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  1. I have a dedicated room for HT and trust me when I say this, it is a pain watching any TV/movies. I only get to watch it mostly at night after everyone is asleep and mostly alone, and my family thinks I am psycho despite only getting like an hour of screen time in whole day. Because it is not in living room where the family is, I am watching lot less TV and still feel like an outcast. I now wish, I had spend all that effort in my living room setup, so I could enjoy it more. As for the living room setup, take a look this link for Dr Floyd Toole's own setup. T
  2. Absolutely, these speakers are really great, both in size and their sound quality. As for the source and dac, these days I am keeping it simple and just stream tidal via airplay. My current amp (Martin Logan Forte) is just a basic one with ARC room eq, sub out and airplay, everything I want in small package. That is my source, dac, and amp. With these JBLs currently just doing airplay via Apple express router connected to these speakers and it’s good. Not the best, but does the job. I have gone down the path of big and expensive floorstanders, pre/pros and amps, but kee
  3. The more I listen to these JBLs, the more I am falling in love with it. These are really amazing speakers and the bass it outputs is just amazing for its size.
  4. Thank you all for your advise. It seems it would be unwise to go forth with this idea. I have decided to keep these as is in their active form and pursue another set of passive speakers for my needs.
  5. For a reference, I am using Martin Logan Forte amp, which I had it with my Martin Logan Motion 40 speakers. I no longer have the speakers, but I still have the amp. It is not the best nor powerful amp, but does come with Anthem Room Correction and a sub out, which are more important to me and does a decent job in room response. I like the JBL LSR308s as is, but if I can have ARC on it, it would be even better.
  6. Well! As I mentioned, I am using an amp with room EQ that does a very good job and I am very happy with it. So, my little brain was thinking if I can split the frequencies with simple crossover and let my amp take care of DSP and flattening the FR, that would be it.
  7. Figured just as much. So, short answer is better not mess with what I have. Honestly, with crossover what I thought was it simply splits the frequencies. But now that you mentioned the filter and shapes, it does sound quite complicated.
  8. There is a higher model LSR708i which is passive, but unfortunately also needs external crossover and DSP. If passive crossover is a no go, no harm done. I guess our search is never over, I will move onto another speakers. But thought it is worth a try. By the way, I went through your build thread, really nice speakers. What amp did you end up getting?
  9. That is true, I don't really understand what passive crossover and low pass filter is and what is needed in my use-case. I certainly don't want to ruin these speakers, but thought perhaps if it is simple enough of removing back panel and adding the crossover will do the job, then it might be worth it to try and learn from it.
  10. Hmm... I will be frank, I have no idea about what either of those two means "Passive crossover" vs "low pass filter". From what I understand is the crossover is a circuit that splits frequencies at certain point to go to woofer and tweeter. I am not really sure what the low pass filter is. What I basically want is them being simply speakers (like any other bookshelves speakers) where I can take the speaker cables from back of my amp to them and thats it.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. Hey guys, I have recently got a fixation on big woofers and Compression driver (high sensitivity speakers) for my stereo need. These JBLs are half of what I wanted (just no CD Tweeter but still with waveguide, not sure of their sensitivity) but I had always wanted to try them out, and I am glad I did. These are really amazing speakers and can't believe how low and deep these speakers can go and with neutral tone. They just sound sublime. Anyway, I love these speakers, only gripe is that these are active spe
  12. You were correct. First movie in almost 2 years at cinema and it was utter crap. The movie it self was really terrible and the sound wasn't what I remembered from this cinema. There was no clarity, the bass was all over place and didn't dig deep, the experience just wasn't good at all. I feel like I wasted good time of my life that could have been spent well watching a movie at home. I had seen the Captain Marvell and Avengers Endgame in that same cinema, and I had happy memories of it sounding really good, but this time it just sounded crap. Makes me think the movie it
  13. I am actually on my way now to watch the Godzilla vs Kong. I bet the LSR708p sounds just awesome. I had been debating on getting the Passive version LSR708i or the LSR708p, but the passive ones require external crossover and active ones are out of my reach. For now, I have placed an order for JBL LSR308 to see how they go for me.
  14. Having gone down that road, I would now save up the money on these and focus on getting better pair of speakers or the amplifier. The cost vs the improvement you get from these upgrade are not as good as the improvement you get when upgrading speakers or the amps and in the end these little upgrades do end up costing just as much as the speakers and amps. Perfectly fine to use the Jaycar connectors.
  15. Adding sub to 2ch is amazing just as amazing as adding into HT setup.
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