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  1. To be honest I think it's almost an abstract discussion. I'm going to take this as far as I can today, because I can, and I expect to be able to check cleanliness, but not wear. But at some point in the future, a year, three years who knows, I expect technology will deliver me a microscope on my phone that will enable me to check the wear. And probably fix my taste in clothes at the same time as well. Barton.
  2. Let me think about that.... I'd have to sell all my drums AND my hifi: too much! I reckon I can get my free apps to work a whole lot better yet. For a start that was hand held, and a devil to get steady. Also it was just the first download I could find and only went to 8x, Im sure there's better out there. And I could do a whole lot better with lighting, and some post editing of the image yet. Barton.
  3. 1st attempt: Lupas magnifier App. before and after cleaning...
  4. Ive thought about this... Ive got time to try it! Worst thing that will happen is I'll learn how to use my camera better. I'll post pics if anything actually works!
  5. Fascinating discussion everyone - and I'd be happy to just get close enough to see how clean it is. But is the summary that my iPhone won't get close enough - even with an appropriate app? I have an iPhone 11, a current model but not not the iPhone pro with the better camera. This from Apple: The camera system sets the iPhone 11 apart from the XR, with Apple introducing a new dual-lens camera that's an improvement over the prior single-lens camera. The camera setup features a standard wide-angle camera and a new ultra wide-angle camera with a 120 degree field of view. Unlike the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, there is no telephoto camera lens. Cheers, Barton.
  6. For some inexplicable reason, I suddenly have time to investigate the condition of my stylus and investigate new options. I've already read on this site extensive discussions about cleaning, and some fantastic USB microscope magnification shots - so I wondered - have iPhones and apps advanced sufficiently to do it without additional hardware? Here's a random google search - and I saw at least one entry boasting magnification to the cell level! https://techigem.com/microscope-apps/ So any experts out there - is there an app I can use to get up close and personal with my stylus? Cheers, Barton.
  7. Item: Plastic bags - 100 at a guess? Price Range: FREE Item Condition: USED Extra Info: PICK up , at a distance only I'm in Double Bay, Sydney , 2028. I used to have all my records in these bags, but was convinced the record covers would look nicer without them. So let's save the planet and someone else use them.... otherwise its down to the rubbish. If someone wants them, I will place then outside of the front door at an organised time, for pick up so we don't break social distancing rules! PM me for txt contacts and times etc. Barton.
  8. I suppose up to 2k for speakers, if I loved it or thought it was great value. And as far as sound goes, yes I probably err to the warmer side, or let me say I avoid the harsher side. The thing I did love about the maggies when they are working right is the mids and highs - very smooth, definitely present though, its just that I don't ever get the sense of harshness. Anyway, by huge coincidence I've got a new, bigger problem right now. My pre amp has gone berserk on one channel, and in todays environment I don't want to send it off for repair and risk being without one for an extended period. God forbid stuck at home with no hifi and daughters play-lists. So I'm trying to quickly buy an alternate, at a good price, and something cool and interesting to play with while I'm stuck at home, all the whilst managing social distancing etiquette!! And who knows, I might love the SMGA's again once I get a different pre amp. I was think a Quad Qc24, or a Qc-24p straight into my power amp. That will insert a valve in the chain.....
  9. Cool . And have you tried the phono input?
  10. Hello team - What’s the vote comparing the various current quad phono stages and pre amps .... qc24, qc24p, Venna ii (as a pre)?
  11. Cool! Though I think the Zs are pretty pricy?
  12. Hi there everybody, I have quad elite pre and power amps, with a vinyl front end (Thorens TD 125, SME 3009, shure v15 type iii). My speakers are magnepan smga. It all kind of works, but a pain in the neck with speaker placement, and everybody says my amp is under powered for the speakers. So I had been investigating amp options, but to be honest, I’m tired of moving speakers in and out of position, I just want a system that sits still and works. So instead... any ideas out there for a great speaker match for the rest of the rig? I was thinking either old school like b&w dm2a that I’ve owned before and loved, or perhaps current quad speakers - like the 21L (that I’ve seen 2nd hand for $1,400 or there abouts). Or these S4’s: https://soundreference.com.au/quad-s-4-version-one-floorstanding-speakers-black-limited-edition/ I guess related to this question Is what is the right amount to spend to balance the system- I was imagining between $1k and $2k? Cheers, Barton.
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