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  1. One tip. When you program it, or your son does, the number of seconds in between commands is important. Less pauses means it works faster, but it is also more likely to stuff up.
  2. Mike13

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Looks awesome. I’d like to see up until 2008.
  3. Awesome deal. Only issue with the phone is that it’s not always on and loaded to the right app. Cheaper versions of the remote ($30 or $60 versions) might be compatible with the hub. Those versions also have the advantage of not having to be charged in a cradle all the time. I just realised that I actually still use my tv remote for tv and Elektra remote for stereo volume. So not really using the harmony at all!
  4. It’ll turn the TV on if I ask Alexa to from wherever, but if you don’t turn it off using Alexa the next time you ask it to turn on it ignores you. (In fact, you have to ask it to turn it off to turn it on... confusing and a bit stupid.) It also really struggles to remember sequences, like turn on TV, go to NAS, go down three times, select Kids shows etc.
  5. These often are on sale. Search on Oz Bargain. After I couldn’t wait for a sale and bought my first for $300, I bought a second one from office works for $180 in August last year. Then I sold it for $80 to somone I owed $100 for a Consonance powerboard. You can only have one hub work with Alexa at a time, so you can’t have two set ups with a hub each.
  6. Nice review @Mungbean66. These Serenades were a serious bargain. I was thinking about buying them as rears to match white Astors.
  7. Hulgich speakers rarely come up in the classifieds. Actually, I don’t believe there have been any besides these Serenades and these Maestro’s.
  8. Mike13

    One sub or two.

    As I found out, for the price of an audio consult to measure your room and tell you where you could put acoustic treatment, you could buy a mic and a mini-DSP, watch you tube, and do it yourself
  9. Mike13

    One sub or two.

    It can get complicated, but there’s a lot of great YouTube vids to step you through everything. You’d need a mic (UMIK-1 about $100) and a laptop with REW software to measure the room and adjust the curve. https://www.roomeqwizard.com/ Then you can buy a mini-DSP (about $300) or use Roon), or maybe your AVR to implement the new frequency curve. Other alternatives, like DEQX exist, but they’re way more expensive and I’m not so sure they’re simple. They do send someone out to do it for you I think.
  10. Mike13

    Nura hype???

    I have the 1000xm2 and I thought the sound quality was much better. Bass from Nura’s would probably be better if I could find the right level.
  11. Can anyone here hear the difference between filters?
  12. These seem to have bass as deep as the larger Hulgich speakers. I’d love to hear them. This is big discount for someone.
  13. Mike13

    Integra HDMI fault

    Holy smokes. That manual makes me appreciate the product a bit more! I think I fried the HDMI out on my Integra and my Marantz. Seems pretty easy to do. I may try the contact spray.
  14. Mike13

    Building your own PC for music

    Yes, although there was a buffer setting in the SMS 200 I was going to try.