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  1. Panimation

    FS: Audio GD Reference 7

    wow, bargain alert!
  2. Panimation

    SOLD: FS: CAYIN IHA-6 Headphone Amplifier SOLD

    Thank you all and this is now sold!
  3. Item: CAYIN IHA-6 Location: Brisbane Price: SOLD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Funding for upgrades Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Decided to let this little guy go to fund my curiosity into tube amps, loads of power and can drive even the least efficient cans like the HE-6 with ease. Something I've realised and confirmed with other Cayin owners, is when using SE output make sure to have high current mode switched on if not there might be some hum. Have the original packaging so can ship for an extra $25, instruction manual but can be downloaded online. I am the second owner, bought previously from another classified, please pm me if you have any other questions. Manual http://en.cayin.cn/download/?itemid=91 Pictures:
  4. All good, might retract recommending venus cable, a mate is buying one from him but lacked of communication from the seller seems really frustrating and only got half responses even after he filed a paypal dispute. Please note all the cables manufacturers are made to order, so can take some time to be made.
  5. There's a few from the states, DHC, Norne are the two popular ones and i bought one from Venuscable recently. https://doublehelixcables.com/product/dhc-molecule-se-headphone-cable-premium-occ-copper-litz/ http://www.norneaudio.com/litzheim/index.php?route=product/category&path=17 https://www.venusaudio.net/ (Don't see the 3.5mm for the litz cable so will have to email Dale to double check) Currently have a Norne Draug 2c and Venus OCC silver/copper & SPC Litz
  6. Had a chance to audition and a/b test it. To my ears the HE350 mod didn't change the sound compared to the original. However, the fabric mod did widen the soundstage (a very simple yet genius approach offering sonic improvement while protect drivers from debris!) My head is very appreciative of the HE350 frame as it offers much greater comfort and weight distribution (great for long listening session!) One heck of a can, someone should buy it before his regrets set in!
  7. Panimation

    SOLD: FS: Audio GD Ref 5 DAC

    Agree! expect this to go really quickly
  8. Panimation


    Headphones sold, thanks everyone
  9. Item: AUDEZE MOBIUS (TEAM BRONZE) Location: Brisbane Price: SOLD Item Condition: As New (Just opened to take photos) Reason for selling: Not longer needed, bought Campfire Cascade recently Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (family & friends or Paypal fees) Extra Info: Hear your favourite games, and movies, like never before! Audeze is bringing its award winning-audiophile sound to the gaming world. Mobius features full 3D emulation with support for surround sound modes, and an integrated 3D head-tracking system that works seamlessly with today's most popular content. Coupled with state-of-the-art room emulation technology and anatomy calibration, Mobius is truly optimised for the way your brain processes sound in a manner consistent with real-world listening. https://www.audeze.com/products/mobius-series/mobius-headphone Pictures:
  10. Panimation


    Item sold, thanks for your interest!
  11. Panimation


    Item: Bose QC35 II (Silver) Location: Brisbane Price: $350 including shipping Item Condition: Brand new still in original packaging Reason for selling: Unwanted Gift Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Family and Friend or 3%) Extra Info: Selling for a friend, unfortunately she doesn't have the receipt for it. Pictures: