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  1. I would definitely start out with the 4 ohm taps on that speaker. However, sometimes even though it makes sense to match the lowest impedance with the amplifier taps, the amp might sound better on the 8 ohm tap, even with the dips and peaks it does to the tone balance. The Wilsons are infamous for example for sounding better on ARC 8 ohm taps even though they're 4 ohm speakers. Most amps have lower distortion on their 8 ohm taps than their 4 ohm taps so that may be part of it, OR it could just be that the altered tone balance actually sounds better in a real world environment.
  2. Have you listened to some good open baffle cone speakers? They sound halfway between planars and regular cone speakers.
  3. Quite a few amps now offer triode mode as well as ultralinear mode with KT150s now, even the latest ARC amp offers it.
  4. That's why I was talking about the monoblocks which ARE made for the KT150s. I think they'd make a great match with say a Supratek Cortese preamp which has a phono stage. However they're now 4 separates instead of one integrated which the OP was trying to avoid due to real estate limitations. It also leaves him without a headphone output.
  5. I think for your purposes you'll be more than happy with the consonance to be honest. You'll get the KT150 sonic signature and a lot more power out of them compared to either the prima or the arc. It then gives you more budget to play with the rest of the components since you still need yourself a phono stage etc. Although the consonance is 110W on the 4 ohm taps, you'll be putting what is effectively 8 ohm speakers on the 4 ohm taps so it will be like you're putting 55W on them. The ARC and Prima are less power with half the tubes. The only caveat as I said is whether the 880i should really be furbished with KT150s or whether you should be using the 800 monoblocks instead which were designed for them.
  6. Pretty happy with mine. Thanks Internode.
  7. I'm so confused... but that would make complete sense, except for their own website saying otherwise... http://www.audioresearch.com/en-us/products/integrated-amplifiers/vsi75 I certainly wouldn't be buying the KT120 based one. Even the local AU distributor calls it a 75SE. https://www.synergyaudio.com/product/ar-vsi75se-natural/
  8. There is no VSi75SE, only the ref75 comes in an SE. Not sure why that one has KT120s in the picture though, unless they kept the model designation while changing the design which is uncharacteristic of ARC.
  9. By the way, there's an ex-demo one for sale at 9k https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/audio-research-vsi75-integrated-amplifier-1-ex-demonstration-unit.html
  10. I assume you mean the upscale audio comparison. Bear in mind upscale audio sell PrimaLuna gear. Everyone knows I'm a big ARC fan, and have ARC gear myself, but I can't say I've ever auditioned the VSi75, but I have auditioned the Ref75SE which it takes elements from and that amp is simply superb. It is their trickle down model, but they don't make any other integrateds currently. I'm not aware of any CJ integrateds to be honest.
  11. Hum is a real drag. Having a modern expensive system that produces hum is really something I couldn't get over and refused to tolerate, sending back a preamp that had otherwise great sound. CJ are beautiful sounding amps but budget then puts you into another category entirely with ARC and the like.
  12. Well you've got the budget to go for the consonance monoblocks and a separate preamp. They have a narrow footprint which is nice for a small room? https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/cyber-800-ii I have slight reservations about running the KT150s in the stereo integrated 880i since it's not really designed for them whereas the cyber 800 monoblocks are. I know Osborn sells the 880i with the KT150s but the manufacturer doesn't recommend them. The KT150s really are a bootload better than the KT88s or 120s the 880i is designed for. I can't really speak for the consonance preamp as I have no experience with it, but $4200 for the power amps leaves you plenty to play with at your budget.
  13. It'd be great but the delay could be a showstopper for @Cigar nuke and they'd still have a lot less power than the Consonance.
  14. You would definitely need a valve amp that is stable into low impedance and delivered a decent amount of power into 4 ohms. That combination tends to be expensive. A consonance cyber 880i would be a nice sweet spot for the price if you're specifically after an integrated (KT150s for the win): https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/cyber-880i
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