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  1. Mike13

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    True. Hard role to play. I do think he’s the best front man.
  2. Mike13

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Saw it. I really like the actor in Mr Robot, but he couldn’t pull off Freddy’s charisma during the concert scenes.
  3. Mike13

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Kidding. Looks like my 2Qute only does DSD128. “The high definition (HD) USB input is the highest quality method of digital playback with galvanic isolation. This input is asynchronous and uses 2Qute’s own highly accurate clock circuit. This input will support 384kHz PCM/DXD and also DSD64 and DSD128 in DoP format. This input supports 44.1kHz - 384kHz operation.” Is there a relationship between DSD and kHz? @Snoopy8 does the SMS-200 itself limit DSD?
  4. Mike13

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Me too. Let’s start a bidding war.
  5. Mike13

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Is there anyone here who has upscale to DSD 512 without issue? What did you use?
  6. Mike13

    Roon Core Suggestions

    Excellent idea. Didn’t realise a chrome cast could be an endpoint.
  7. Mike13

    Roon Core Suggestions

    I’m surprised it won’t upsample more than that. My i5 surface book would do DSD64 but no higher. Sold it though so I also need something new. I wonder what you need for DSD 512 upsampling. Does anyone know?
  8. Mike13

    FS: Brand New Noble k10 encore Ciems

    Do they not fit? Pretty sure they’ll fix them for you. Can take a couple impressions and a couple trips back.
  9. Mike13

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Who does the best Freddy song? I like Ian Astubury from The Cult. George Michael’s version of Somebody to Love was outstanding too.
  10. Mike13

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    He’s from an awesome series called Mr Robot. I heard on the radio this morning that they over did his overbite. Poor Freddy.
  11. Mike13

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    I did the same, but DAC is a 2Qute. I’m just about to try Snoopy’s Gieseler power supply. The SMS-200 is better than the Bluesound Node 2, but probably mostly after I added a clock and a bunch of other stuff. @jakeyb77 If you don’t want to stump up for Roon the SMS-200 isn’t great for streaming Tidal. Does Clay’s DAC do MQA? Was saying to someone today I miss the Bluesound app. Was easy to use with Tidal and NAS and you don’t need a laptop or separate machine to run it like you do with Roon. Also, Bill’s cables are awesome. And cheap. Some easy upgrades for you there.
  12. Mike13

    New Nina & Duke speakers at the show

    I’m probably one of not many who have heard the Hulgich totl with the Gieseler totl, in a big room. Clay’s DACs are, like your speakers, pretty well regarded on the forums @HA_Nick! I’m using Elektra totl pre and power, also Aussie. Great idea to all team up next year. You need a bigger room for the bigger speakers and it’ll be game on with any of the international brands.
  13. Mike13

    Nura hype???

    Wouldn’t they send you one? Are you one of the reviewers?
  14. Mike13

    Nura hype???

    Yes with my phone, but I don’t think it matters what you use. It doesn’t do any sort of volume adjustment that I could tell, or ask if you could hear any tones at a certain volume level. It’s all automatic.
  15. Just to clarify, it only drives the Ultra right? Your Grob has its own power supply.