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  1. Interesting tactic, however it may prevent you from gluing things on the wall later on.
  2. That’s the best part of your story 🤣
  3. Further information: Flagship model from the highly regarded Australian company DEQX, rarely sold on here. This pre-amp/processor “does digital speaker correction, post-speaker-calibration room acoustics correction, has high quality in-built analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters, linear phase crossover and equalisation technology, network streaming capabilities and much more.” I sold my last streamer because DEQX’s inbuilt DAC with Roon was at least as good. The digital touch screen display shows a pic of the album you are listening to. T
  4. Further information: Top quality Ethernet cables. I bought these last year. Only moving them on because I want to get a better Roon server (I’m using my laptop at the moment, which is less than ideal). Price is firm for one cable. Please see previous ad below. Review: https://audiobacon.net/2017/03/16/sotm-dcbl-cat7-review/amp/ Photos:
  5. Further information: I just bought these, but they are too short. Original ad: Photos:
  6. Further information: I used this with an Iso regen. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uspcb-a-b-adapter Photos:
  7. Further information: This was used to power my original SMS 200, which has been sold. Includes cable shown in pics below. Photos: (Last is stock)
  8. Further information: Outstanding streamer and a big step up from the sMS-200. It is Roon ready, does Spotify, airplay, HQ Player, Squeezelite, connect a NAS or HDD. Highly rated by the Stereonet community in terms of value for money. This has a clock connector (cost $300 extra) so you can connect an external clock. Pls note it doesn’t come with a power supply. It is the 12V version. Buyer to cover postage and PayPal fees if required. Photos:
  9. Pretty good for anyone wanting to try it out. https://offer.tidal.com/campaigns/5fcab4352ffd9a00119dc5e1/products?geo=AU&campaignId=5fcab4352ffd9a00119dc5e1
  10. Makes sense. Good to know cloud is an option too. At the time I thought WiFi was would be fine, battery wouldn’t be too much hassle and Arlo would be much better quality than the other two brands. Wrong, wrong and wrong 🤣 One question, how would you back up to an offsite disk?
  11. Sorry all, mailbox was full. Can’t work out how to delete multiple messages on my iPhone anymore. Did something change? Anyway, few people interested so expect first in line will take it.
  12. Agree in hindsight. And probably getting someone else to install it with Ethernet rather than wireless. Hikivison and Foscam were the ones I was choosing between about 5 years ago for a baby monitor. Got Synology Surveillance Station but you have to buy more licenses. Which is fine, but if it’s not on the cloud couldn’t someone just take your NAS?
  13. Further information: This is an outstanding, former A&K flagship model portable audio player. Selling for $1800 to a demo unit at A2A or $2400 new (links below). I replaced a Chord Mojo with this and it is vastly better build quality and sound. Mojo plus Poly is bulky compared to this and made of plastic with no screen. This is made from one piece of duralumin metal and has an AMOLED touch screen. It has the Chord Poly equivalent function of being able to control it using your phone with its app (I used it with its native Tidal when not at home and got signal by
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