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  1. I had the Kef LS50 passive and won't recommend them for nearfield listening - at least not for desk configurations. Upper midrange got too piercing for me on high res tracks. Also, they are really picky with position and stands. Thanks for mentioning the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand se, I will have a look at them.
  2. Yes, it is a major factor for me. And I will add simplicity and the size factor. I used to have a set up made by separates that should be turned on and off in a specific way. So many power cables I remember! Now I am using one-box solution. One power cable + speakers cable. And the headphone cable when I connect them. Very clean and aesthetically pleasant. One button to turn it on and one button to turn it off and as the OP says, it is really quick to make a playlist mixing files from my NAS and from various streaming services.
  3. I can describe myself as a half audiophile -as, sometimes I like to listen how gear sounds - and half music lover - because sometimes I simply get lost in the music. My gear is entry level: A Simaudio ACE, powering a pair of full range speakers that I used to connect to a low powered tube amp. I also like headphones and have a Sony nw-wm1z to test them. That's it for now
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a fast, transparent dap with airy bass and highs, and natural, non-coloured mids. Any ideas?
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