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  1. If they were in Sydney I’d take them
  2. Thanks all , I was planning to use it as a preamp for an 2nd computer monitor system when I write music. Just thought it would be fun to try. And thanks for the detail Muon N’, I just had a closer look on eBay and the text suggests I can request a 240v supply. But doesn’t say if the unit will be changed to run at 240, or just a 220 unit on a 240 supply. I’m still going to give it a go!!!
  3. I’m not taking your bait bzr, I’ve learnt my lesson!
  4. Awesome- thanks. I’m pretty tempted to just buy it and try it.
  5. And I’ll make more effort next time
  6. Whatever, I’ve been lurking for a while- it’s just that you’re comments read like your taking it all a bit too seriously, it’s a pretty much a public site. The criticism just seems a bit out of whack with the facts: a simple efficient title accompanied by a relevant, informative photograph. I think most people figured it out straight away, and I’m comfortable if my open rate is reduced by avoidance of faux formal language. But anyway, can that be the end of this, I’m only really interested in relevant, open discussion of the post.
  7. There’s lots of similar products out there on EBay, many are Chinese, and many look like good value... or is it an illusion? Has anyone tried them, any brands to watch or avoid?
  8. Rangi

    Tannoy eaton hpd295's

    How do you think they would go in a small music studio, near field monitoring or very close to it? (Classical composition )
  9. Rangi

    Dual vs Thorens anybody?

    Woohoo. I’ll run it as it arrives to start - but any thoughts out there on someone in Sydney to check it out/ get it running in top shape?
  10. Rangi

    Dual vs Thorens anybody?

    I’m very excited, don’t care if it’s a bargain or not, just something I’ve always wanted!!!
  11. Rangi

    Dual vs Thorens anybody?

    No cart. I’ve got a Shure v15 i to get started with- but will get a iii or iv soon