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  1. FS: Chord Mojo

  2. FS: Chord Mojo

    Someone just missed out on buying mine. I’ll find out who. That price is too low Sir!
  3. Trigger fail

    Sorry. The switch on the back had to be set to off and the power button on the front set to on. Means the blue light doesn’t come on though.
  4. Trigger fail

    Solved by @DBM and also @Quark I did have to activate it! Thanks everyone. Now to look at this voltage issue.
  5. Trigger fail

    How do I do that?
  6. Trigger fail

    Uh oh. How do I find out what mine is?
  7. Have the interludes in Penrith sold?
  8. Haha. There’s the same ones FS in Adelaide so have a listen there or in Melb!
  9. Sold mine for the mojo but this DAC Amp is tops. The bass boost is awesome and something the mojo is lacking. Thinner form and better to carry than mojo. GLWTS
  10. Trigger fail

    Right thanks. I just hooked up one mono to the other mono (daisy chained?), and that one out to the preamp. Maybe be I should just use the two triggers out and not daisy chain. Will try that.
  11. Trigger fail

    Hi. I haven’t been able to set my trigger up. Unless I have it wrong, the trigger is supposed to turn on my two monoblock amps when the preamp is turned on with the remote. I think I’ve hooked it up correctly. Does anyone have experience with this?
  12. He usually demos with the bigger cosonance amp in the smaller room. I tried bought the 15th anniversary version which didn’t sound different to me. Perfect match for his speakers. I have for sale at $1k off too because I didn’t end up getting his speakers.
  13. Thanks @cazzesman . I have been meaning to find the reflections points. At this stage portables seem a bit over the top for me. I have seen a pot plant put at a reflection point. Wonder if that’d work?
  14. I’m pretty sure he told me that he very rarely sells the interludes. The EOS’s sound good. I’d add a sub. The standard Epitomes, without bass bins, are probably still the best value for money (non Osborn speakers included) I’ve heard. If you’re going to be keeping them for many years, it might be worth saving for those. Then you can add the bass bins later on.
  15. Interesting. I didn’t get this impression when talking about his ageing cabinet maker.