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  1. djmt

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    Somewhere in a production line I hear a Chinese worker laughing😤
  2. djmt

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    I'll give it one more go after a trip to Bunnings. Thanks for the warning. I won't push my luck too far.
  3. djmt

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll hit Bunnings tomorrow.
  4. djmt

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    Hifiguy, I was hoping you might help me with tube rolling challenges with the Vincent sv 237. Haven't yet had difficulty with the tube as I'm still having trouble with the top cover plate. Was wondering if the hex keys are imperial rather than metric? Metric seems to fit but slips when using enough force to turn the screw and I'd hate to strip it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. djmt

    How old, and how long?

    My start with audio was my brothers Dynaco, Thorens, Quad system in the late 60's. My first system was a KLH all in one, followed by a Sony 7065, Pioneer 9191(?) cassette, Philips TT (the one with the touch sensitive green neon controls) and some massive KLH floorstanders. This coincided with my first real job. Then real life and kids appeared so it was entry level Denon, Sony, Polk, Advent, etc. for the next 35 or so. I'm now listening to a Vincent SV 237 (thanks Eastwood), Quadral Chromium 8's and Arcam which could likely take me into the next life as I'm 66 and tend to hold onto what I have for the long term. It's always been about the music for me. Having been born and raised in Washington, D.C. (the original chocolate city) its been stax and motown, the original neo-soul movement (Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, The Brecker Brothers, Tower of Power, Cold Blood) James Brown, Chuck Brown (The Godfather of GoGo), 60's and 70's Blue Notes and a strange fondness for 90's hip hop compliments of my beautifully hip daughter. There's much more I haven't mentioned but its really about the groove. I must admit everything sounds better in the Australian air.
  6. Because you missed out on the sale doesn't mean you missed out. It was less than 6 months ago I contacted Douglas HiFi about a demo 236 mk with a couple of dings on the fascia but they wouldn't go below 1500. I think the Eastwood sale has made retailers and resellers adjust their prices accordingly. I couldn't be happier with the 237 and the fickle remote volume control is something easily adjusted to. Good luck with your search.
  7. djmt

    Hello from Greece

    Welcome Bra.
  8. Hello John, Is the DAC still available? Please forgive me but I have to ask; Was it love or insanity that led to 16,000 albums? I've been collecting for 50+ years and might be up to 3500 albums, cds, cassettes and downloads. Should my wife ever question the number, I'm pointing the finger at you. Thanks, Mike
  9. djmt


    Greg, welcome aboard. I'm just down the road at The Entrance. Good luck w/ your sale. I'd suggest you add additional pictures including those of the actual item. Mike
  10. Item: Fostex HPA 8 32 BIT DAC/HEADPHONE AMP Location: Central Coast, NSW (1 hour north of Sydney) Price: 850.00 including standard shipping to most metro areas and 3% pp fees Item Condition: Excellent, 9/10 Reason for selling: Not sophisticated enough of a user to get the most out of it!! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Will refer you to www.fostexinternational.com for the specs and multitude of firmware upgrades available for this unit. Too sophisticated in its implementation and multitude of options for a novice like myself. Original double box packaging, user manuals, powercord, remote and 1.5 meter audioquest cinnamon usb cable included. Pictures:
  11. I have a pair of Quadral Chromium 8's and couldn't be happier. Even today they are designed AND built in Germany. German engineering, fit and finish. As close as I'll ever come to a Merc. GLWS.
  12. djmt

    Vincent Audio's New Australian Distributor

    Terry, I couldn't agree more particularly given the size of the Australian market. They also must compete with sites such as SNA offering many current model or recently superceded items at much reduced prices. I've got to believe that most are in the business for the love of it rather than the opportunity for ontold riches. Mike
  13. djmt

    Vincent Audio's New Australian Distributor

    I'm all for a dealer making a good profit, particularly those with actual shopfronts but the Eastwood sale (of the former distributors stock) gave a real indication of the margins on this stuff.
  14. Sony 7065, Pioneer CT 9191, KLH 355 and a Phillips 212 and 375.00 a month rent split 3 ways on a 1/2 acre so I could let it rip. How could I have failed to mention the best part. After carefully loading everything into the car, double parked and running, I closed the passenger door and locked the keys in the car with it running. Let me say it....what a dumb a--. Fortunately in those days you could get into a car with a coat hanger as easily as with a key.