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  1. I don't think that's necessary as the ads aren't moderated after the fact if you change them. Sounds like more work than anything else.
  2. Crossover needs to be designed for the exact number and type of drivers, you can't just add more drivers.
  3. Great feature, thanks! Will this work retrospectively with ads already expired?
  4. Guess I was lucky and things always sold before I noticed till recently.
  5. This is a more nuanced question than it appears, because hilariously, they can be the same thing, as implementations differ, though there are some definition differences. This could turn out quite long winded which is why I didn't answer this last night as I was about to go to bed. Note that I am NOT an expert despite having played with computer code in this space, so I may be wrong in what I say here. Both increase the sample frequency of the final conversion, but oversampling must be a power of two multiple of the original sample rate. Oversampling also increases the effective b
  6. Fair call, but the NC400 and Purifi ET1400A should deliver identical current and virtually the same power.
  7. I've compared my NC400s to my ARC power amps many times - no contest. Bridging amps makes them less able to tolerate low impedance, not the other way around - at least for class A/AB amps, not sure if there's something special about D.
  8. And that's very interesting considering both would allegedly be below the threshold of hearing difference according to ASR's own bullshit thresholds.
  9. That was actually unintentional and will be improved with my crossover redesign, so I'm not worried, but for the meantime it makes for a good challenge anyway.
  10. If you purchase it from an online store that ships it directly to you, they're obliged by Australian law to either charge you tax on it for AU or put the purchase price on the outside. If the purchase price is >$1000 you will get stopped at customs and asked to pay tax on it. Talking from recent experience.
  11. By the way, this was what I got in the email, 30th June 2020. As a linux kernel programmer I was asked to do some debugging on their network renderer but never got around to it.
  12. Please do not confuse UPsampling with OVERsampling.
  13. Thats not quite right. It is a ladder DAC but it definitely oversamples (the manufacturer told me themselves). It is not a NOS design.
  14. Upsample anything 44 or 48 up to double (88/96), and let the DAC handle the rest. The upsampling I do is offline and can't be done on the fly, but I do it to 705 and 768 which is beneficial. Roon's upsampling won't benefit from going beyond double sample rate, and the DAC oversamples internally to about 6Mhz if I recall correctly.
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