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  1. I have a similar one and find it very musical. It is been hard to upgrade to another brand and the newer Chord models are a lot more expensive. GLWTS!
  2. I run a Node 2 digital coneection to a Chord QuteHD DAC and was a big step up from the (not bad) DAC of the Node 2 itself. The NAD C 658 looks like a good option to keep using BlueOS, that is great, and adding DIRAC, that should help a lot in small and not acousticaly treated rooms like mine. But from other NAD DACs I tend to find them very detailed but a little analytical and Chord DACs more musical. I will try to hear the C658 to confirm.
  3. Thank you James! I just sent you details to help arranging packing and shipping. Regards, Luciano
  4. Thank you! My pictures really don't do them justice: the WAF is even higher!
  5. I moved to a smaller place and was trying to keep these wonderful looking and sounding speakers, even after buying a pair of bookshelves. But now I cannot keep them anymore. And it is a crime to keep these beauties silenced! These "Made in France" speakers look really good and the only small mark is on the back (left speaker, second picture). A similar new one would cost $4000 (MRP). I am open to auditions with my equipment (Pro-Ject turntable, Chord DAC, Hegel H200 amp) or even with others. Pick up is obviously better, but I can arrange shipping if needed.
  6. Thank you all for the comments and offers! Still on sale, now with small price drop.
  7. I will consider trading for a DAC with balanced/XLR outputs and/or MQA or any price tag. Well, almost any 😁
  8. I have a Pro-ject Essential II, but the only difference is the anti-skating system. I recommend , it is very good sound for the money!
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