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  1. I can, as a North American expat (Washington, D.C.), confirm this is indeed a world-class nation and site for all things audio. I looked into your suggestion and in doing so reaffirmed my absolute ignorance of such solutions and their implementation. Long in the tooth; it's as if you've known me for years. Your suggestion is much appreciated pj. The next time I see Mick I'll tell him you said hi.
  2. Welcome Paolo. Didn't take you long to find like minded souls. Sure you'll enjoy it here, both SNA and Sydney.
  3. A bit off topic but concerning Fidelizer. My system is not in the same league with many on this site but after multiple dacs, cables etc. by far the greatest improvement to my Windows based system was the 35.00 usd Fidelizer 8.2 run in purist mode. Many thanks Mr. K.
  4. Mourning coffee. "Oh what a lucky man he was"
  5. Sorry for your loss. He'll appreciate sharing his music with family and friends. Tubularbells, I'll see you there. We'll start up StereoNet.com.hl
  6. Item: Chord Rumour 4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cables 2.5 meters x 2 Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: 115.00 Includes shipping to most all Item Condition: Used, very good Reason for selling: Not for me Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Recently purchased second hand from Len Wallis for 150.00 + shipping. The silver plate copper provided more detail and rock solid soundstage compared to all copper Qed and Ecosse comparables but was a bit bright for my liking. Chord banana terminations both ends. Pictures:
  7. The dark shadow of the internet is scary to this old man. Thank you Mark.
  8. I'm getting this message each time I click anything on SNA. I've done a full scan to no avail. No other site frequented often ( yahoo, ebay, youtube, gumtree, banking, etc.) exhibits this response. It's as if it has hitched it's wagon to SNA. Any ideas what might be going on? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Revenge of the Nerds. Straight out of the movie. These geeks took the stage and proceeded to tear the roof off the place.
  10. Item: QED XT-40 Speaker Cables Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: 125.00 Item Condition: Used. Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade, I think? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: What HiFi 5 stars. 2 meter pair.. QED Air-Loc banana terminated on both ends. 12 AWG stranded ofc. Will include 4 Cardas pure copper jumpers. 15.00 shipping to most locations. Pictures:
  11. Surprisingly this would fit very comfortably in the Blue Note mid 60's catelog. Joined by Randy Brecker, John Patitucci and Kenny Kirkland. Not to be confused with the Tom Scott mentioned above. What are the chances of consecutive posts featuring a Tom Scott?
  12. Item: Xiang Sheng DAC Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: 225.00 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Wrong Faceplate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased from China HiFi mid Jan '19. Arrived with silver rather than black faceplate. Rather than return the item, as I was quite happy with the piece other than the faceplate, I negotiated a very favorable price with Mr. Lee for a unit with AK 4497 chips. DSD x 2 over DOP. Dual 4495 seq chips, upgraded transformer and GE tube. Balanced and unbalanced outputs. Cost was 296.00 USD delivered. For an extra 50.00 will include Isotek power cable shown in pics. I will supply link to DSD driver upon purchase. I ran only 24/384 which did not require driver download. I will cover paypal fees and up to 25.00 shipping. Thanks Pictures:
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