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  1. Sort of an Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers reunion.. Roy Hargrove doesn't even get a mention on the album cover. One of the few albums released under Creed Taylor's relaunch of the CTI label in the early 90's. It's right up there with some of the best of the CTI offerings and benefits from the minimal arrangements.
  2. Three years of high school French is little help 50 years later.,
  3. Always loved this guys laid back N'awlins groove be it in an acoustic or electronic setting although he's lost his mind with beat machines on his last few offerings.
  4. Don't know that I've ever seen this guy get a mention here before. Been a fan since I heard him as part of the Brecker Brothers band at a concert in the mid 70's. His youtube channel has some terrific live performances with Charley Hunter, Kandice Springs, Corey Henry and others. The elder statesman holding court. I believe this was his first album and it's still in rotation 45 years on.
  5. Maybe the Vincent SV 237 currently listed for 1400.00. Hybrid tube pre/ss power 150 watts per. Think there's a lot of proponents here, including me. It's in Sydney. Probably 100.00 + to ship as it's quite heavy.
  6. Don't know if it's because they lighten the mood or if they actually play a role in the sound. Who cares. Always sounds better when they make the scene. 6 ft. Santa in one corner and a 7 ft. tree in the other. Mark de Clive-Lowe doing Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew."
  7. We were all a hellava lot younger back then. I think he's turned 80 and still touring. Had the same energy at the 2010 Blues Fest as he had at the Bayou in 1973. Imagine his last breath will be on stage somewhere.
  8. When the time comes this one's coming with me.
  9. There's a reason they call him the Mighty Burner.
  10. If the girl was still dancing 21 minutes later, you knew you were in.
  11. Further information: As new. Require output pass thru which this doesn't have. It does have both balanced and unbalanced headphone output as well as both inputs. Sold with Mogami 1m balanced cable. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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