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  1. I have the ref250SEs after upgrading from the 150. I originally expected them to be just like the 150 but "more" but in fact they're very different to the 150, but also more than double the cost. Not only more grip and control at the bottom end, but much bigger presentation and significantly more delicate and sweeter midrange and treble. Though I'm only comparing on my own speakers which I designed myself and they don't go down much below 4ohm, but I run them off the 4ohm taps.
  2. Electrostatic headphones don't give you that sense of sensory deprivation by the way, but the rest about it still feels unnatural to me too. There's nothing quite like recreating the scale of real instruments in a physical space with speakers.
  3. The Klipsch range are notorious for grossly overstating their efficiency. I've seen ones claimed to be 96dB efficiency measure below 90. I'd say if you want to be playing them loud, 50W probably isn't enough.
  4. I'm sorry to hear you had trouble with your ARC amp. When I had the ref150SE for two years, I didn't have any issues with it at all. Additionally, I set the fans to a lower speed so they couldn't be heard; by default they're set to the highest speed by the factory.
  5. The D450 from their "definition" range doesn't remotely have the beautiful tonality and realism of the 150SE from their "high definition" range. They give it away in their own naming convention even...
  6. Looking up the specs of those speakers, they'd be very well served with an ARC Reference 150SE. At $20k you could probably haggle a new one for that price.
  7. Definitely will match well. It's this crappy little thing: The on/off button doesn't actually do anything to the preamp mind you; it turns off the remote control! However, I noticed on another thread that someone else has already done the work and has a Supratek preamp and your power amp! Calling @THOMO
  8. It's not a stepped attenuator but a smooth alps potentiometer meaning you have infinite control over the amount of volume adjustment. The range is very useful and the sound quality is not compromised by playing at low volumes. Unless your Usher has an input impedance below 20k I think it would be a fine match with any power amp (I know nothing about that particular power amp.)
  9. The most expensive gear is extremely difficult to produce and costs a fortune, not just for R&D, but to manufacture, with exotic materials like diamond coated beryllium tweeters, CNC billet aluminium baffles, extremely expensive crossover components, cabinetry etc. They definitely sound better than their counterparts at 1/10th the price, but it is truly impossible to quantify it in a numerical percentage way. These are the changes that convert nice clean accurate sounding hi-fi to the level where things start sounding real in your lounge room. Once you've heard gear in the stratospheric price range you'll understand how it differs from just "good hi-fi". Does it warrant to spend 10x as much for all this technology? This is a philosophical question only the purchaser can answer as only they can determine the value they get out of the components, and what spending that amount of money means in real terms to their financial situation.
  10. Topping DX7s. $624 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07B4V1J7K
  11. Very good. I was only taking issue with 4 ohm speakers because the opening poster had said they were specified as being only into 8-16 ohms. Nothing to see here; move along...
  12. Here's something left field in that price range if you're after ~full range dynamic speakers. http://www.deephzaudio.com/SVS Speakers Prime Tower product page.html Yes I've heard them and they're a steal. Your magtech will make them kick serious butt.
  13. If the amp is only rated to 8 ohms and above, then it's either unable to drive 8 ohms without massive frequency response distortion, or it's simply unable to safely drive it at all, meaning it will either throttle and produce almost no output, or it will burn out. I would be very cautious about recommending it being okay to use 4 ohm speakers with it.
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