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  1. The work day has kind of necessitated this as a response.... David Torn - Sun of Goldfinger
  2. Amazing - just received this in a Red Cross parcel from Presto, and listened to tonight: Simon Rattle & CBSO - Rite of Spring, The Firebird, Petrushka, Apollo
  3. I have Odyssey/Sonne, Night Melody, Personae and Howl (all digital). All rapidly purchased after first taste. They have been often consumed!
  4. David Sylvian (Nine Horses) - Snow Borne Sorrow
  5. I am completely sold on Rival Consoles! I am glad that somebody else is!
  6. Supersilent - 8 I have a feeling I may just be heading towards buying the whole collection. Funny how that happens.
  7. Supersilent - 6 This thing seemed to demand another listen...
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