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  1. FWIW I just bought an amp from dipster. Perfect transaction, perfect description, and he is a pleasure to deal with. 👍
  2. Yeah I thought it was a bit much. Doesn’t need to be black. Or true hi-fi. There’s a few on eBay I’m toying with. Thank you for your response
  3. Never thought I’d start a sentence with “cheap, handsome man...” Sounds like me, come to think of it. 🧐 I’d like an old (70s - early 90s) amp for the mancave. Will be using it only for streaming duties into bookshelf speakers. Here’s the ideal parameters: $300 max Bouncy needles Glowy bulbs Somewhat acceptable sound Bonus points: Black colour Imagine if you were the set dresser for some Nick Hornby movie about Hugh Grant working in a Chelsea record shop in the late 80s or something 😂 What do do you suggest?? Also, if you’re selling one of these things in Sydney - I’m interested!
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