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  1. A self proclaimed sucker for smooth keys and the OP of the funk currently spinning thread if you're not familiar with Alex Bugnon check him out. He's also the nephew of Donald Byrd. Something must have rubbed off at those family dinners. Even solos on his first album Head Over Heels. Not sure what the idea was with the album cover wardrobe.
  2. I knew for sure my wife was the one for me when we walked down the aisle to "Heaven is a Place Like This." She loves this song by the Ohio Brothers!😁The album cover is the sexiest in music history. The definition of less is more. After this they just went off, although I did develop an overwhelming taste for honey.
  3. Funk D.C. style. Trouble Funk, Experience Unlimited (EU) and of course the Godfather, Chuck Brown. "Baltimore, if you don't get it, it's your fault!"
  4. Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. 'Nuff said.
  5. In honor of Ronald "Kool" Bell. "Summer Madness" has been in heavy rotation for the past 45 years or so. Rest in Peace.
  6. As someone that made the move in '09 I would suggest selling what you've got and jumping on the classifieds. The usd to aud exchange currently is 1 to 1.38. Occasionally you'll find items over here less than in the States. Something you can do with retailers over here, unlike the States, is negotiate a price. Also sales tax is included in the price quoted on new items. Good luck with your move.
  7. If you get a chance to grab a copy of Father Music, Mother Dance grab it. It's a bridge between the earlier albums and this. You can find it on youtube. "Water Children" is a beautiful song. I've always been partial to jazz violin.
  8. That's for someone that considered overseas travel a trip to Toronto. Indoor plumbing and we only need to flush once. I understand that's a priority for POTUS.
  9. Welcome Earworm from an expat that made the move from D.C. in '09. Check out all the forums, there's plenty of info and people willing to help.
  10. You might have soul without funk but there ain't no funk without soul. The horns supply the Power but Rocco, David Garibaldi and Chester Thompson are the Tower. Just played Soul Vaccination; " if you ain't buggin, you still might got the disease." Now that's music that's timeless.
  11. Did someone say funk? It's about time! Being a D.C native funk is in your DNA. So much so we even have our own brand, GoGo. So props to the Godfather, Chuck Brown. As you can see I've been waiting for the thread. Thanks.
  12. My daughter turned me on to 90's hip hop and I turned her on to some of the samples and originators.
  13. The pool table in the dining room is another hint. Beautiful work.
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