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  1. So I feel like some of the later Krix speaker designations have lost their flair for imaginative (butchered) spelling according to their “-ix” suffix convention. I herewith propose some offerings if my own. (Why don’t you join me?) Bagoftrix Noconflix Justforkix Notforchix What can you come up with?
  2. On the other hand..... maybe not for the faint hearted. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=107935
  3. Wow that really does look amazing! Thank you for this suggestion. I’ll research these units further.
  4. Thank you very much for your offer but I think I want something more physically substantial.
  5. Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll research those units.
  6. Cheeky! 😃 Im trying to support her desire to appreciate the medium!
  7. Sweet baby Jesus... I just saw THIS! https://thevinylfactory.com/news/technics-unveils-sl-1500c-turntable/amp/ This is *exactly* what I want. Now I just need one of you to buy it when it’s released (at about 1700 Aussie Doll Hairs ), leave it in its box for a couple of months and sell it to me at a heavy discount when your wives threaten divorce 😃
  8. Yes that looks very nice as well. Thank you for your suggestion.
  9. Thanks for the link. Very interesting reading, but if I understand correctly, the upshot is that U$2000 of TT and mods later, the result still doesn't match an out of the box $2000 TT, but satisfied the writer's itch to research and modify. I am already stretched with other 'tuner' projects and was hoping for an easy fix, but thanks again for the interesting read.
  10. The lack of a dust cover is suboptimal for my situation (forgot to mention in my wish list) but that’s a valid suggestion, thank you.
  11. Hello folks I’m trying to find a turntable that matches my specific desires up to say $1000 used. I know this sounds odd but I’m not strictly an audiophile. Most “good” equipment sounds good enough to my ears, so I’m looking for something that has the features and looks I’m after and I had no problem finding amps and speakers I like, but I can’t find turntables with those features. My my current setup is a Technics SL-1200 mk II which I bought used but mint for $550, a Yamaha A-S1000 (used $350) and Krix Lyrix (used $700). I love the SL for its tank like build quality, quartz controlled speeds, and what I consider good looks. The thing that kills it is the lack of auto return. My missus wants to play her Beyoncé albums once in a while and I come home to the sound of the stylus grinding the runout groove for hours... I could buy a lifter but the ones I’ve seen look a bit fiddly and I’ve heard they aren’t reliable (comments welcome). I like decks that have solid and classic looks and feel about them. I would’t consider anything that looks like a spaceship, Perspex, etc. I can’t afford a Linn. I don’t want to adjust the speeds every time I switch 7/12” or anything esoteric, just a solid, classic, semi auto deck with solid feel. Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you!
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