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  1. PS converter, never experienced but guessing extremely capable. I’ve had the privilege of listening to Kiseki Purple Heart NS mc cartridge on hi-end system & maybe one that will deliver your requirements but not on the cheap list. Worth looking at reviews & considering saving your penny’s for this magic piece of audio equipment. https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/kiseki-purple-heart-ns-mc-cartridge.html
  2. Hi Chris, ended up with pair of 4311A. With much love I have restored. Added 3” strip dampening with butyl/ally mat to all internal edges. Used quality 16ohm AR potentiometers. Replaced original 3/8uf caps with combo of nos Russian oils & clarity caps @ 3.7uf/8.7uf. I’m so happy I decided to keep basic 1st order xover. Rewired all internals with 4 strands of cat6 copper & installed bi-wire terminals. Found far greater improvement in soundstage with bi-wired & dual amplification. Also gently raising xover points & hi end oil caps has help eliminate the known pitch issues. To broaden the top end I built custom tweeters using infinity kappa emit-r crossed @ 10k. Picks up nicely where Le25 naturally roll off. Running two refreshed vintage kenwood amplifiers & extremely pleased with results. Has been a lot of trial & error but also learnt so much along the way.
  3. Thanks for pics. Love the JBL’s....high demand = high prices. Solid performers & great allrounders. A shame more aren’t available in Australia.....guess people just hang onto them. Doubt I’ll ever part with mine. Make a handy coffin also[emoji12][emoji23]
  4. Great topic & interesting set ups.....After much experimenting on a light budget, I’m rather impressed with Supex 901mc/Shure passive sut. Most enjoyable listening:)
  5. Currently have a few MC carts with Joseph. Great guy with wealth of knowledge & excellent service.
  6. Hi, maybe phono pre options could also be solution. Rather endless really..... I personally enjoy Supex 901 mc/ shure passive sut. Oldies but goodies. All the best with your quest:)
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