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  1. How about that amp in the opening post eh? I wonder if we'll ever get to audition one in Australia.
  2. Wise to steer clear of this. I have destroyed some very expensive drivers due to such a mistake. Luckily, not my hearing at the same time.
  3. This has become more of a blog lately. Anyway I tried putting in some 0.1uF "bypass" caps - the best I had available which were multicap RTX polystyrene and tin foil - on the midrange Mundorfs, and there is a slight tempering of the cool sound that the Mundorfs give. However it's only a very subtle improvement and it's not like it's gone away. The Mundorfs amount to 80uF so it is clearly not going to be bypassing very much music information, and I was sceptical in the first place. I hope with a higher quality copper PIO and larger value it will be more substantial so I may just order myself some 0.47uF Miflexes to put in there. I was thinking I'd like to try their other range as well, they have copper foil polypropylene caps as well, but only up to 1uF so I might get both and try them. They're actually slightly more expensive than the equivalent sized copper PIO ones which says something (not sure what, just something) but they do have better tolerance at only 2%.
  4. Ittaku

    SOLD: FS: Sophia Electric Tubes 6SN7

    No need to say GLWTS then. Congrats on the sales
  5. Ittaku

    SOLD: FS: Sophia Electric Tubes 6SN7

    Sophia Electric Tubes 6SN7 come as three different quality gradings. What grade are these?
  6. Ittaku

    Litz crossover inductors

    Alas there's no evidence that impregnating in wax or resins makes a demonstrable measurable difference to performance.
  7. Ittaku

    Litz crossover inductors

    Is there data on the difference between wax and non-wax?
  8. Ittaku

    Litz crossover inductors

    Very interesting, thanks for the link. It pretty much aligns with my practice exactly, which is nice.
  9. Contrary to my expectations, the sound being on the cool side from the midrange did not go away entirely. The caps probably have about 100 hours on them now and sound incredible, but the sound is still too cool for my liking. I've not heard polypropylene caps change dramatically after the first 100 hours so I suspect that's their final sonic signature. I'll definitely be grabbing some miflex bypass caps and see how that goes at tempering it. I'll do some experiments first with caps I already have to see if small value bypass caps in the midrange crossover actually make an audible difference at all since it's a bandpass filter, unlike the tweeters.
  10. Ittaku

    Breaking in

    It's okay, it's the frustrating limitation of text discussions in a forum format. They always lead to misunderstandings or overreactions which I'm guilty of doing too... and some people do it so much that I may or may not be guilty of putting them on ignore 🤐 Usually the only solution to this is getting together in person with some drinks; it always works in the software world.
  11. Ittaku

    Breaking in

    Oh that. What I mean is I'd actually like for there to be some evidence and I was hoping you had provided it...
  12. Ittaku

    Breaking in

    Eh? My response was pretty harmless I thought, that he should be convinced to reconsider his approach?
  13. Ittaku

    Breaking in

    Nice data, but alas not evidence that burn-in happens, only that heat-up stabilisation happens, which I doubt there is any controversy around, except for the one "listen out of the box" person. Maybe convinced now?
  14. Ittaku

    Breaking in

    Deleted, posted in error.