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  1. Shouldn't be a problem. The foam that you have in there isnt likely to do much. But with the wavelengths that you're talking with subwoofer frequencies there is litte need really. So overall no problem. They should still work well. Keep up the good work and thread, a lot of us here (myself being a major offender) don't post enough of our work
  2. Horn loading etc will not be an issue at all in this application as there is no corresponding waveguide on the opposite side. As a rule you keep the point of the cone as close as possible to the driver to avoid any turbulence of the wave before the 'diffuser' B&O use this same principle in many of their speakers
  3. Correct, it will still be a 'horn shape/geometry' but will be conical instead
  4. Yeah ok i get what you want now. As far as i was aware, normally the profile of this type of design is just a 360* exponential curve. Google exponential horn calculator and there are a few. Over on AVS forums there is a great Excel based spreadsheet free to download
  5. Its actually really good to see how well the he07 measures. Im planning an outdoor speaker that i want to be cheap and cheerful and was looking at that horn. You have given me a lot of hope. Was thinking of loading it with the vifa bc25 matched with the sb20pfc. Xo around 2-2.5k (depending of polars), or maybe going for a Sb audience 10" but thats getting bigger than i was thinking. A sub/sat with 15" sub, and 8/1 horn sats would suit very nicely me thinks
  6. I cannot understand why you want a Waveguide if you are going for a omnidirectional speaker?
  7. Off topic. How do you find the dayton he07 on your bookshelves in your theatre?
  8. That's a rather impressive change for a small amount of stuffing! Glad to see that you are still improving on your design
  9. I use minidsp 2x4 and have not noticed a hiss?? Have you double checked your gain structure? Also i always use a linear filtered poweboard (thor) which i really do think makes a difference to these things. I have recently bought 2 minidsp 2x4 hds for a new 3 way build that is going to be in the living room, i have been interested to see if there is much of a difference for twice the price. Ill put some impressions up when i am done
  10. Correct, once you eq you can adjust the response. Generally at the cost of sensitivity (ie more power needed to make same spl) Get winISD and have a play, its great software and will help you get your head around different box styles and characteristics
  11. https://www.somasonus.net/scanspeak Here is the website for the fella who seems to be guiding the way. That link is for the xt25 or ss equivalent
  12. Interesting. Have you ever seen the cnc files for Tweeter waveguides over on diyaudio? Would be very interesting to try
  13. I had 15"(s). Reading another recent thread here sb acoustics seems to have gone/going into pro drivers (sb audience) . They have a 18" with 11mm xmax (30mm xdamage) for $300 Might be worth modelling to see if it works in the martycube
  14. Martycube would be my recommendation. Best compromise between size, output and price. Can get away with a 15", the larger ones really are made for a 18" which are hard to come by and expensive over here
  15. By the time you add in drivers displacement and bracing etc in my experience the box for dayton ultimax ends up being very large. I went away from the martycube purely for waf, and I would definitely still be using them if I had the room. we move into our new house (bigger) next week so hopefully i can bargain. Personally i would have 2x dayton 390ho in a martycube corner loaded (depending on room modes etc) and be a very happy boy
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