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  1. I have two Chord DACs and they are really amazing: Very musical and "analog" like! Good luck!
  2. I have the Silver version and really like it, even over the more expensive NAD M51. But that may be a personal choice, as they sound very different. Good luck with this sale!
  3. I have the smaller brother Mozart, and it is already a great speaker, so these Beethoven ones are in my up-grade list!
  4. I had the golden version for one year and I really miss that sweet sound...
  5. I almost bought this set! I like the sound of the Studio line and I still have the S40 V2, but I am looking for something bigger. Nice road story!
  6. I have one and love the sound and its loudness adjust. For this price, the new owner will be very happy. Cheers,
  7. Hi Bruno, I moved from Chromecast to Bluesound Node 2 some months ago. The audio quality and the features, like MQA directly decoded from TIDAL, are already worth the upgrade, but the really good surprise was the reliability and speed difference between them. BluOS is always ready to play in one second, literally, with no jamming/locking ever. My Chromecast Audio used to stop playing after few hours and looks like a common problem over many users. Cheers,
  8. Welcome Roychua, Hope you find a good amplifier, as this ATC SCM should need something refined and powerful at 85 dB/watt! Cheers,
  9. Hi all, New here (one year living in Sydney) but 20+ years in Audio (HTForum), with Noise and Vibration researches as part of Mechanical Engineer graduation and related jobs. I use to have vinyl too, but now I'm only digital. Main equips: Bluesound Node 2, Audiopax Model 7 Preamp, Perreaux 1850 Power, Yamaha A720, Vienna Acoustics Mozart, KEF XQ5 , Paradigm Studio S40 and KEF Reference 201. Now looking for a Sub and always looking for some testing Hope to contribute in any way, or at least give honest opinion! Cheers, Luciano Milioli
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