speakers impress.They continue to improve with each session. Its becoming a problem I dont want to go to work.The expensive transmission lines runaway and hide when these bad boys fire up. What we have here is a 15 inch midrange speaker of excellent quality and sensitivity.You will need a sub in most rooms. I pair them with a little 8 inch Rel and it sounds sublime. Happy to answer questions-fire away.
  2. Yes I"m with you almost there.You can measure if you want but I also rely on my ears.As an experiment today I removed 4 diffuser panels from right side first reflection point and listened.Immediately I picked up that telltale brittleness to the high frequencies and a chaotic soundstage-the music became uninteresting. On another point its amazing what you can do with laser cutting machines,think acrylic panels cut by laser and a backing of martini HD absorb.I wonder what the cost would be?Maybe the diy forum has some ideas.
  3. Thats a good price for an absorber.Personally I think most acoustic type panels are a rip off.Let us know if they are good might buy a couple for my third corner.
  4. The vicoustic super bass improve punch and definition also reduce boom to a certain extent they have the added benefit of being a diffuser as well.However they are not able to influence truly deep bass notes.You need huge absorbers for that.Check out the attached image showing frequency range of musical instruments.You may be surprised how many instruments produce sound in the bass range.
  5. Just standard 60.4 Wavewood.The wall behind listening position has 2 vicoustic super bass traps mounted in corner the rest of the wall had no treatment.Yep the floating floorboards will react with your ceiling not good.
  6. I have a difficult room actually its best described as evil.Remarkably I have achieved a good sounding room using a combination of bass traps,absorbers and diffusers. The room dimensions are close to a cube as bad as it gets acoustically.A large glass sliding door leads onto a balcony-more bad.Two flatscreen tvs more bad. I purchased 4 vicoustic corner bass traps and 12 cinema round absorbers.Luckily being single I was able to experiment and affix the panels in different locations until a good result was achieved.This was an improvement but the sound overall was still grainy and bri
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