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  1. Item: Location: Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Tony. Please post a 45 in the currently spinning section so the young bucks know what you're talking about. Gene Vincent, haven't heard that name in years. Lots of good memories. Thanks.
  3. "Analog girl in a digital world"
  4. Well, my worst fears have been confirmed. I am certifiably, audiophilably insane. Installed these vibration pads under my desktop computer, dac and tube buffer and its been the biggest overall improvement I've ever made. Under the amp will require a bit of adjustment (hacking away) to the entertainment unit. Mine is an all digital setup and I've always battled a digital harshness to certain piano notes, certain vocals, etc, etc. That's gone, there's more detail, better sound staging, more defined vocals, light brush strokes on cymbals.....you get the idea. Maybe it's real, maybe it's imagined, I don't give a damn. The Emperor is wearing some mighty fine clothes. A belated thank you to the OP, ArneS, for sharing his experiences and pointing me To THE MOST cost effective tweak in my long hifi journey. 🥇
  5. From the recent posts it seems to be a Blue Note kind of day.
  6. Should I be blunt about this?
  7. Appropriate for the type of weather on the Central Coast today. Facing the Tasman the crosswinds are making the glass sliders shutter in their tracks. Hope all are safe and those in fire ravaged areas are not facing another type of disaster.
  8. I believe this was their final album together. I saw them in the mid 70's. They opened for Charles Earland and Gil Scott-Heron. You could almost hear an audible gasp as in wtf are these white boys doing here when they came on stage. Needless to say when they finished their set the place was going crazy. They left no doubt what they were doing there.
  9. I still play this occasionally to this day. The last time it was in heavy rotation we were marching down Pennsylvania Ave. telling Nixon to get the hell out. Time to put back in rotation and start the march.
  10. Queue this up on a Saturday morning and that list of chores will be done in Latin frenzy time.
  11. Had been reading up on the Spatial open baffle speakers and was in Gosford so thought I'd drop into Mcleans, without having made prior arrangements, thinking I might have a listen. There was no one else in the store, it was midweek, and there they were so I asked Bill if I could have a listen. They weren't connected but looked as though someone else may have had a listen recently as they were, I thought, set up with a listening chair midway between about 2 meters away. Anyone that's been in the store knows it's not the ideal listening environment but this was likely my only chance to have a listen. Well, he took great pains, changing the adjacent amp for another, running his setup tests, tweeking the speaker position multiple times etc. etc. Finally, he pulled out his laptop and asked what I wanted to hear. All this time a mental clock is running in my head( I don't carry a mobile) as I had an hour. About 4 minutes into Herbie Hancock's " Speak Like a Child", the front door opens and my wife announces we're late, we've got to go. After profusely apologizing, I'm out the door. The next time I show my face I'll have a decent bottle of Red in hand. Likely just another day for him.
  12. On my last sale the buyer offered a deposit to secure the sale. As he had history of positive transactions, I told him it wasn't necessary. Requesting a deposit from those without a history would flush out the players.
  13. My first sale was a no show. Since then sales or purchases have gone great.
  14. Item: Canton A 35 Special Edition Floorstanding Speakers Satin White Location: Central Coast, The Entrance, NSW Price: 3000.00 I got a good deal and so do you. Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: See Below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Handmade in Germany as pairs, consecutive serial numbers. Same drivers as their Reference Series. 3 x 160 mm aluminum-ceramic bass drivers, 1 x 160 mm aluminum-ceramic midrange, 1 x 25 mm aluminum oxide tweeter. Down firing bass port, 88.5 db efficient, 8 ohms, 27 ks each, 19.5 mm w/29.5 with base, 1000mm h by 36.5 mm wide 39.5 with base. Currently offered for 4999.00 @ Rio Sound and Vision. These were purchased 19/11/19 with 5 year warrantee in anticipation of moving back into a single family home from our unit to accommodate large family gatherings with four grandchildren in the last four years. The pending sale of our unit fell thru as did the purchase of the house we had our eye on. Looks like we're likely here for another year. Anyone with 850k for an Oceanfront unit I'll throw the speakers in for free! Back to the speakers, they're meant to be played at more than 8 to 9 on the dial so here they are. Probably about 100 hours. The white things under the feet are furniture sliders. All original packaging. They came securely wrapped on a pallet and would suggest the same. Happy to coordinate pick up with your choice of courier. Thanks for looking. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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