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  1. The beauty of the truth is it doesn't change over time. This is not a low quality observational study or expert opinion but hard data. Anyone reproducing the experiment will find the same crap results.
  2. No, I'm conflicted about its build at all times since it's a stark contrast to the rest of my electronics which are extremely well built, but have no choice but to tolerate it for its sound.
  3. This is easy - the existing science tells them we can't hear the differences so they see it as worthless research. There is no funding for, and they are not interested in, doing trials on things they are certain are beyond doubt already. I'm not saying I agree wholeheartedly with this mind you, but this consensus mentality has always plagued science. These days it's been taken to almost religious zealotry, invoking the use of the word "denier" for anyone who doubts existing consensus. It's toxic.
  4. Basically you need a matched pair of current amp with the speakers it was designed for in mind. Excepting the case of active speakers, why would any manufacturer make an amp that only suits one speaker and vice versa? Voltage drive is here to stay.
  5. Because I see effectively nothing happening in the general purpose amplification for home hifi which is what we're ultimately discussing here?
  6. Unfortunately they didn't deep dive anything. It was an "I understand" which was hearsay and wasn't really quoting anything at all.
  7. That's just how you see it and wish for it to happen. Unfortunately no matter how much you wish for it, I'm quite sure that apart from perhaps some exceptional examples, won't be happening any time soon, if ever.
  8. Right, now if only someone could figure that out instead of throwing thousands of dollars worth of traditional approaches to amplification to make it sound that way (in addition to getting power, current, and output impedance right.) The distortion levels are also extremely small since modern preamps and push-pull valve amplification has almost solid state levels of distortion, so it's something quite subtle...
  9. Too neutral. Take that however you like, but in my experience the amplifier needs to inject something into recordings to make them sound real in a hifi environment in the home in ways that neither the source, nor the speakers, nor the listening room acoustics can provide. Most class D afficionados find they work best with valve preamp to give them more realism. It's fake realism, but what is real when your room isn't where the audio was recorded?
  10. Same. I have two pairs of class D monoblocks and they're fantastic for their price, but don't compete with my main power amps. Once the stigma is over, it's hard to imagine how anything solid state under 5k should even be anything but class D to be honest.
  11. Very hard to ignore just how good and surprisingly high current modern high quality class D is at its price range.
  12. If you double the amount of cable going to your speakers it will improve the sound regardless of whether you do it biwired or just to the same posts. From that you should be able to figure out how biwiring is likely to be helping.
  13. You can always look at old SNA threads too:
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