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  1. Item: pair of Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 floorstanding speakers Location: Paddington 2021 Price: $600 -- reduced to $500 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: surplus as upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT into bank account Extra Info: Black, satin finish. The speakers are in excellent condition. Purchased new from HiFi Junction in Bondi junction when that store still existed (Dec 2009). Easily powered by NAD 356 and can be bi-wired. Specifications: http://www.mordaunt-short.com/products/aviano-6. Review: https://www.whathifi.com/mordaunt-short/aviano-6/review These were my first real speakers and they served me really well, but I have since discovered the joys of an active system and so must make some space. Great entry level speakers. No original packaging, so pickup is preferred. Otherwise shipping at buyer's risk and expenses. Pictures:
  2. Thank mate. I keep being surprised, so definitely open to trying some more advanced gear. Budget permitting...
  3. Hi there, I am a bit new to all this and my amplifier is just a NAD 356. It seems plenty to drive these speakers, but I do have to turn it up a bit. So one needs some power. The benefit is the dynamic response: high to low, boom to quiet. On the listening, I could not agree more. It is as music should be. You definitely should bring music that you know, and better yet, bring records of music you heard live. These days that really means classical or jazz. I heard Renee Fleming from 10m away, and she sounds just like that on these speakers. It is like Norah Jones is in your living room, or like the pianist is right there in your lounge. With these speakers the money goes into the drivers, the crossovers and the cabinets. I find them incredible. My wife plays the piano and she loves them too. Have fun! guillaume
  4. Hi there, Legend Acoustics: http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/ I just bought a pair of Kurre 9 and auditioned the Kantu (floorstanders) and the larger Tikande at Rod Crawford's home. This beats English, French and Danish stuff hands down. You can get the Kurre for about 2K; they are standmount but deliver plenty. The money goes into building the speakers: drivers, crossovers, cabinets. I cannot say enough good things. Good luck guillaume
  5. Hi There Muzzagruz, just got my new Kurre 9 and immediately installed them. They sound fantastic but I find that I have to raise the volume quite a bit compared to other speakers (Mordaunt Short floorstanders). Was this your experience too? Thanks in advance. guillaume
  6. Thank you all for the many comments. I've not heard enough different speakers that I can comment much. But I did meet Rod. He is a great guy and an engineer, maybe not much of a marketer.
  7. Thank you all for your helpful comments. I am yet to receive my new toys, so I guess I'll experimenting this weekend. On the Kantus, I loved them too but I am gunning for the Small Red for a larger space; I liked them even better than the Kantus. Thankfully there is one more than one room to equip, however only with one budget... cheers guillaume
  8. Hi there, Thank you for the review and for sharing. I am quite new to all this but I did go to Nowra recently to visit Rod Crawford and listen to some of his goodies (at his home, mind) and immediately ordered a pair of Kurre 9. I do have one question: how far from a back wall should I position them? My ceiling is really high but the footprint is modest. Thank you in advance. And a broader question: I listened to other speakers while there. That stuff is simply amazing and modestly priced for the performance. Why is not selling by the thousands? Any opinions? cheers, guillaume
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