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  1. Thanks Andy, yes , a very interesting situation indeed! I like the idea of stock feet so that it looks original from the front, even if other feet are better. My current speakers are MMG’s, and the previous owner changed the feet - looks horrible! But conversely, around the back I quite like the idea of custom xovers and bi-amping - though it will be time for new amps! But 1st thing is sourcing crossovers, and I don’t have the technical skills to build them unfortunately.
  2. helllooo team of experts and legends, I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of a pair of 1.6QR speakers. Cosmetically they are in great condition, but there’s a catch. Both are missing their feet and their crossovers, and one is missing the plug panel. So, feet I clearly need to buy - does any one have any? I’ve already contacted Bill McLean for a price on new ones. But with the crossovers - do we think it’s best to replace the originals ( and does anyone have any ), or are there better aftermarket options or there? Cheers, Barton.
  3. I need some help with my sme/ ortofon set up - can anyone recommend a good tech in Sydney? I’m in the east - hopefully not too distant.....
  4. Thanks eman. Ive also been googling - and seen suggestions of “third hand”, clasping tools , from jaycar I expect. I think half the reason I haven’t been able to open it is I can’t Grasp it properly in my hand. Though obviously care required so that I don’t do further damage by gripping too hard.
  5. Thanks Cheekyboy, I’ll give it a go!
  6. I’ll explain further... the leads were happily attached to the back of a shure V15 until Saturday night. But I have just purchased a 2m black and wanted to install it. The shure came away easily, but I realised the Ortofon has smaller pins on it, so I attempted to squeeze one of the clips a little tighter- but squeezed it too hard and it became too tight. I’ve been trying to widen it but no success yet, so thought it might be easier to solder on a new clip. And coincidently a friend of mine is in town today who is an electrical expert and can help me - hence wanting the clip today!
  7. Hi there, does Anyone know either: A). how to widen a cartridge clip without damaging the wires, or B). Where to buy a new clip in Sydney tomorrow?
  8. Just returning to the original proposition, im sure the comment that people Love more bass assumed comparable quality, not a quality versus quantity discussion. and just to complicate things, and perhaps stoke controversy.... im an old drummer who has sat right next to some extremely loud bass players, and nothing beats an ampeg svt and 8x10 box, and I’ve never heard any hifi deliver bass sound as good as the real thing! (Running for cover now.....)
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