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  1. If the link I posted is wrong- it’s just an example. There are definitely damping kits out there for a series 2. But regardless, I’d say 60/40 against damping in the comments so far!
  2. Here’s the damping kit: http://www.smetonearms.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=31
  3. So the question then becomes - where’s the best place to invest $300? I thought damping sounded like a fun thing to try.... but better cables, power? Turntable shelf?
  4. Yup - that’s the thing
  5. I’ve just been reading about adding a damping kit to my sme 3009 (2. fixed head shell). Sounds like a good idea - has anyone out there got any experience with it? The arm is on a Thorens TD 125, with a Shure type iii / Jico SAS.
  6. Hi Bob - Barton lurking with a now useless pseudonym!!! Good luck with the cans.
  7. Here she is jamming on my vibes to miles Davis!
  8. The reds mine, my awesome wife is the Petaluma girl
  9. And... listening to cab Calloway on my Thorens/Quad/Maggie awesome system!!!
  10. Thanks all , I was planning to use it as a preamp for an 2nd computer monitor system when I write music. Just thought it would be fun to try. And thanks for the detail Muon N’, I just had a closer look on eBay and the text suggests I can request a 240v supply. But doesn’t say if the unit will be changed to run at 240, or just a 220 unit on a 240 supply. I’m still going to give it a go!!!
  11. I’m not taking your bait bzr, I’ve learnt my lesson!
  12. Awesome- thanks. I’m pretty tempted to just buy it and try it.
  13. And I’ll make more effort next time
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