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  1. I have Arlo pro 2. Ended up plugging them in permanently because they need charging once a week. They record to the cloud (think maybe $15ish a month, but was free for a year with my deal) whenever someone drives past the house. Picture quality not great in terms of identifying someone night or day.
  2. Maybe it is a ploy to get those people to think “maybe it is just easier to join up”. Their Jedi mind tricks didn’t work on you 😂
  3. Most use Tidal for streaming or for downloading for when you are offline, not for keeps. I didn’t even know you could do that. Maybe they should get rid of it if they can’t do it properly.
  4. These were a huge step up from the Elear to my ears, but not a big difference to the Utopia. The colour looks so much better than the washed out grey of the normal version. GLWS
  5. Thanks @wolster for confirming. I didn’t think it sounded possible.
  6. Good price. Was one here for almost double the other day.
  7. I’ve had a room treatment professional come out and I’ve also got advice from a brand that you send pics of your room to and they recommend treatment. Both gave the same answer, which was pretty much to put treatment in every space possible. It wasn’t very practical. Room EQ with Audessy, REW and DEQX helped a lot more.
  8. Further information: This is the current model, rrp $4,250. I’ve had this for about a year. It has the USB audio input module worth $300 USD. https://www.deqx.com/products/hdp-express-ii/ DEQX is the best system I’ve used for integrating subs and for room correction. It also has more advanced features. It is also an outstanding pre-amp and DAC. Includes calibration kit: microphone, long mic cable, USB cable, manual, remote. I have the original boxes. Photos:
  9. Tidal lags for me through Roon, but on its own it is fine.
  10. These have a large impact for a smallish speaker. What I like is that you can put them in their cases and take them with you. Probably one of the best quality portable set ups you could get. I looked up the price and they were $5k in most places. Then I realised that is for one speaker only!
  11. Does anyone know if there is a way to use an external DAC with the Node 2i and still use the headphone socket?
  12. I’d upgrade the speakers. Integrate some subs? DAC won’t make much difference unless everything else is at a pretty high level. I tried Bluesound Node 2 into a Chord 2Qute, couldn’t hear a great difference. Switched the Node 2 for an SMS-200 with LPS, decent change (and cheaper than Node 2i). Plenty of streamers sound better than the Node 2, their apps just aren’t as good. I have Roon. I wouldn’t bother with it unless the streamer you need doesn’t let you play Tidal without it. And then you might be best off finding a streamer that does let you.
  13. Thanks Clay. I think I’ll go for a dual in that case.
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