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  1. Changed my mind, gonna fly up and will probably do one long Friday session instead.
  2. I need at least 3 pints before that starts to happen. But it is possible. It still doesn't justify him getting two entries in the exhibiting brands list. I wonder if I should try and organise a car group to go up there from Melbourne for the weekend...
  3. Looks really good! I may have to make a trip up there. One thing that bugs me though, why does March Audio get two entries in the exhibiting brands list 😄
  4. Some of the premium models also peaked much higher price when they first came out, and since the model 3 has come out, they've plummeted in price so you can buy the same vehicle I bought for 1/3 less than I paid for it at the time. If dollar was at parity, it would literally cost half as much to buy the same vehicle I bought in its latest trim. I don't regret paying the extra, it means I've had the vehicle for the last 2 and half years and always knew that being such an early adopter would come at a cost. You're an even earlier adopter so I suspect you feel the same way. If the plaid model comes out and is a significant update, I may well trade up to it when it hits our shores.
  5. I've updated my opening post yet again to more accurately reflect my current system. I guess even when I'm not making major changes, I'm still tweaking minor things.
  6. Thanks! I'm always up for listening to a system at any price range. I love hearing the different ways people lovingly put together the sound they're looking for, and there is no "right way." Just don't ask me to pass judgement on the sound of power cables.
  7. That's a fair assumption but I was trying to compare them to similarly priced hardware. Usually the hardware tries to be more modest in features and/or power capabilities and leads to a more musical sound in my experience.
  8. Well you keep saying it like we're doing something wrong. That's the only reason I answer. But I have carefully avoided saying what I really think.
  9. And just like cockroaches, they'll still be around after a nuclear holocaust.
  10. I use a Matrix USB to SPDIF 2 and it's exceptionally good, with better jitter specs than the (default ) Mutec at half its price but unfortunately does not have BNC out. I use coaxial on RCA myself. Assuming your beloved cable is 75 ohm, I'm pretty sure you'd lose your strict 75 ohm characteristic impedance from your cable if you had to attach a BNC to RCA adapter on it.
  11. I wasn't talking about extracting the data. It's never about preserving the bit accuracy of the data. We moved past that stage decades ago. I'm talking more about making the most of the data and actually recreating an accurate representative analogue signal of the original from the digital information.
  12. I forgot to mention I've also since moved to a Matrix USB-SPDIF-2 for USB conversion, isolation, and de-jitter to the DSP. It allows me to use AES to the headphone DAC and coaxial and/or optical to my DSPeaker for the main hi-fi duties. So far so good, but no audible difference to the main system since it's so far back in the chain. Headphone system seems to breathe a bit better, sounds a bit more open and deglared, and the bass seems more fleshed out and impactful. Hard to know if that's due to jitter reduction (femtosecond clocks), USB isolation, or both. It was interesting to see measurements on this little gem and see that it actually had lower noise when powered via the USB instead of using a separate linear power supply with it. There is already excellent isolation in the power path from the USB, but potential for ground loops when using a separate power supply.
  13. Since I haven't had much luck with the life of the regulator valves I've been using, I figured I'd switch to a different one, and as I've had good success with Sovtek's rectifiers, I figured I'd try their 6L6WGXT (an improved 6L6WG). As I'm at 3000 hours on my valve counter it will be easy to keep track of how long these ones last for. They test fine, and work fine, but only time will tell. No, they don't sound any different... but then regulator tubes shouldn't affect audio quality unless there's something horribly wrong.
  14. The PS Audio lanrover is a rebadged startech USB over Ethernet device which you can get for much less than PS Audio's price. https://www.amazon.com.au/StarTech-com-330-Feet-Ethernet-Extender-USB2001EXT2/dp/B008ABNZOE/ Take a close look at the picture and compare it to PS Audio's device and either be suitably disgusted, or believe they actually do some kind of modifications to the hardware to improve it (I'm quite sure they don't as it works very well already.) Additionally, there is one designed for "only" 50m which works perfectly well and is even cheaper. https://www.amazon.com.au/StarTech-com-USB2001EXTV-StarTech-Black/dp/B01NBN1HD3/ I used this cheaper startech one for two years and it worked very well.
  15. Pretty much. People thought for a long time we needed "more data" to get good audio, whereas what we needed was to make the most of the data instead.
  16. The Tesla model S and X (and to some extent even the 3) were designed with modular semi-removable battery packs in case they wanted to go down this path, or to replace modules that were underpeforming without needing to replace the entire battery pack. They have since learnt that battery replacement was infeasible and not really meaningfully useful for real world usage. The plan is to deprecate this approach completely in the future, thereby saving further money, space, and weight, but road cars have completely different requirements to race vehicles.
  17. I spent a while trying to figure out how to non-destructively hang the room treatment panels on the troublesome wall and with the help of my wife's suggestions (she used to be an engineer) we came up with this. I used the round hooks at the top of this pack screwed into the back of the panels: I put these non-destructive sticking hooks on the wall: Here are the hooks on the wall: Here're the hooks on the back of the panels with twine used as a hanger wire: And the final result with them on the wall looks like this: Yes it makes quite a substantial difference with a lot more focus in the top end especially (which is where the problem was.) Now to find a way to use the same treatment panels in a "mobile" form that allows me to stand them up on the side walls since there are no actual walls to stick them to. I was thinking of using a drying or clothes rack on wheels and mounting two panels side by side.
  18. The lowest characteristic impedance speaker wires I'm aware of are from Alpha Core Goertz. They have a bit of a cult following and have characteristic impedance of 2-4 ohm to match most speaker loads. However it comes at a cost, and that cost is quite high capacitance (almost 1000x as much as other cables). When used at modest to long length with high bandwidth amplifiers it is absolutely vital that there is a zobel network at the speaker end or they can put them into oscillation and destroy them. https://www.thecableco.com/cables/speaker-cables/mi-3-divinity-speaker-cable-pair.html
  19. Or try these guys. Great value for the quality of cable they provide: https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/
  20. By the way, if you are into kits, this is where you can buy the NC400 monoblocks in kit form at an absurdly good price direct from the module manufacturer: https://www.diyclassd.com/product/nc400/11
  21. Sure. I meant the Hypex or the Purifi ones, and accidentally wrote Hypex again.
  22. NC400 monoblocks make a great match with the Supratek if you're into DIY or can find someone who's built a pair - I use them as a backup amp with my Supratek. Alternatively, you might want to look at the commercial NC500 offerings or the Hypex ones.
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