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  1. I use these: https://www.selby.com.au/cables/coaxial-digital-cables/neotech-origin-coax-digital-audio-video-cable-ori850.html Good price, very good construction, heavily shielded, true 75 ohm.
  2. Very true on the Maggies. *cough* valves *cough*.
  3. Heartily agree. My speakers were relatively sensitive at 92dB and I never used more than 10% of the power of my power amps, yet when I recently tested power amps that are allegedly better sounding but with less current they lost the authority that I'd gotten used to with my existing power amps, the presence that brings things into the room with depth instead of a watercolour painting of the instruments on canvas.
  4. At $30 just buy it as a spare powerboard to use in place of kambrook junk and you never know you might be filtering noise going into your mains from random other things in your house.
  5. I heard the NuPrime DAC10 at a demo so wasn't a comprehensive assessment but what it was doing there was magic.
  6. Also this is the thread it was brought up in, including some measurements I did with the board to prove that at least it does what it says it's supposed to do of decreasing hash noise.
  7. That means the DC resistance to the woofer is a tiny 1.7 ohms with the 3 ohm resistor in parallel. That's a serious load for a woofer. For the crossover to work properly with that parallel resistor it means the values for the cap/inductor are assuming a much lower impedance so they're probably the wrong values to work directly with the woofer's impedance.
  8. Nice setup, definitely looks like something I'd love to hear too.
  9. Agreed, that's really odd as it will guarantee a resistance of less than 3 ohms, and even with the tiny 0.29 ohms in series, it still wouldn't be more than 3 ohms. That's a very low forced impedance for a woofer, the woofer itself will likely bring it down to 2 ohms in real world.
  10. At the Return of the Jedi concert with the MSO today. Really looking forward to it!
  11. Nicely quoted. Pass your own judgement on Isotek equipment then, but I'd never buy anything from them. The $30 Thor board is more effective - though admittedly it's normally $270, but still far cheaper than the Isotek equivalent which doesn't even work as advertised.
  12. Second the Nuprime recommendation. Just over the budget but you should be able to haggle it below 2K: http://www.mcleans.info/shop/productDetails.do?productId=264392
  13. Your signature says you're an Adelaide representative for AudioFidelity. Do they sell Isotek gear?
  14. That just means each socket isn't isolated from each other socket. They're still filtered from the mains for whatever that is worth. The Thor board (the one everyone's buying from ebay for just $30) has two clear banks of sockets that have one set of filtering on each side - noise from one bank doesn't affect the other bank but will if other items are put into the same bank.
  15. More to the point, this is a recurring theme. Do not buy cheap Chinese junk. Even if it looks like something, it is almost always garbage. Making a USB cable that meets the USB specifications is extraordinarily easy. In the quest to make this appear to be an audiophile cable, it clearly wouldn't have even met the standards, let alone offered any kind of advantage. Having said that, I'm quite aware that there are some ludicrously expensive USB cables from popular audio cable manufacturers that also do not meet the specification. I'll let the reader decide what that means. For reference here's the cable that "sounded" much better (by simply working properly):
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