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  1. You may want to reach out to @Marc for his JBL synthesis amp, if its still not sold than its a good value being 7 channel amp. Personally, I am quite happy with Anthem AVR and their performance both as receiver and built in amp and also very happy with their separate power amps. If you want to stick to one box solution due to space constraints, than I would suggest swapping Denon with Anthem or Arcam AVRs. Other option in amps being Hypex or Purifi based Class D amps for smaller size (Prices are in USD). https://www.marchaudio.net.au/product-page/p452-stereo-power-amplifier https://www.marchaudio.net.au/product-page/p502-500-watt-stereo-power-amplifier
  2. I would go for P502 or P452 if budget allows, but I do see that you have already said the budget to be under $1000 so P452 is out. P252 is certainly capable amp but the price difference between P252 and P502 isn't much and for that you do get significantly higher wattage. By the way, the prices listed there are in USD and also need to factor in GST on top.
  3. Next component you should try is https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-50-x-50-x-12mm-anti-vibration-squares-8-pack_p3961977 or https://www.storedj.com.au/search?ProductSearch=ISO-PUCKMINI or https://www.selby.com.au/brands/isoacoustics/isoacoustics-gaia-3-isolating-feet-4-pack.html Sorry, this isn't what you were asking for but does make huge difference. Other than that, I would say higher amplification and since your current amp is 60wpc/8ohms, I would say don't bother with any other power amp below 150wpc/8ohms, as it is not going to make that much difference in volume or dynamics, you are more likely to hear any difference above 150wpc/8ohms. As has been mentioned, take a look at March Audio's ncore and purifi class D amps.
  4. I absolutely loved Apple HomePod, it has a really nice SQ compare to any of the smart/bluetooth speakers including Sonos (Kef LSX and LS50W are different story). Two of these in stereo mode just eliminates many boxes and cable costs and sounds really nice with open wide soundstage too. Only thing is the bass, if you are used to floorstanders speakers or speakers with subwoofer. You will miss the bass. Homepod has a nice tight bass but given its size, there is only so much you can get out of it. And if you are an Apple user, this things is super easy to use. I am hoping that Apple comes out with even bigger apple homepod.
  5. I really miss the days, where you could just sign up to Tidal for $5 for 5 months on trial period and do it again once the 5 months were over. Some IT dude in Tidal figured out the loophole and fixed it. Now it has to be new account.
  6. Where I want to be at is -10db but most of my movie watching is at night after 10pm when everyone is asleep so I stuck at -35db to -30db Similar to OP, took my wife to watch Captain Marvel (last movie I saw at cinema ) at local United Cinema and felt that volume was extra loud, I loved it but I had to take my 2 year old daughter outside for being it too loud. Thankfully, that was my second time watching in that same cinema. By the way, I find anything on streaming side (Netflix, prime, disney, etc.) I am having to increase the volume by 10db to have the same level vs locally stored movies. Also, I find that DTS tracks are louder than Dolby. It could be just my empty brain playing ticks on me.
  7. Well! one could get the NuPrime HD-AVA from US for the fraction of cost of IDA-16 and still get more than IDA-16. https://nuoem.com/store/sales-promotion/clearance/nuprime-hd-ava/
  8. I ran in to same issue of having to find an AV cabinet which was not too wide and not too tall as it was housing the center channel and few equipments. I went with keeping the existing cabinet for center channel and moving the equipments in a corner on IKEA rack.
  9. It won’t passthrough 4K. Max resolution it supports is 1080p 60hz. Previous gen Anthem 310. 510 and 710 AVR did passthrough 4K HDR at 30hz rate on hdmi 1.4. AVM 40, 50 and 50v does not passthrough 4K content. One could use HDMI switch to route the 4K video to TV and Audio to Pre/pro.
  10. Well listening to music isn't just about just specs, nor the speakers or cables or even the music it self. It is the experience that counts. Even if bits stays bits and doesn't change anything by adding audiophile ethernet cables and switches but if it does improve the experience, than that is all its about. The other day, I had the pleasure of visiting another SNA member and got to listen to his very high end gear in very large space through tiny JBL 4312MII speakers and that experience has been mesmerising. May be it was the another person who was genuinely interested in sharing his listening pleasure with me, or may be I was just listening to new gear other than mine and had enjoyed it very much. I don't know what it was, but It was the experience as a whole that was mesmerising. So, leaving aside what we know and what we don't about network and audio, and if by adding an audiophile ethernet cable or network switches adds to that experience than, that is the main pursuit here.
  11. Seems like this survey has put an end to the debate.
  12. Good video, but little misleading in saying that there is only one chance at getting the audio through cable and there is no resent for missing bits. Everytime one streams audio/video there is a little buffer at the receiver end, and if the buffer isn't enough with all the bits, it simply won't play and either pause for it to complete or errors out. Faster network would improve this with less waiting time at the buffer end and smoother playback.
  13. Orbi is really great. I had the same issue with DHCP, but in my case I changed the Orbi's device mode as access point instead of router and kept my existing pfsense box as router with DHCP server. Works a treat.
  14. Aqua! Sure. but yellow presents a more natural warmer sound over longer distance. Say from Spotify server to a DAC. 😀 Joking aside, yes you are right, aqua cable is needed.
  15. This pretty much summarises how the digital domain works. Cables makes the data transfer faster or slower, but does not alter the digital file. If it did, I am sure, I wouldn't mind seeing my bank balance being distorted and having few zeroes in back added. What I mean to say, is that the digital bytes that forms the audio stream/file does not change at all by changing the cables or CPU or RAM. By changing the cables or switches what it would impact is how fast that file can be presented from point A to point B and thats it. Yes, cables, routers and switches does make difference on how the data is being transferred, but in no way it changes the data. Yes, we often change the fibre cables or DAC cables between switches or server as it causes multiple errors in data transfer and changing the cables often resolves this. It is lot like, playing a very large video file on a media player over wifi network vs playing it locally on that same media player. The video file does not change, but playing it over wifi can cause few skips and pauses as it has to buffer enough data in order to play the next content vs playing it locally has a smooth playback. File remains same, but the playback changes by changing the method of transfer. One would rather benefit by improving the overall network to say from 100mb to 1000mb network. But changing the cables within same network most likely will not result in any improvement other than some latency errors being improved. As for the suggestion on equipment. Some standard switches: https://www.fs.com/au/products/90130.html or something higher on chain, https://www.fs.com/au/products/90132.html DAC cables: https://www.fs.com/au/products/48884.html Fibre cables: https://www.fs.com/au/products/40192.html Cat8 RJ45: https://www.fs.com/au/products/72756.html
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