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About Me


Another person, another system.

Have a lot of spare hi-fi.


My first decent system was a Michell Focus 1 T/T Arcam AR60+ Amp and Heybrook 2 speakers.





Main  Northstar 192 TransportMkii/Northstar 192 Dac      Emperical Audio Northstar USB/I2s converter

           Modded Heavy Plinth Lenco L75 Fidelity Research FR 24Mkii /Signet TK7su/ Jasmine LP 2.0 Phono

           Silvaweld SWC 1000r  preamp (mod)

           Sound Reference 211s

           Quad esl-57s (mod) or Sound Reference SR 26s


Other Plinius cd101/MHDT Havana

           EE Minimax BBA-Lightspeed Attenuator- EE Minimax BBA

           Leak Stereo 20 (mod)

           Johnny Blue JB4 Mkii


A/V    Stello CDT-100 transport    Ps4 (opt out)

           Eximus DP-1 pre/dac

           Sphinx Project 14 (mod)

           Heybrook HB3s Mkii








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