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  1. Dilettanteque

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    Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Now the easy comfort of the familiar.
  2. Dilettanteque

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    Gil Evans - Out Of The Cool
  3. Dilettanteque

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    Work dictates a different manner of music now..... Grinderman - Grinderman 2 It's a bit of a shame that Nick has closed this channel of musical expression. I am sure it could have lived on as a parallel counterpoint to the last two studio albums (given the tendency for live performance to still incorporate this kinda raw energy). But I am sure Nick knows best.
  4. Dilettanteque

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    Mogwai - Come On Die Young
  5. Dilettanteque

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    Rival Consoles - Odyssey/Sonne
  6. Dilettanteque

    Poll: when did Elvis Costello lose it?

    Is there a "Jump The Shark" thread in the forums for musicians/bands? If not, maybe there should be.
  7. Dilettanteque

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    So I'm An Island - Maelodium Ambientum A little more stuff that won't clash with what i really should be doing - following a spin in here a little while ago which pointed out the Bandcamp download
  8. I'm with you @soundfan Most of the stuff I get these days is downloaded, especially when it offers better resolution than CD (but I do not currently stream from a music service like Tidal). But I still like having the CD in my hands and the artwork/notes available. I moved from vinyl in the 80s (bought the Yamaha CDX-2 when released and never looked back, for various reasons), and do so very much miss the experience of the new album in one's hands - the artwork more impressive at that scale. I also attribute the move to CD as the point at which I started to lose the iron grip on song names - not having a chance to glance at the song lists on the record label on much vinyl when dropping it on the platter meant that much music I listened to had less chance to link name to track - "oh yeah, that track 7 on XXXX - that's great...just wish i knew the name". I also like being able to wander up to the two sets of shelves that house the CD collection and doing a good old browse to seek inspiration for what to listen to when I don't have something particularly in mind. Stuff leaps out that one doesn't expect. You head off into listening that was unplanned and rewarding for that very fact. I have recently been Roonified, which brings something back in terms of being able to access info on selections. But I must say that in my experience scrolling through Roon, or BluOS, or my MediaMonkey window on my NAS, has some efficiency, but it doesn't have a patch on scanning the shelves. And for all that, and my preference for the jewel case and CD on the shelf, I very much still experience the sense of loss that the CD case doesn't provide the sensory pleasure of the vinyl equivalents. And of course when the revolution comes and Donald Trump is turning the internet on and off as he sees fit, or jails everybody associated with Tidal because some future most listened track mentions his administration and Russians in the same lyric, I look forward to wandering over to the shelf, doing the mechanical finger scroll, and choosing something that I can play as long as somehow through all the incomprehensible energy debates in Australia the power is still on! 😉
  9. Dilettanteque

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    Tord Gustavsen Ensemble - Restored/Returned Some reflective Tord to accompany a morning of thinking work.
  10. Dilettanteque

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    Last for the evening Esmerine - Mechanics of Dominion
  11. Dilettanteque

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    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
  12. Dilettanteque

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    Esmerine - La Lechuza
  13. Dilettanteque

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    Booka Shade - Movements
  14. Dilettanteque

    The Antipodes Thread

    Isn’t Antipodes service just great! Saturday installation on SSD!