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  1. Sunday footy on a beautiful Central Coast fall day with the good Doctor.
  2. A belated happy birthday (April 12) to an 81 years young Herbie Hancock. This album includes songs by Prince, Peter Gabriel, Sade, Paul Simon, Lennon and McCartney, Fagen and Becker rearranged and reinterpreted by Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Dave Holland, Jack Dejohnette and Don Alias. Terrific listening.
  3. Sophisticated fusion from 1975 (with the exception of one track that appears to be bodily functions played on a moog) that will give those bass drivers a real workout.
  4. Can't wait to spring this on my unsuspecting wife.
  5. At the risk of being blasphemous, I would call this a mid 90's update of Bluenote and Prestige 60's soul jazz for the hip hop generation. Backed by most of the Greyboy Allstars, Karl Denson, Robert Walter and Elgin Park. Good album for a summer bbq.
  6. Please tell me that power board photo bombed your shot.
  7. This guy was doing 25 years ago what the new celebrated British lions and lionesses of modern jazz are doing now.
  8. In memory of Chick Corea. Accomplished in so many styles.
  9. A master of many styles. Thanks for all the great music that will live on.
  10. My daughter, who still lives in D.C., sent me a clip from the Washington Post that the club just shuttered and the building sold. What a terrible loss. Going there was as if you were in your lounge room and some unbelievably talented friends stopped by to play.
  11. It sure ain't funk but it is high quality fusion from the 21st century (2013) which is a rare beast indeed.
  12. Sort of an Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers reunion.. Roy Hargrove doesn't even get a mention on the album cover. One of the few albums released under Creed Taylor's relaunch of the CTI label in the early 90's. It's right up there with some of the best of the CTI offerings and benefits from the minimal arrangements.
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