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  1. This a great little (really little!) amp. I use for my desktop system, and find it excellent. GLTWS
  2. The velcro ties work very well, and better than cable ties IMO because much easier to change it up, which you will inevitably do.
  3. Hi, Could you describe in more detail the "feedback sound" ... Is it a scratching type of sound? Is it through the speakers? Does it get louder as the volume is tuned up? Thanks. Cheers, Tim
  4. Further information: Selling my Jotunheim as it is no longer needed in my current setup. Will drive anything, power up to 7.5w RMS for 16ohm balanced 'phones. For more modest operations, single ended, will power up to 2.5W RMS. I have never had this going anywhere near maximum output, it has loads of clean power. As a pre-amp for a simple system, it is also outstanding. Original packing (erroneously labelled Valhalla ? ) and manual. Price includes AU wide shipping by insured Parcel Post, and ~4% for StereoNet. I would be happy to deliver to
  5. When using the X7 as a power amp, and an external Pre, do you know if the pre-inputs completely bypass all pre-amp circuity in the X7?
  6. I have directly compared the speaker project kits (SPKs) to the VAF DC-2 Gen 3 (latest version, with all upgrades) and they are easily their equal IMO. Slightly different voicing - the SPKs are a little warmer, with the VAFs a little more "clinical". Both are great. The SPKs throw a big image, especially when moved out into a room on stands. Being rear ported they prefer to be further from a wall. I have dialed back my sub quite a bit to blend with the SPKs. I can also attest that for a lot of music that I have tried so far, the sub is not absolutely needed. The VAFs were my
  7. Here's what my office setup has ended up at in the last month, for under $1,400 The Speaker Project Home Course DIY kits (Currently $599 + some time and effort, plus a couple of low cost mods) Topping DX3 Pro DAC/Headamp $400 Topping PA3 $170 Audio Pro B2-50 Sub (beaten up, needed some TLC, found online for $100) Amazing sound in the 3.5x4 room with vaulted ceilings. I am really impressed with how this sounds and it has replaced a much more expensive setup that I have now been able to redeploy ?
  8. Selling 2 of my Emotiva UPA-1 Monoblocks that have served as the main L+R amps in my listening and theater setup. Original owner and bought new from Emotiva direct. Amps are in excellent condition from a smoke free home. Come with trigger cables, Manual x 1, original double boxes, power leads, as well as the silver trims. Power output (all channels driven): 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohm, 200 watts RMS @ 8 ohm Can ship if required, but bear in mind these are big and heavy. I can ship via AU Post, registered and insured, as not easily able to get to a freight depot on weekday
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