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  1. Does that really need to be cnc'd? That's easy enough to do with a jig/band saw and a router
  2. My favourite set of can's. To me they nudge out a lot of more expensive units GLWS
  3. Of course. I didn't read that properly. I haven't used it so cannot really comment, but have a fair bit of experience with room eq wizard and minidsp plugins. I assume that they are quite similar
  4. It's apparently quite serviceable. It's the same price as the minidsp umik-1 which apparently has better tolerances. They are both compatible with room eq wizard. Look up Minidsp forums and room eq wizard tutorials to get an idea
  5. Ooofff..... That's a rough thing to say. I mean I don't know the man but he can't be that bad
  6. Easily done, I'll admit I have done the same in the past. Iv always been interested in the troels dtqwt. I guy I loosely know has both these (don't know what series) and the statements ii and he says that he preference is the statements. An interesting comparison from two great designers and their 'best shot'
  7. Not uncommon. Resistors turn current to heat.. Doing two in parallel will help with power handling
  8. Minidsp forums is great. Also the website has great how to's and reading material
  9. Get yourself a minidsp and cut out the xo all together. Run them off a the minidsp and duel amps. Then you will get the absolute best performance possible out of the driver's that you already have. Also gives you the possibility of running peq and all sorts of tinkering for hours and hours of joy. My $0.02
  10. Painting ply if you undercoat etc is just as easy as painting anything else
  11. Maybe consider a vifa tc9fd with a small tqwt or transmission line. Cost of $25 per driver. In a well designed box you may be able to go without 'any' form of crossover
  12. B&W and the polk lsim series have a Similar look. As far as I understand pmc actually experimented with putting a similar surface all the way through there transmission lines
  13. Hahaha I almost posted somthing very similar to this. Decided that this thread had enough fuel to keep the fire going
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