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  1. Hi Paranoy, does this model have h/t bypass? cheers
  2. So true mate, if I had my own way I’d be out the door and im impulsive , funny you mentioned the signiture b&w being punchy, they so really are, I’m selling my 803s and they appear to be punchier than the d2 and of course the d2s have an extra driver, The d2s are undoubtedly clearer and more open, but I do miss and will miss that bass and punch from the 803s.
  3. Hi soundfever, so true Id like to set up atmos as well as my Yamaha rxv3080 has it built in but your right the m1 s are awkward I’m considering keeping the 803d2 for front, the m1s for centre and rear and maybe b&w ceiling speakers for down firing atmos, so disappointed to hear of your experience with Parasound, i had the a23 running my cm9s years ago and then upgraded to the a21 when I upgraded to the 800 series b&w, the jc1 monos are usually superb what a shame, i bought my a21 brand new from a nearby dealer Apollo Hifi, i think it still has two years warranty left on it but these amps usually last for ten fifteen years with no hiccups, i was talking about the jc2 pre amp with h/t bypass as an upgrade eventually, The problem with Hifi once you have the bug you always want more, my set up sounds awesome but there’s always room for improvement, if I had my way, what I’d like to buy, my wife would divorce me but I’m sure most of us are in that position.
  4. Well clearly your more adversed than I, I’m no expert at all, its my humble opinion, i do own 803d2s and know them well, my home theatre set up is very basic, ive never owned a d1 centre nor d2 or d3 (centre)I’ve only heard them in the shops., but with all due respect careful as I am with my opinions again I couldn’t tell a huge difference that’s my opinion.
  5. Yep agree same tweeter great price., really not a great amount of difference between d2 and d3 with the centre speaker, the midrange has the new continuum midrange and for home theatre purposes really wouldn’t be a noticeable difference especially considering a new price of I think $5500.
  6. Hey mate, my surround h/t is very basic I use the 803d2 for the fronts and the b&w m1s for the rest with the pv1 sub, i like h/t but am definitely more into two channel, i drive the mains with a Parasound a21 which puts out 400watts into 4ohms which the b&w S actually are, with the Parasound p5 for the pre amp which also has h/t bypass, for h/t I’ve got a Yamaha rxv3083 which is the same as the adentage rxa3080 the only difference is the rxa3080 has the better warranty, eventually I’ll upgrade to the parasound jc2 monos, but to be honest the a21 is a beast it really is a beautiful amp it also plays the first 25 watts in class a. what are you runnings your diamonds with?
  7. Wow only just seen this, very surprised its not sold, a beautiful centre speaker, the replacement for the tweeter alone would cost in excess of $1300-$1400, unfortunately I don’t have a cinema room nor a big enough living room to house such a speaker I have the b&w 803d2 in piano black I love the diamond tweeter. GLWTS
  8. Yea mate they do sound as good, last price drop though a pair of 804n sold the other day for $3800 these are the S series the newer range and much larger next size up so $4000 is a steal.
  9. I actually upgraded to the 803d2 in piano black, lovely speakers but there not in the same condition as the ones I’m selling the 803s are in pristine condition the new ones I have work perfectly fine but in very average second hand condition and I do prefer the black ash it’s timeless, i think the piano black looks a bit dated and marks to easily.
  10. Yea thanks, they are well looked after.
  11. As said 805s ( S SERIES) which came after the Nautilus and before the diamond tweeter, the pm1 and 805 S share the same decoupled aluminium tweeter though the mount is from the diamond series same as my 803d2 but with the aluminium tweeter not the diamond.
  12. Item: Bowers and Wilkins 803s Location:Berowra Heights Price: $4000 Item Condition:Pristine Reason for selling:Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - and cod, cash Extra Info: Hi all, im selling my 803s in black ash, they are in extremely good condition, they come with grills, jumper cables, spikes and feet, they work perfectly and sound amazing and look beautiful in the black ash veneer I wish b&w still used the black ash with the current range it’s still my favourite finish, They don’t come with the original boxes and therefore are pickup only i can assist in helping deliver if you are local to to me, they are heavy at 42kg each. $40 will be donated to stereo net once sold, happy to demo for serious buyers, please note I have dropped the price from $5000-$4000 as I need these babies gone, thanks. Pictures :
  13. The Pm1s are a quality pair of speakers if my house was big enough I’d buy them for a second set up, they are very well built not a great amount of difference between the 805s and these baby’s. This will undoubtably be a very quick sale they are a bargain, Without the stands, with the stands they are a steal. very nice.
  14. Price drop $4400, really need them gone as they are taking up too much space.
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