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  1. Item: Kimber Kable KS1021, 1.0 meter, WBT0102AG RCA Location:Melbourne Price: $1,000.00 o.n.o. Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Not needed anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info:Kimber Select Series; Using improved field geometries and unique solid core conductors, the KS 1021 is a natural performer. Sharing design and construction techniques with the KS 1011, the 1021 offers the advantage of Black Pearl silver conductors for the signal and Hyper-pure copper conductors for the return. The RCA connectors are silver WBTs. Positive Feedback review at https://positive-feedback.com/Issue21/kimber.htm Pictures:
  2. @t_mike, Thanks. That’s a good idea. Buy two. Many people I know agree with you about the regenerator. Thank stephen
  3. Hello Bruce, Unfortunately, no I don’t have the luxury of a 15A power point. I haven’t priced it but I’m sure with electrician charges the way they are it will be very costly. @Cafad, thanks for for the link to wallcann.com. I’m just about to check them out. @Deano23, Tortech is another possibility. Thanks. @mrbugeyes, @t_mike, i don’t want to only step down. I want something to regulate the incoming to about +/-1%. A variac is simply a variable transformer. It has no regulation capabilities. I agree with Andy & @F18 in this regard. @t_mike, @ThirdDrawerDown, the Thor PS 10 is a little underrated for my use whereas the PS 20 looks like it’s in the right territory. Thanks. A few people I’ve come across are wary about the use of power conditioners in their systems. The main complaint is how they tend to squeeze the daylight out of bass and all the wonderfull harmonies get surpressed. I dont have have personal experience with these devices having placed my trust in the juice coming out of the wall socket. It looks like I really have to do something about my system before it gets fried because voltage distribution standards are all over the place in Oz. Thanks again everyone for your valuable input. Stephen
  4. Thanks MLXXX for the input. I have no desire to start a war or any heated discussion on the politics behind the implementation or non implementation of the 230V standard. I am simply a bystander with some equipment problems and merely saying that I have observed very high voltages at home and (I came across the following article that might make decent bedtime reading for anyone interested - https://www.ecdonline.com.au/content/business-and-management/article/is-it-time-to-genuinely-adopt-23-v-as-our-distribution-voltage--25053451#axzz5fx6f8teT) equipment early failure caused by high voltages may be a real issue in Australia and I do not want to be counted as one of the casualties. Perhaps in Queensland the power grid has been modified but certainly here in Melbourne voltages are all over the dial. I have a friend who lives a few suburbs away and his incoming is around 235 - 242V whereas mine often reaches 253V. I understand there is no way that the voltage coming in can stay precisely at 240V but I am looking for a way to keep it within reasonable limits and at a reasonable cost. I was in fact advised by a reputable equipment importer in Melbourne to check that all my equipment has been configured for the higher than normal voltages seen here as much of my equipment was purchased overseas whilst working outside Australia. Apparently, they have customers who have experienced early equipment failure possibly due to this problem. In order to protect my investment in hifi equipment I am quiet prepared to spend a little money to ensure decent regulation of the supply coming in. Right now I would much prefer to solve the problem myself rather than deal with electricity authorities who have enough problems on their hands. Hello Henning, Thanks for the suggestions. I will check Wallcann.com.au out. However, I would avoid the other products for now as a few people I’ve come across have tried these and experienced the same problem you described and are not very happy with their effect on sound. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hello everyone, I’ve been monitoring the power coming in to my house for a while and it is consistently around 249-253V. My understanding is that this is bad for almost any equipment (not only HiFi) as it will stress the power transformers and other components resulting in reduced life. i believe Constant Voltage Transformers are available that will allow me to ensure the voltage remains at around 230V which is internationally recommended for which Australia is a signatory to the various standards but has never implemented. Does anyone know where one can be purchased in Australia? I’m looking for one capable of at least 3kVA preferably even higher. My power amps are capable of 350 W each into 8 ohms. Thanks. Stephen
  6. Item: XLO Electric Reference 5 Speaker cable; 3.5m pair; spades at amplifier end and banana plug at speaker end Location:Melbourne Price: $450.00 o.n.o. Item Condition:Good. The pictures attached will confirm this. Reason for selling:Have not been used for some time Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I have not seen them advertised anywhere therefore I am not certain what their price should be. My asking price may be fair, but I will accept any reasonable offer. There is a short description on XLO at https://hometheaterreview.com/xlo-electric/ which may give readers an idea of the company. Pictures:
  7. Hello everyone, Thanks for the response. I've been a little slow getting back as I've been busy with post christmas/new year chores. I have received an offer and pending actual completion of the transaction, this item is now on hold. Regards. Stephen
  8. Item: Kimber Kable Hero-HB 1 mtr WBT102AG-MXLR Location: Melbourne Price: AUD$150.00 o.n.o. Item Condition: Almost new with original Pelican case Reason for selling: Not using anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: RCA to XLR interconnects https://www.kimber.com/products/HERO-HB For review check out - http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2017-editors-choice-interconnects-and-speaker-cables-part-1/ Pictures:
  9. Stuart, Totally agree with your last para. I bought a few reissues such as Diana Krall (When I look In Your Eyes) for about $45, thinking that the advertised 180gm would infer better quality mastering and pressing. I really got taken in by the advert. They sounded really muddy. It was a waster of money. Whereas I have LPs going back to the 1960s which sound fantastic. I have learned my lesson.
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