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  1. Mate, there are reasons I'm stuck in this room, trust me. It's not like I want to be.
  2. No, I mean I don't believe any of them do anything so I can't in all conscience recommend any of them.
  3. Found out that the left wall protruding in is far from innocuous and the midrange and tweeter reflections and diffraction are quite harmful. Ordered some of these to put on the wall: https://www.artnovion.com/product-categories/6-absorption/products/590-andrea-absorber
  4. Are you after a reliable ethernet switch for networking or something audiophile related? If the former, the TP-Link switches are the best budget choices whilst the ubiquiti are probably a more respected switch, of which they make some relatively affordable choices. This is all entirely my opinion from my experience. You don't have to buy from here, but this is a fairly expansive list of their offerings to give you an idea: https://www.pccasegear.com/category/200_331/networking/switches If you're after something audiophile related, I can't advise you there.
  5. Which can only be explained as one of three things: 1. You're not prone to the power of suggestion under this experiment. 2. You're overcome by negative expectation bias, or 3. You're too deaf to hear the differences. I vote number 1.
  6. 1 It's now the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1299,792,458 of a second.
  7. That would have been good. Horsham is our longer stop and vehicle top up on the way to Adelaide.
  8. It's weird isn't it. Given they have a built-in self-powered subwoofer you'd think they'd be easy to drive, but they seem to be lifeless without current. Looking at their measurements they're very thirsty just above the subwoofer though.
  9. Excellent sound, truly one of the few top to bottom experiences in speakers that cast a great soundstage. The bass is thunderous and bottomless but falls short of the level of refinement as the finest full range panels or large closed speakers. However according to the person who had set them up, they're deceptive because their very narrow footprint makes them look like they'll be flexible in any environment and easy to set up, but they're not. While they fit in many more environments, they're just as dependent on set up as any other speaker, and getting the tonal balance right from the tweeter which is very directional and minute adjustments in toe-in alter it dramatically. I've only ever heard the lower models set up at the hifi show last year and it was a very average set up, and was expecting more.
  10. Yeah, more bollocks. The narrative got tired years ago. Can't believe you're still pushing this.
  11. Not an audiophile brand I know, but they'll do the job till you decide on a permanent solution, or they'll probably be good enough anyway: https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/adapters/xlr-adapter.htm Choose which ones depending on whether you have RCA interconnects or XLR interconnects to decide which end you'll need the adapter on.
  12. Each preamp by Mick is unique so it's hard to be certain but there are patterns to his usual approach. The rightmost RCAs are almost certainly the outputs whilst the ones on the left are the inputs. The dial in the right is going to be adjustable gain and the switch right next to it will bypass the gain and set it to maximum gain. There will probably be two sets of outputs on the right. I don't have the switch on the left so I can't say for certain what it is but theatre bypass comes to mind. As for XLR, there are plenty of converters available either as plugs or integrated into interconnects. None of them will give you true balanced operation but should work fine, and there is no one perfect solution.
  13. There is another Australian maker to consider if you just wish to try out a well constructed very affordable large gauge cable. https://www.nbspeakercables.com.au/collections/frontpage
  14. Indeed, and the sooner you know that, the better.
  15. Electrically if you were to measure the speaker's performance with any different cables of a decent construction or above, the difference is zero percent. Sonically, people hear somewhere between 0 and 1000% differences, some even likening cable changes to a speaker upgrade. Try them for yourself and see if you're in the zero or one thousand camp, or somewhere in between which is where most of us lie, but try your utmost to audition them without buying them first. Once you've bought them you'll always hear an improvement, whether there is one or not.
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