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  1. Must be why there are heavy metal sheets in Osborne speakers. That makes me think about how they attach so many speakers to a pole at a stadium without everything moving around.
  2. With all the treatment in your room I wonder whether it would still make a difference. (I saw the pics of your insulation recently. I think your wife made a good decision making you move downstairs. It must sound great! 😂)
  3. Okay. Speaker is now on sub pads and subs are on carpet. This will probably affect my DEQX settings! They guy that helped me do it didn’t hear as much difference as when he did his on wooden floors. As predicted, I didn’t hear a difference immediately. I’ll leave it this way for a while. Recommendation is to buy some isoacoutic feet so I’ll try that.
  4. Hmm. @davewantsmoore suggested idolisation I think in the other thread and you are both in the know. One thing I agree with is that a mix of techniques doesn’t make sense.
  5. I enjoyed the lesson, Andy. Well explained. They’re crushed together.
  6. Do you think that spikes are the wrong way to go then? I need to read @buddyev’s thread
  7. That’s just to protect the floor and also I was thinking the noise won’t bounce of the dense reflective concrete.
  8. Thanks that makes sense. Putting my subs on to the isolation pads made a noticeable positive difference to the bass. Also stopped some rattles around the place. I’m hoping that it will do the same with the floor standers. (Although maybe less because they don’t have a downfiring sub.)
  9. Yes this is what I was wondering too. Obviously the spikes can’t go strait into the foam, but I can use furniture pads.
  10. Interesting. It seems counterintuitive to me that the minimum surface area of the spikes provides maximum coupling. Why would you choose one over another? I thought it was all about isolation and de-coupling.
  11. Probably pretty obvious, but what’s the sound difference between minimal floor contact (spikes), maximum contact (full pads), and feet that aren’t spikes (like the iso acoustics above). What will spikes on a full pad do?
  12. I bought some subdudes to put my subs on. Another member had the idea to put my big floorstanders on them. I think this will improve the bass. Currently they’re on spikes on a carpet square on concrete slab. Would you use the spikes still on furniture cups or something? What do others put speakers on?
  13. This is what it looks like. Does it do anything? I don’t know.
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