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  1. djmt

    Aretha Franklin RIP

    I grew up with Aretha Franklin, Stax and Motown as a young kid in Washington, D.C. I wish her family peace during this difficult time. Heaven just got a lot more soulful.
  2. djmt

    Timeless, classic songs

    "Inner City Blues" Marvin Gaye. 47 years on it's the same s..t, different day.
  3. Charlie Hunter Songs From the Analog Playground. Ironically on CD. Kurt Elling, Mos Def, Nora Jones. "More Than This" The song that accompanied my wife and I down the aisle along with the Ohio Players "Heaven Is a Place Like This." When she agreed to the Ohio Brothers, as she calls them, I knew she was the one for me.
  4. djmt

    what's goin on

    There are a number of graphic equalizers on ebay starting @ 100.00 (recently serviced Marantz) that might be worth a shot.
  5. Good luck with the new path you've chosen or that has chosen you.
  6. I own the same amp and couldn't be happier but would point out there are a couple of significant differences between the 237 and 237mk. The 237 has usb the 237mk no usb but coax and optical connection as well as a headphone input.
  7. djmt

    SOLD: EOI. Swap Luxman 507U amp

    The most important organ to sustain life; The Hammond B-3.
  8. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Always prominent in my dad's rotation and one of the reasons I'm hoooked to this day. Later today the ladies are doing dinner and Mama Mia 2 so if you hear any noise it's just me and the boys.
  9. djmt

    Best Live recording

    Ian McP . My brother from another mother
  10. All reasons to purchase through SNA.
  11. djmt


    I'll put in a positive word for the SV 237. Replacing the 12ax7 tube with a reissue (30.00) Mullard made it a bit warmer while adding additional detail. Depending on what levels you listen at, you're likely to be in class A most of the time. If it proves durable, it likely will literally take me to hifi heaven.
  12. djmt

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    I'll second the Vincent (237) Quadral (Chromium 8) pairing. Distribution of Quadral in Australia is very limited. Was lucky enough to buy both at much reduced prices due to ending distribution agreements. Paired with the Brits (Arcam irdac) and Keces psu (Taiwan) it works quite well. Maybe musicians and audio manufacturers should rule the world.
  13. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    My wife is baby sitting the grandkids until about 6 so today its just me and my music. It's not all jazz per se but probably best fits here.
  14. ppaul I just recently tried a Mullard re-issue and was surprised at the change that made. Will likely try some type of NOS next.
  15. Very happy where I ended up. Vincent SV 237, Arcam irdac w/Keces psu, Quadral Chromium 8's. Set up for 99.999 WAF and .001 TF (testosterone factor). As long as we don't move (we won't) or she doesn't redecorate (she will) all is well. I cut the back out of the entertainment unit and the gyprock behind it to accommodate the amp.