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  1. djmt

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    That they were Andy. Due to 66 year old eyes I now have every type of wrench known to man. The Gold Lion did make an improvement though. .
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    Currently Spinning

    Strangely this song is not on this album
  3. djmt

    Currently Spinning

    I don't get homesick very often but when I do I call on the Godfather of GoGo.
  4. Thanks to all for your input. I'm currently using a laptop, Pentium quadcore, 8 gb ram and 1 tb hdd and never hear the fan. Just curious why the minis have more issues with the fans? The reason I'm considering the change is to accomodate roon (the real reason) and aesthetics (my sales pitch). I trialed fidelizer, but only the consumer level as the computer has multiple duties. Thought some positives, particularly detail, some negatives, soundstage and bass. Not the best ears and tinnitus to boot.
  5. Considering a mini desktop as a music server/roon core. Is what I'm seeing online about excessive fan noise a real concern or the occasional unit having problems. I would appreciate any input from those with first hand experience. Fanless could be an option but most suppliers (at least to my knowledge) are based overseas. Thanks for your input.
  6. Can be costly to sack the wife. Didn't Johnnie Taylor teach us all "It's Cheaper to Keep Her." From experience he was only 50% (of everything) right.
  7. We downsized to a unit several years ago. Rarely go past 9 o clock on the dial and just can't get into headphones. With all that said I'm happy with what I have. When I need a bit more I slide open the doors and listen to the ocean. The speakers really do disappear.
  8. About 40 years too late for me.
  9. djmt


    Fear and hate will cause those that will lose the most to follow.
  10. djmt


    Trump is the solution is itself the problem.
  11. djmt


    Sanity and logic. Thank you.
  12. djmt

    Hi all. From USA

    Andy, Welcome aboard. When this site was suggested to me it came with a caution that it could be addictive. Needless to say I don't think a day has gone by without a fix. The overall knowledge base here is astounding, be it vinyl, digital, diy and on and on. As an American expat that moved over in 2009 (best move I ever made), it's comforting to hear you say we won't take this anymore. I went in for surgery Nov. 9, 2016, election day over there and gave instructions not to wake me if Trump was elected. Fortunately they ignored my request. Have fun.
  13. Just to add an update. After communicating with Roon support turns out I didn't have the computer to properly run the program and wifi was borderline adequate. If and when I upgrade they will be happy to provide another free trial. Even though disappointed, the quick response and offer of another free trial was a refreshing take on customer service.
  14. Thanks all. With my hit and miss trouble shooting I may have stubbled onto the issue. All other functions are running at 32 bit, including tidall.Tidal's working as it should. It's Roon that's the issue, running at 64 bit. The wifi is running at 8.7 while not as good as an ethernet connection should be sufficient.I'll take your advice and contact Roon support.
  15. I can only speak for myself. I've taken proving my ignorance to an art form.