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  1. anyone got experience with Achtung Audio cables?

    I have bought both the rca cables and speaker cables. With the speaker cables I heard improvement there was less distortions on high volumes. The quality is extremely good for the price.
  2. anyone got experience with Achtung Audio cables?

    He has pretty good record on Ebay and he offers a month trail. But like you guys say there is not enough information about it.
  3. Hello has anyone experience with the cables of Achtung Audio, they make solid silver cables for a reasonable price. And if not do you have experience with pure silver cables? I would like to know more. Cheers
  4. Hello i am new here.

    Thanks, i just ordered the 2qute with 3th party power supply, can't wait to hear the difference over my ifi nano dac. Cheers
  5. Hello i am new here.

  6. Hello i am new here.

    Yes they are, they are Birman Ashley and Mozart they are related and come from from championship lines. I cant open the link because i dont have permission.
  7. Hello i am new here.

    Thanks. I run the Primaluna premium HP amp and the Penaudio cenya signature speakers. Soon i want to upgrade the dac for a 2qute. So if you know someone let me know. Cheers
  8. Hello i am new here.

    Hello i am new here, I am from Wellies I hope that's not a problem. I am here to further upgrade my system. Cheers
  9. SOLD: FS: Chord 2Qute DAC

    I offer 1100$ incl shipping to New Zealand