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  1. Tim Berne's Snakeoil - Incidentals
  2. Radiohead - Amnesiac A listen before prepping and listening to the 10" vinyl in the morning.
  3. The Dirty Three - Horse Stories Sue's Last Ride is such a good song! And pulled out an oldie from the archives - mid 70s release of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Oh my that disc needed cleaning. And clearly a victim of the old HMV turntable my family had back then. But the memories pushed past the surface noise!
  4. The eagle has landed... Joe Newman - Joe's Hap'nin's....the album which i heard at the Tokyo jazz bar that triggered the decision to rectify the absence of vinyl in the chain.
  5. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited Nostalgia continued....this accompanied the point at which the P6 was set up. Now i need to make the difficult choice - which vinyl to clean and spin first?
  6. The Beatles - The Beatles When you are on a good thing...
  7. The Beatles - Revolver Good music to reconstruct the main system to!
  8. Nostalgia morning as I head toward setting up the new stereo setup with TT ages after purchase. The Beatles - Rubber Soul
  9. Neil Young - Harvest A classic start to the morning...out on the weekend!
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