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  1. My guess is that they renamed the non basic subscription from $17.99 to $23.99 a month. The basic subscription was the same as Spotify. If you add Roon for $17 a month that’s about $41 a month, $492 a year. Good thing you can VPN Tidal for about $10 still. Makes it cheaper than Spotify.
  2. 65” is a good size up from 45” and I had no problem with mine for ages at 5m for years. The 75” I got only seems a tiny bit bigger than the 65”. Eventually you might want bigger. Bigger is usually better
  3. Yeah I upped my access too. I can tell quite a difference from ABC HD to ABC24 and the other non HD tv channels too. They’re not great to watch. I might give prime another go.
  4. I recently faced this decision of whether to replace a 65” plasma with a 65” oled, or get a 75” LED. I decided to get a 77” oled. It seems bigger, but not as big a difference as I thought it would be. Good prices now on these. The Sony A9G I got was $6200, got offer for $6100 for the LG-CX. It is better than the Plasma (last Panasonic one) but Netflix is hit and miss. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to make it 4K, and when there was people said you are better off setting it to auto. Any tips on how to stop Netflix going to a lower resolution? My
  5. @wkliePeter is there any update on Lumin’s plans for Tidal Connect?
  6. Interesting tactic, however it may prevent you from gluing things on the wall later on.
  7. That’s the best part of your story ?
  8. Further information: Flagship model from the highly regarded Australian company DEQX, rarely sold on here. This pre-amp/processor “does digital speaker correction, post-speaker-calibration room acoustics correction, has high quality in-built analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters, linear phase crossover and equalisation technology, network streaming capabilities and much more.” I sold my last streamer because DEQX’s inbuilt DAC with Roon was at least as good. The digital touch screen display shows a pic of the album you are listening to. T
  9. Further information: Top quality Ethernet cables. I bought these last year. Only moving them on because I want to get a better Roon server (I’m using my laptop at the moment, which is less than ideal). Price is firm for one cable. Please see previous ad below. Review: https://audiobacon.net/2017/03/16/sotm-dcbl-cat7-review/amp/ Photos:
  10. Further information: I just bought these, but they are too short. Original ad: Photos:
  11. Further information: I used this with an Iso regen. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uspcb-a-b-adapter Photos:
  12. Further information: This was used to power my original SMS 200, which has been sold. Includes cable shown in pics below. Photos: (Last is stock)
  13. Further information: Outstanding streamer and a big step up from the sMS-200. It is Roon ready, does Spotify, airplay, HQ Player, Squeezelite, connect a NAS or HDD. Highly rated by the Stereonet community in terms of value for money. This has a clock connector (cost $300 extra) so you can connect an external clock. Pls note it doesn’t come with a power supply. It is the 12V version. Buyer to cover postage and PayPal fees if required. Photos:
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