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  1. I only asked if he could see the plants or not. I didn't say anything about listening.
  2. I randomly removed his plants and put them back in and he 100% reliably detected when the plants were there.
  3. Surely there must be a flipper somewhere that wants to take it off your hands?
  4. Photos from today's get together, showing cheese and wine. Faces hidden to protect the innocent. Everything was working hunky dory yet again, and system was sounding great. You can see my actual listening chair stuffed under the desk there. Unfortunately to fit 3 people I need to use ordinary chairs and have to hide it there. The system hasn't really changed, but just for completeness for the get together, here's today's picture of it (there's a miniDSP and other stuff above the X4 that I've been experimenting with but not currently using.) The more astute observers of my thread will note that I only have one set of treasure globes on the preamp now. After a lot of experimentation, I came to the conclusion that the second set of globes on the driver stage didn't make an audible difference, so I've saved the pair for when the first output pair on the main speakers dies and will use them as the next set. This is the listening chair after I put it in place which I don't think I've featured before. You can see the dodgy cork I have under the legs of the acoustic baffle that sits behind the listening chair. This is because I wanted the baffle up as close to the wall as possible, but the leg pushed it out 20 cm further so I've angled it backwards with the cork. I'll get a more robust solution for angling it in time.
  5. I can't hear it over the intermodulation distortion which is giving me a wonderful fake stage effect here.
  6. As an aside, realistically having a load attached only matters if you have a signal going through the amp. I've disconnected speakers many times on multiple valve power amps over the years, but always when there was no signal going into them, without a problem.
  7. That's fine. The impedance it's designed to drive or more is perfectly fine, and the capacitor will simply make the impedance rise as the frequency falls.
  8. Now you've done it... As amusing as it may be, I'm quite sure someone would be convinced of it. Remember you're not allowed to discount anything in the face of logic, reason, science, the universe, and everything, in this hobby.
  9. Pretty sure I described a pre/power combo for $2k but I guess kit was involved. Second hand will definitely get you it too.
  10. I just read an interview with the infamous Siegfried Linkwitz who passed away last year in the latest TAS. One of the most interesting things he said was that the balance of direct and reflected sound and frequency response in our ears in a natural environment never matches that of speakers in a hifi because most recordings close mic instruments and mix them (yes I know there are exceptions.) His solution was to actually put a notch filter creating a 4dB dip between 3-4kHz. I've given this a go myself and so far like the results, but only on large orchestral music! The effect is much more subtle than I would have expected it to be; it just takes a little bit of hi-fi edge off things rather than sound like anything's softer or missing as such. It also seems to keep the stage depth and bloom intact but take away the sometimes unnatural sounding razor sharp aspect to stage - which admittedly some may prefer - but real live music doesn't sound like that. The problem is intimate works sound better without it, where that extra edge gives them more presence in the room, but then again it sounds like you're really up close to them which makes sense.
  11. They're 4 ohm speakers with an electrostatic tweeter. That's quite a load and you'd need a fairly robust valve amp to drive them optimally. Make sure any amp you choose can drive 4 ohms well (or has 4 ohm taps if it's a valve amp.) No mention of efficiency but if they're able to take up to 350W I suspect they're relatively inefficient. My suggestion at that price range would be to steer clear of valves unfortunately (even though I'm a valve man through and through). I'd recommend a solid modern class D amp like the Hypex NC400 monoblocks and passive preamp if needed. He may find they'll sing like never before if driven properly. These are monoblock kits, but you can probably find some assembled based on these: https://www.diyclassd.com/product/nc400-mono-kit-complete-kit/24
  12. I'm aware, but I'm not big on getting gear that isn't made for local usage, or needs yet another transformer before its transformer. Moving it on down the track becomes difficult, and I don't think I'm making the most of it, especially something this expensive.
  13. They already answered, and that was a no as well. They don't have a transformer suitable, so if I were to modify it, I'd have to find someone to choose a custom transformer for it. I think I'll pass...
  14. Wow. I'm not even sure why the Ref10 is even advertised here. That would mean that not a single one has ever been sold here. I'll ask about it being modified.
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