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  1. Thanks scumbag. Let me know if it falls through then.
  2. Will this work with my 2Qute? Looks quite different from my other Gieseler power pack I think.
  3. Mike13

    Nura hype???

    Maybe there is a shortage. I can’t stand their “funky in the front row” ad on Facebook.
  4. Mike13

    SOLD: FS: REL T/9i Subwoofer

    Just buy another one of them. Better for music. More power.
  5. Mike13

    Alexa vs Google Home

    Sorry, to clarify you can use the light switch, however if you turn it off at the switch Alexa can’t turn it back on as that turns off it’s power and disconnects it from the WiFi.
  6. Mike13

    Alexa vs Google Home

    I find the smart bulbs extremely annoying in that you can no longer use your normal light switch, or the dimmer. It’s actually more of a hassle sometimes to use Alexa.
  7. Mike13

    Alexa vs Google Home

    Yep kind of. Alexa triggers the harmony remote hub (three round things that shoot infrared signals everywhere) which can act as any remote and you can program a series of actions. Both Alexa and the Harmony can trigger anything that’s on WiFi, but only the Harmony can replicate an infra red signal.
  8. Mike13

    Alexa vs Google Home

    I got a Logitech Harmony Elite from Officeworks for $190 (rrp $495) price beat EB Games. Going to program it to turn everything on through Alexa. Lights, TV, stereo.
  9. Sorry David I thought I’d marked this one sold. Will do now.
  10. Update: I bought some LIFX bulbs for master and kids bedrooms. Good: work well, 800 lumens is actually much brighter than what I had. Bad: My switches have dimmers and they don’t work anymore. Wife wasn’t happy, nor was I actually. Will see if she can get used to using the app instead.
  11. Thanks. Which product would I need the cookbook scripts for?
  12. Mike13

    Strange speaker sounds

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to make time to address this issue soon.
  13. Cool. I’m hoping harmony elite’s hub can be used as a controller. It integrates with Alexa. Good 25% off sale on today: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/397690 Wink Hub 2 is supposed to control for all the protocols.