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  1. IGGY POP: New Values (1979, 2016, Sony, EU copy).
  2. ELTON JOHN: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. (LP, 1973, 2014). There's been over 30 000 000 copies of this old gem pressed.
  3. I saw that post, then felt like I was missing out. Time for some Radiohead then.
  4. You must be doing something right Pete from Brissie with some cool LPS. WELCOME from another Pete in Brissie with some cool records.
  5. A gold coin donation for a venue with records for sale, Angus on his SG and Mr Scott screaming out obscenities,.- how could you even think about missing that. I'm in.
  6. NICK CAVE ON 33 and 45RPM. I'm not sure I'll get through 2 EPs and one of those half speed recorded LPs on 33, but I'm gonna give it a shake.
  7. THE BAND: STAGE FRIGHT (LP, Capitol records 1970, 2015).
  8. T. REX: The Slider (LP, 1972, EMI, Australia), That's gold right there.
  9. Johnny Cash: American Recordings. Bob Dylan: World Gone Wrong. What a spectacular lineup of LPs from two famous friends. Maybe I'm easy pleased, but this makes me happy.
  10. Eric Clapton: lLive in San Diego (CD) . I find that any album where JJ Cale and Clapton are together.contains some magical guitar work. They seem to push each other to another level. This was my late nightcap. Roy Orbison: Black and White Night (CD). I'm currently listening to the Big O with some famous guests. What a nice morning album.
  11. The Clash: Combat Rock. Lazy CD o'clock now.
  12. DO RE MI: DOMESTIC HARMONY (LP, 1985 Virgin Australia). That's a well recorded album. No 180gm Audiophile s**t, it actually feels like about half that.
  13. Hell's Ditch is maybe a little more laid back and instrumental than Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. It still has Shane McGowan's vocals and that big Irish folk/rock band with him. You can't go wrong.
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