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  1. Something I discovered today in the Tidal new jazz releases. Violin, piano, bass and drums. Well played compositions from start to finish. It's been a while since I've found a particular song, "Fake Weather," that I played over and over. Do your thing ladies.
  2. It's a wise man that knows what he doesn't know.
  3. Only Creed Taylor would have Bob James arrange a Jimi Hendrix song a make it work.
  4. "Whilst my wife was away," doomed from the start.
  5. The bossa nova craze in the U.S. got its start in the Washington, D.C. area with guitarist Charlie Byrd and the radio announcer Felix Grant. Stan Getz joined Byrd for bossa's first hit Jazz Samba. Gilberto was a big influence and later a collaborator. One of the many jazz lessons taught to me by my dad, with a little memory refresh by google. Wish I had his old records.
  6. Keces has been sold. Arcam is sold pending payment. Thanks SNA. I'll share the wealth.
  7. Item: Keces DC 115 PSU, Arcam irdac, Micromega myzic HPA Location: Central Coast, NSW Price: 175.00, 250.00, 125.00 All three 475.00 Item Condition: Used, very good Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Prices quoted for each item includes shipping and pp fees. Will reduce 20.00 for pickup. Pickup all three 425.00. The Keces has both 12 and 5v taps which can be run simultaneously up to 4 amps. Connection cables for each. Standard power cord. The Arcam is a known performer up to 24/192. Standard Arcam wallwart power supply. No original packaging for either of these but will pack with care. The myzic is a surprisingly powerful performer for its size and is said to handle any headphones. My 50 ohm Sennheisers required little turn of the dial for moderate volume. Standard supplied power cord. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Found this thru my Tidal mixes. Typically the New Orleans sound is not my thing but the way these guys play with and off of each other is pretty special.
  9. There was a Heed Obelisk w/ X2 power supply listed within the last month. Nice job on the speakers.
  10. Bill, Wish you all the best. Here's to ya.🍺
  11. There are a number of artist, of all genres, that had the talent but chose to stay in the area and live their lifes. They could do what they loved and live a normal life. There were plenty of bigger name artist that played the One Step and I'm sure ones that were playing bigger venues came by after hours. It was a Hollywood version of a jazz club, a smokey hole in the wall, the band jammed in the back corner with room for maybe 50 people including the band, bartender and waitress. In other words, perfect.
  12. Saw this line up at D.C.'s One Step Down way back when.
  13. I had the same experience at the Opera House several years ago. The mix was totally dominated by the drums and the overall sound was, as you said, bad. The show was billed as a look back through his Blue Note catelog. A five to seven minute medley, much of the Imagine Project and Joni Letters and of course Chameleon. I've been to a number of shows, probably approaching 100 and this one was way down the list. With that being said, it was Herbie Hancock.
  14. This vocalist was introduced to us 50+ years ago. He's brought along some generational friends; Chick Corea, Kenny Barron, Steve Gadd and the new breed Robert Glasper, Lionel Loueke, Christian Scott, Christian McBride, Kamasi Washington and for good measure will.i.am. One hint, Kalimba. You got it, Philip Bailey.
  15. There's an EP on Tidal of one of the cuts and a remix.
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