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  1. stilloutthere

    FS: Auralic Aries streamer (Femto clock) with LPSU

    PM sent with intent to buy
  2. stilloutthere

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC

    What does the firmware update add to the unit? Just out of curiosity...
  3. If Sam doesn't grab it I'd like it 😊
  4. stilloutthere

    Any experiences with Auralic Aries G1?

    Awesome infographic Dilattanteque!!!
  5. stilloutthere

    Any experiences with Auralic Aries G1?

    Fantastic post, very interested as well. Your list of requirements are almost identical to mine, although I currently use Tidal and don't have much of a catalog yet, but that is likely to change with time I suspect.... App support and tidy easy to use interface are big drivers for me. Interested to see what responses come up.
  6. Interested, PM sent.
  7. stilloutthere

    Another Melbourne ?

    Thanks for the advice, so much research to do it is ridiculous.
  8. Any idea what shipping might cost down to Melbourne? Assuming they are still available....
  9. stilloutthere

    Another Melbourne ?

    Greetings all, thinking I should go down the audiophile rabbit hole after the hifi show...... ?