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  1. 5.7% to be precise, but when you have enough of a conductor... any conductor, then there is almost zero resistance. Silver also has 3% less skin depth penetration so is ever so slightly more prone to skin effect than copper. Lots of data points, but if you have enough of any conductor it still doesn't matter. A one inch thick bar of steel (which is 1000 times less conductive than silver) has less resistance than a 24 awg silver wire.
  2. We still hear the real world in whatever diminished form it is. Music coming out of hi-fi doesn't sound like the real world which remains our reference. The better the system, the more it will sound like the real world regardless of how good your hearing is. Think when you're walking down the street and you hear a busker playing a violin or something - you instantly know it's real. Walk past most hi-fis playing the same violin and you know it's hi-fi. When people come to the door they ask me who's playing piano or violin or whatever when I have the hi-fi going; they don't ask me what sort of hi-fi I have. That's what I'm trying to recreate, and I can appreciate it sounding more real irrespective of how dodgy my hearing gets.
  3. D-250: (8 matched pairs) 6550 power output, (4) 6550 regulators, (2) 12AT7 regulator driver, (6) 6DJ8/ECC88 small signal, (4) 7144 small signal. D-250MKII/S: (8 matched pairs) 6550 power output, (4) 6550 regulators, (2) 12AT7 regulator driver, (4) 6DJ8/ECC88 small signal, (4) 7044 small signal, (2) 6FQ7 driver
  4. You want this (NuPrime IDA-8): http://www.mcleans.info/shop/productDetails.do?categoryId=1230&productId=261552
  5. Both tubedepot and thetubestore offer matched sets and deliver to Australia. https://www.thetubestore.com/power-tubes/kt88-tube-types https://www.tubedepot.com/products/tung-sol-kt150-power-vacuum-tube I've been leaning more towards tubedepot lately because of the 24 hour burn-in option - not because of the sound quality but because it weeds out early failure tubes in advance.
  6. My personal recommendation would be matched tubes from tubedepot. https://www.tubedepot.com/t/tubes/power-tubes/el34-6ca7 Huge range, they ship reliably to Australia, and they can match as many as you like at an affordable price. I also recommend the "24 hour burn in"; not because of the sound quality but because it rules out early failure tubes which are a pain to deal with.
  7. Replace all the toner cartridges: $487, replace printer: $267... I'm horrified by just how wasteful it is to replace the printer every time the toner runs out because it's more economical. This pricing structure speaks volumes about the business model, but it's killing me.
  8. Great to hear! I was really impressed by the Nuprime amps, especially at their price point. Their top model "evolution one" truly sounds like a reference item and is still a class D amp.
  9. Nations that use English as their second language infamously misuse English terminology either completely or - far more commonly - miss the nuance. If the title and description ends up using these loan words, then unless they have a completely renamed product for the English speaking world, it will propagate. Getting hung up about it is pointless. The question was whether it was a network switch or not and it is, and to them it's a "networking hub".
  10. I'm a Japanese translator... I explained it above.
  11. It's a network switch. They call it a hub to describe that it handles both ethernet and USB.
  12. Here's a little something I captured a few nights ago with my new hobby that was far more rewarding than fighting printers and couriers. I won't be dumping lots of these here though since it's off topic
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