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  1. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    I saw him at the Opera House about five years or so ago. Maybe my expectations were too high but for the most part it was a disappointing evening @ 175.00 per. The acoustics of the Opera House terrible, a five minute medley of his Blue Note days and much of his more current catelogue. With that being said, the online write up of his Melbourne stop was very positive.
  2. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A nod to three of my favorites; Stanley Turrentine, Grover Washington and Charles Earland. He's got Christian McBride and Joey DeFrancesco along for the ride and they do them proud.
  3. djmt

    Electronic currently spinning

    Last place in the world you would expect a Michael Franks lyric to appear.
  4. djmt

    Currently Spinning

    Music of My Mind, Talking Book and Innervisions. All in a period of two years.
  5. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Indeed he has. Not ease you out of bed stuff.
  6. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    A nice start to a Sunday morning.
  7. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Grandpa's learned a few tricks along the way. She doesn't need to know in this case the smurfs are Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Steve Gadd and Joe Farrell.
  8. djmt

    Silly question about fan noise

    I have a sff hp in a cabinet, behind closed doors about 4 m from where I listen. Sessions usually last 4-6 hours and the fan usually runs noticably once a session. 60 seconds with the doors opened shuts the fan off. That's running roon/fidelizer and playing around on the net. I had the same concern as you and at least in my case it ended up being a non issue.
  9. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    One of only a few new realeases during the CTI label relaunch in the early 90's. Really an undiscovered gem.
  10. djmt

    Currently Spinning

    My idea of multitasking.
  11. djmt

    Currently Spinning

    For those of us of a certain age and persuasion, this album cover speaks volumes. The music's pretty good too.
  12. djmt

    Currently Spinning

    Marcus Miller and Meshell Ndegeolcello. "My imagination is filled and my cup runneth over."
  13. djmt

    What to do with old CDs?

    Thank you Mr. Wattson for solving the case.
  14. djmt

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    If they were slapping their heads over a latin album, I can only imagine what they thought of his new mate Questlove.