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  1. I do believe it was Emotiva amplification and source? I don't think they were up to the task...
  2. I'm glad it wasn't just me. I kept going in there expecting some Martin Logan magic but got only midfi disappointment...
  3. I think I was there when he was telling you this about the beveller. To be honest, it sounded like snake oil peddling to me as an outside observer...
  4. Pretty much. Worst sound for the money by far. As I said earlier, I thought the speakers might have even been plugged in out of phase...
  5. By the way, was anyone else disappointed by the B&W 803D3 demo? Considering the price of the system and speaker combination I thought it was pretty lacklustre.
  6. Revel were demonstrating with the Mark Levinson Gear in a very large room. Some big towers worth about 20k if I recall correctly. The Mark Levinson reference monoblocks were there to tease us, but alas had blown a fuse and they couldn't use them so they were using a 536(?) stereo power amp instead I think. I didn't get a great listen but the sound was good in some ways but seemed to be lacking considering its expense from what little I heard of them. May have been a set up issue. There was some kind of hole in the middle of the sound stage which had me stupidly looking at the rear of the speakers to see if they weren't connected out of phase (lol) but I couldn't see the terminals on one channel to determine that and there was still too much bass for such an amateur mistake so I doubt it
  7. They're a new model they were going to have completed just in time for the show.
  8. Concentric design. The tweeter is mounted in the middle of the bass/mid driver.
  9. Beautiful preamp (both looking and sounding) Now why on earth do you have 2? GLWTS!
  10. Yeah but are you satisfied with that?
  11. Kharma room had the best sound of the day in room M4. Best sound for the price came from the Microphase Audio Design room 1202. I really wish the exhibitors new there were genres of music outside of Jazz variants... I had to beg them to put on something orchestral. Fun show
  12. Went there, just did that, had the same conclusion. To be fair, I think what's really missing is all the demos are put together in a rush in compromised rooms and conditions BUT most importantly, I don't think any of them are systems that have been lovingly put together to create a great sound. They're all great components taken off the shelf and stuffed together into a display in a hurry. One room I listened to today had $500,000 worth of kharma gear and the guy demo'ing even admitted they were only taken out of their boxes last night so they're not even burnt in. $262,000 speakers that had only just lost their virginity...
  13. Just got back from the hi-fi show. Feeling good about my system
  14. Ittaku

    Tube Buffer?

    Don't be so sure. You can still have very high quality caps without getting remotely close to the most expensive ones. A 1uF V-Cap CuTF cap costs $1000 each for example...