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  1. To be honest neither are the best the m6 is expensive for what it is and the paul carmody is much better bang for buck but iv never been that impressed with the dayton designer series of driver's. I would reccemended the following troels gravesen http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/SBAcoustics-61-MFC.htm Or the zaph http://www.zaphaudio.com/BAMTM.html Both represent great bang for buck diy I would say. All easily sourced and made is Australia. Great branching project to start designing your own. Then depends on what you prefer as look etc
  2. Which 18"sub are you using?
  3. I'll take this if still available, for some reason I am not able to pm you? Can you please message me if available
  4. I agree. After hearing the ls50s they are better than a lot of 10-15k floor standers I have heard (IMO of course) Then consider like the jbl lsr308p which I feel is just as good as the ls50 and like 500 a pair fully active. Hard to beat that at almost any price
  5. Couldn't disagree more. Have you used dsp?
  6. No the martycube is the martycube. Its a 60cm cube. The double driver sub was a 45x45x50cm Double cross section centre
  7. Also who uses eq the best is basically the same as who makes passive xo the best
  8. I agree it kind of is. But much as in your analogy a computer is going to be better at calculating than nearly anyone. As I said. I want to hear the best not allowing all the tools available is going to limit that
  9. Boooo, hiiiisss. Active is the way of the future, it's like building a project car with carburettors (can be done of course) but far easier and get much better results with efi if you do it right and have all things even. If we really want to see who has the best DIY speakers then you have to allow active xo and eq. I want to hear your/everyone's absolute best
  10. As far as I concerned every good system needs PEQ [emoji41]
  11. As Dave says from my understanding a TQWT or folded horn seems a lot more realistic?
  12. I think just a 'beat diy speaker' would be a great start. See the interest and then can make categories as per what the feeling is. Maybe some guys who have a bit of respect in the industry could lend a hand. Maybe Redspade or the like if he is interested? I have a few speakers I would bring if this gets off the ground.
  13. From memory I got the original idea of opposing sub drivers from you
  14. Another option is to build a duel opposed sealed box(s?) with two of these http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/830669-peerless-12-woofer-sls-paper Building 2 Gives you 4x 12" woofers (slightly more than 2 15"s) with 24mm xmax. Cheap as chips. Heaps of headroom and the best way to spend money on diy subs, I did this for my brother (only one the poor bugger) and with a minidsp and the new behringer replacement of the iNuke have it tuned flat down to 17Hz (with a high pass and linkwitz transform) and has crazy spl in his space (probably similar to yours). Beauty is can use a much smaller box and the opposing subs cancel vibration making great sound quality and stability if you build it right
  15. I have built multiple types of marty subs. Best bang for your buck /size etc is the martycube. Use one of these bad boys. Get either a iNuke dsp or a minidsp and your sweet. http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/um18-22-18-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohm-per-coil Comes in well below your budget at lsk are a breeze to deal with.
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