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  1. Ha ha, i run them with Parasound p5 pre amp and the Parasound a21, I use the dac on my musical fidelity m6 CD instead on the p5, the m6 works very nicely.
  2. Very nice, if i had the space I’d buy them, especially at that price, what a bargain.
  3. Yes thanks, I had the CM9s before the 803s, the CM9s were nice but the 803s are on another level they blew me away the first time I heard them, they are built very well, we are actually going to Melbourne in two weeks but unfortunately we will be flying.
  4. Item: Bowers and Wilkins 803s in black ash Location:Berowra Heights Price: $4500 Item Codition:in immaculate condition Reason for selling:upgraded to the 803d2s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, cod on pick up Extra Info: these speakers are in beautiful condition, they come witg jumper cables, rubber feet, spikes, i don’t have the original boxes for them anymore, happy to demo for serious buyers, cheers Ben xxxxxxxxxx Pictures:
  5. Stunning amp, Will make one lucky buyer very satisfied, if it weren’t for the bank manager I’d buy it myself.
  6. Hello all, only just discovered this site and very glad I did, it’s very informative. Regards Ben
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