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  1. I still don't know if I'm 100% sold on home assistants, but every now and then I always think they could be handy... like once or twice a month But is that really enough to buy one? Not sure :/ The battle between Home and Echo is interesting, as no clear winner is really evident. Both do more or less the same things for roughly the same price (echo is a bit more expensive), but who do you trust more, Amazon or Google? I wonder if any other major companies are planning to release a home assistant too...
  2. Na it's okay thanks. I'm still not sure I want to get one just yet... but one day for sure.
  3. Of course Phantom Menace is the worst...that annoying kid and Jar Jar. Force Awakens pwns.
  4. Yeah I feel like John Wick is a badass because nearly everyone he's up against is a total idiot. Everyone seems to run at him, simply to get shot. Like that museum scene.... hasn't anyone heard of shooting from cover?
  5. I recently picked up some Marshall Major II headphones, and although they sound and look great, they squash my ears so badly after around 45 mins. I feel like my head is in a vice and have to rip them off. Why don't Marshall pick up on things like this during testing?
  6. Who is a good up-and-coming tennis star? All I ever hear about is Fed and Rafa
  7. I don't think it was a direct sequel if you get me. Like, the gap is so big that the new film is catered towards a new crowd.
  8. Fair shout. But maybe I'll get impatient and not wait for the 4 to come out. They aren't crazy expensive anyway
  9. It's actually kinda interesting to think about the way adblockers affect things such as web design and development. After all, websites do need the support of advertising to stay online :/ It's so tough, I mean, I hate the intrusion of web advertising but also want to support it as it helps keep my favorite sites alive. I guess as much as I can, I'll turn off the adblocker for certain sites.
  10. Ah yes, I had Wild Child on repeat a lot back in the day. I never liked their other songs soooo much, but Wild Child was an anthem
  11. i still wear a mechanical watch, but i'm interested in the idea of an apple watch. hands down the best smartwatch on the market, but I might wait until the series 2 is a bit cheaper and pick one up. Funny actually, i have a macbook and iPod but never had an iPhone.
  12. Gmail FTW. I've never liked the Hotmail UI.
  13. Ha, yeah I wanted this game to be good, but I found it so frustrating. Multiplayer is so stressful for me, I get anxiety thinking about it! Just the feeling that you can get shot from literally any angle...
  14. I got an ad-blocker to get rid of those pesky YouTube ads tbh. It's often an agonizing 5 seconds to wait Who is currently NOT using one? Interested to know why.
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