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  1. I think Ill give that a try Snoop. It looks interesting. ATM I've just got my PC (mainly TIDAL), into a Feinii and an old 55w Luxman 308 SS integrated amp into a set of floor standers (QUAD 22L2 or Electrovoice Interface). Im likely to switch to Qobuz soon and Id also like to get a seperate and purpose built music server. Ill try to do that on the cheap: put in $600 or $700 and assemble a pc with decent speed, isolation and power supply.
  2. Such a pivotal aspect of human action that people often tend to underestimate in their attributions.
  3. I've not seen that before. It looks like fun.
  4. Ben Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago. What a beautiful album that is. He's done some fantastic John Prine covers also, and does a particular rendition of 'That's the Way the World Goes Round' that can be found online easily. I was booked to go and see John Prine, before he was killed by a currently prevalent virus and have tickets to see Ben Iver in Brisbane, which has been postponed due to Covid 19. Never a dull moment. Bloody hell.
  5. listening to a new copy of Sandanista. I like all the old Clash stuff- this one being a triple album. The quality is surprisingly good (Sony/ Epic, New York, 180gm, 1980, 2013). It was released after London Calling (their best album).
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