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  1. Wow $15,000 unit. At that price I'd have liked to have seen a nicer fitting backplate... Perhaps it's a photo of a prototype.
  2. I'd have real range anxiety every time I towed a Boeing dreamliner too.
  3. Okay, sorry I saw the Hegel H20 and thought that was about $10k. My next recommendation along the same lines would be the Bel Canto Ref500s amplifier. https://www.classaaudio.com.au/power-amplifiers/981-bel-canto-ref500s-stereo-amplifier.html Hadn' t thought about it before but since it's not in use I guess I can sell it. It cost me $600 so maybe $300 plus postage since you're in Perth?
  4. The thoroughbred is no longer made as the manufacturer said it was far too much work for a very small market. I have one myself and it does turn things on in sequence and off again, one second apart. It looks like this, but I've since gotten extra power points and have no use for it. The button on top turns it on or off and the front of it looks nice enough to put on display.
  5. Nuprime evolution one monoblocks. Very cool running. http://mcleans.info/shop/productDetails.do?productId=264625
  6. Changed my mind, gonna fly up and will probably do one long Friday session instead.
  7. I need at least 3 pints before that starts to happen. But it is possible. It still doesn't justify him getting two entries in the exhibiting brands list. I wonder if I should try and organise a car group to go up there from Melbourne for the weekend...
  8. Looks really good! I may have to make a trip up there. One thing that bugs me though, why does March Audio get two entries in the exhibiting brands list 😄
  9. Some of the premium models also peaked much higher price when they first came out, and since the model 3 has come out, they've plummeted in price so you can buy the same vehicle I bought for 1/3 less than I paid for it at the time. If dollar was at parity, it would literally cost half as much to buy the same vehicle I bought in its latest trim. I don't regret paying the extra, it means I've had the vehicle for the last 2 and half years and always knew that being such an early adopter would come at a cost. You're an even earlier adopter so I suspect you feel the same way. If the plaid model comes out and is a significant update, I may well trade up to it when it hits our shores.
  10. I've updated my opening post yet again to more accurately reflect my current system. I guess even when I'm not making major changes, I'm still tweaking minor things.
  11. Thanks! I'm always up for listening to a system at any price range. I love hearing the different ways people lovingly put together the sound they're looking for, and there is no "right way." Just don't ask me to pass judgement on the sound of power cables.
  12. That's a fair assumption but I was trying to compare them to similarly priced hardware. Usually the hardware tries to be more modest in features and/or power capabilities and leads to a more musical sound in my experience.
  13. Well you keep saying it like we're doing something wrong. That's the only reason I answer. But I have carefully avoided saying what I really think.
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