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  1. Wozza_Lee

    Satori 2018

    Yeah but i will be crossing low enough that it wont have any problems, the drivers in this particular application are not even beginning to beam at the frequencies im talking and are used near field. Im certainly interested in any change that I could note in the character of the sound.
  2. Wozza_Lee

    Satori 2018

    And here I was considering 4th order 'high'. I have been thinking lately about trying 8th order and I think that you just convinced me to have a crack
  3. Wozza_Lee

    Satori 2018

    Wow they some steep crossovers, i love steep xo's but haven't gone that high (normally 24db/o)
  4. Wozza_Lee

    I think I want to build a Sub

    At around 450 litres of enclosure space certainly cant be an issue hahah. Looks good though, i wish I didn't have the waf to consider
  5. Wozza_Lee

    I think I want to build a Sub

    Yeah the behringer is not an expensive amp, and so quality control/consistency seems to be quite poor (although that can be said for a lot of high dollar stuff as well). I have seen a lot of tests with wildly different results Most seem to sit around 600-650 wrms for the iNuke 3000 on a continuous load, i have measured mine and it compared exactly the same. I am also a little suspicious of some of the 'testing protocols' that are implemented out there that i have seen
  6. Wozza_Lee

    I think I want to build a Sub

    Each octave lower you go (assuming its the same Spl) requires 2x the power (watts) and 4x the excursion. As an example i use a iNuke 6000 or 3000 for my subs, with an efficient ported design your amp may be enough depending on requirements (in a big room maybe not). Having built a traditional round port. Multiple sealed designs, a tombstone and 3x different size martysubs. My all time favourite is the martycube, super efficient and sounds great with a 15-18" driver
  7. Wozza_Lee

    I think I want to build a Sub

    +1 for a martysub. Chose a size that suits you best. Very efficient, easy to build and well documented design with multiple drivers etc that have been used with great results
  8. Wozza_Lee

    I think I want to build a Sub

    Dayton ultimax are great bang for buck. Need to know budget, amp power, use etc to give more detail
  9. Wozza_Lee

    2.5 way crossover?

    Agree with the above. However shipping from pe for such a small order isn't going to work out. Go to loudspeakerkit.com instead
  10. Wozza_Lee

    SB Acoustics SB13pfc25-8 build

    Yeah it's a bit of a difficult driver to model, vented box needs to be relatively large to get down into the 40s. Sealed will sit around 75 Hz, so unless you are running a sub you will need a fair amount of eq to get the lower octaves. My 2 way FAST/WAW speaker with the Tc9 has a 2nd order xo, luckily the drivers matched really well and I didnt need to attenuate either drivers. But they were built to run in a he theatre with a cross to sub at 80hz so the 74hz f3 wasn't an issue
  11. Wozza_Lee

    SB Acoustics SB13pfc25-8 build

    Not my design. I have done a few but not that one. My reccemendation is to model it and the build it. Trial things and adjust accordingly. The simulation doesn't really tell you how somthing will sound despite all the best software/intentions
  12. Wozza_Lee

    SB Acoustics SB13pfc25-8 build

    FYI came across this little gem http://speakerdesignworks.com/SB6pakproject_1.html
  13. Wozza_Lee

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    They are very pretty drivers that's for sure
  14. Wozza_Lee

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    They look a lot like Paul Carmody's Tarkus. I assume that they were a bit of inspiration?
  15. Wozza_Lee

    Home made speaker stands

    Likewise, enjoy