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  1. Item: 4 x Episode ESS-1300T-IC-8 In Celing Speakers Location: Melbourne Price: 290 ono each Item Condition: Brand New Boxed. Reason for selling: Not suitable for my low 2.4m ceiling & joist are in the way. These speakers also need some free height space to be installed up in the ceiling. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Arrangement with your own courier.. etc Extra Info: Bought them at $399 each as I super admired the set up in my mates house in the USA when I went there last year. Pretty powerful at high volume without distorting & retains clarity. You can angle the tweeter also. Sound was excellent for music & theatre and I couldn't believe it was from In ceiling speakers. Better sounding than my mates Krix Atmospherix but that's subjective my mate argues (5 of 6 of us think so). 300 ono. Pref pick up or I can drop it off within 30km of melb cbd. Needing to fund my solar install. Photos: Note there will be 4 biggish boxes included.
  2. Wait for the Nuraloop. December! The Nuraphone can be uncomfortable for long use.
  3. Yep totally annoyed. 3 months delay.. Not a word in between the pre-order waiting. Approaching the first batch shipping date.. bang.. Just an in your face message! Too long for me to wait. I want to invest that money some place else.. then perhaps revisit once they are ready. I had been early backers for Nuraphones and am not happy with this silence.. no progress report. they should treat us better having given them basically an interest free loan for their development. Try doing that with the bank and see what interest they slug u.
  4. long time lurker.. about time i said hi... HI! luv this site.
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