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  1. There's an EP on Tidal of one of the cuts and a remix.
  2. Everything I buy is given an assessed cost of 25% of actual. Just like shoes, tops, jewellery, etc etc etc. It's what makes marriages work.
  3. Hearing my brothers years ago with a dynaco kit amp and pre got me started in hifi. The bar was set quite hi. Thanks for the memory. GLWS.
  4. An ideas man. Love it. Where do I sign up.
  5. Rookie mistake for sure. Speakers I had my eye on for a while, Triangle Esprit Titus floor standers, are considerably reduced until the end of June. Whatcha think? She responded with the most hurtful words she's ever spoken to me (within earshot anyway.) Until you get your teeth done, translated dentures, not one more dollar on hifi. The way your cheeks have sunken in you're starting to look like Mitch McConnell. Checkmate. I made the appointment. Willing to rip every remaining tooth out of my skull for the sake of hifi. Of course, the speaker budget will increase significantly.
  6. Got me started and I couldn't stop. Was after 3 when I finally gave in. No wife, no neighbors, no lock out laws!
  7. Don't get many chances for night sessions so gotta make 'em count.
  8. As Donny Hathaway Live has been already mentioned. Double album. The live disk includes The Bottle, Winter in America (just as relevant today as in '76), Home Is Where the Hatred Is, Lady Day and John Coltrane, There Must Be Something. Went to see him three times. Great twice, didn't show the other time.
  9. I had one a few months back with the 4495 seq chips. I ended up selling it on as I preferred the sound of the arcam ir dac and keces power supply I had at the time. Thought the build quality was pretty good for the price. Mr. Lee @ China hifi was very responsive to inquiries. Took about 5 weeks to arrive. I ordered black but it came in silver. Really didn't matter as it was behind closed doors. Gave me 25.00 discount. The sound was a bit recessed behind the speakers and not as full as the arcam to my ears anyway. The tube didn't seem to make much difference. Beware of shipping cost with China hifi 60.00 usd. All listening was pcm over rca's. Hope this helps. The arcam and keces are currently listed and would do a deal if interested.
  10. Now for something a little less confronting
  11. Music to make you question your mental state. One hell of a workout for your speakers.
  12. Item: KECES DC 115 LPSU, ARCAM IR DAC, MYZIC HEADPHONE AMP Location: Central Coast Price: 525.00 for all 3 Item Condition: Used, very good Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: The Keces with the irdac is an excellent combo and a definite upgrade to the irdac w/standard wall wart, which I'm having difficulty locating at the moment. The Myzic is a surprisingly powerful performer at its size and weight and is said to drive any headphone. I'll throw in a Chord Clearway 1m rca (worth 180.00) to sweeten the deal. Paypal is the preferred method of payment as my bank accounts are based in the States and for some reason bank transfers never make it from my wifes account to me. Go figure. The Keces is quite heavy so 25.00 shipping to most locations. No original packaging but will pack for safe transport. Would make an excellent desktop solution. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Diamond in the back Sunroof top Diggin' the scene With a gangster lean Songs by Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Al Kooper, Bill Withers, Lauren Hill Simple production with a whole lotta soul
  14. I will admit they're older than you. Prince, amongst many others, was a fan.
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