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  1. Looking for suggestions on buying a second hand integrated ss amp to 5k. Thanks Dave
  2. Bargain of the week. Thanks for the gazillion messages. First buyer in the que has contacted me but not yet picked up. As soon as I confirm he is picking up or not I will be in contact with the second person in the que. Apologies for not replying to everyone’s messages there are just too many. cheers Dave
  3. Grave Science speaker cables, sorry unable to remember the model, 3.1m Long pair. Tara Labs Prism speaker cables, 3.7m long pair. Equinox Audio RCA’s with Neotech plugs, 1 pair 1.5m , the other pair 1.8m. One pair is missing one of the screw on neotech covers. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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