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  1. Mike13

    FS CHORD Mojo

    No Chord DAC does MQA. It can still play them and will sound pretty damn good!
  2. Like the player. Just realised it is also an amp. If you ever want to sell the sub let me know!
  3. The aesthetic is excellent. What is the top right box? Also, I see you are the only other person I know to have bought a white Rel sub. Is it T9i or bigger?
  4. Good explanation. Different use cases. I just tried this to see if there was any issue with me putting a 100” projector over the top of the 65” tv. There is, apparently.
  5. @rantan Marie Kondo might say that it sounds like you have simplified things by simply doubling the number of components you need! Why can’t the same set of speakers be used?
  6. Mike13

    SOLD: FS: Audioquest Thunder Power Cable

    I jumped the gun and we worked out it has the wrong end for my amp. Someone else can still grab this bargain!
  7. Haha. I’ve put up a defence barrier around my Hifi equipment to keep the Marie Kondo fad away!
  8. Mike13

    SOLD: FS: Audioquest Thunder Power Cable

    I’ll take it pls
  9. Mike13

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    If you have Roon, it is really simple. Other way around in the speakers. He got the black ones and I got the white.
  10. Mike13

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    So do I if it isn’t the artist or lyrics that you are looking at.
  11. Mike13

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    @Cardiiiii why mess around with a little colour display. $50 google chrome cast (display only, SMS-200 etc for sound): Or if you want real time lyrics:
  12. Shure SE 530 IEMs. They have died, been replaced with Noble Audio K10u, and then reborn (re-shelled into customs). Still my main headphones. They had had such a jump in sound from anything I’d heard up until 2007 when I bought them for a whopping $350. They also travel everywhere with me.
  13. I think Steve and @Snoopy8 have been hypnotised by Marie Kondo. Getting rid of stuff gives a bit of relief from the weight of over indulging. I’ve been thinking about replacing all my stuff with a single Devialet amp/streamer.
  14. Have you tried Audio Research?
  15. Clive how did the Vitus compare to the Bryston?