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  1. Hi all, I was formally 'Chicken Man' at DTV forum since 2003 and now that it has been closed I am now known as 'Tweet', believe it or not. It is great to see many of the DTV gang is now here. Hi ' :)al ' and 'Kazz'. I just now have to find my old avatar. C.M
  2. Thanks for the info, Doggie.. I'll have a look around the shops. C.M
  3. I haven't been on this site for some time so I was going to ask how is the UHD scene going to date ? Is it likely to be a format worth the investment at this time or should I wait another 12 months and look into it then ? I'm obviously still in the 1080p format at this time, I checked with my local Sanity store and they have a small number of UHD disks available but the titles appear to be as those that were previously 1080p Blu-ray and are possibly just upscaled to fit the UHD format. I got burned on the HDDVD format ( I've still got the Tosihba XE1 believe it or not ) and I am biting my time on this format to see if it gets some traction in the marketplace. Any opinions at this time ? I'm sorry if I have momentarily sidetracked the thread but your opinions would be appreciated. C.M
  4. 'The Dish' obviously had a big New Zealand appeal to it too. C.M
  5. 'Fuzzy Logic' if you ask me, something half the population uses all the time.
  6. Thanks Jsmith, I just checked it out after I entered the post, I have just now edited the old post to ask the inevitable question ....is it worth the upgrade ? C.M
  7. The listing of UHD movies at JB HiFi shows 48 but most is stuff I already have on 1080p Blu-ray. Is it worth buying into UHD if most titles on offer are just upgraded versions of one's existing collection. C.M
  8. I seem to be doing alright tonight Mello, my last speed test indicated I was getting a whopping 1.4 Megabits/second download speed. Things are looking up ! Sorry , I just rechecked, it is now at 311 Kilobits/second. C.M
  9. Try running the internet on a 3G Telstra 'Turbo' dongle with varying signal levels throughout the day. C.M
  10. Unfortunately Alan, that is not going to be the reality of the situation as it stands, the vast majority of us will be lumbered with copper to the node with copper corrosion and poorly soldered joints to boot. C.M
  11. Heaven help us if ' Free to Air ' Television ever decided to go as an on-line service. C.M
  12. No matter what they do to protect their product it will not increase their sales which is what the main game here is. People essentially buy movies for the story content and if the image and audio quality is sufficiently ' good enough ' then they are generally happy with their purchase. The ' Wow ' factor of UHD cannot be relied upon to sustain sales over the long term particularly if a transferable alternative version in Blu-ray is available to users. Locking down a more sophisticated version of the movie is not going to convince users they are missing out on something essential to the movie story line. Novelties soon wear off, impressive maybe at first but do soon become commonplace for a regular user, so it's back to Blu-ray as the portable version. It is then that people decide not to bother with UHD, considering it's availability, and so remain with Blu-ray as a general purchase. C.M
  13. Nice review Pete, I will look out for that one. The cat just loves 'Finding Nemo' C.M
  14. That audio transformer (the Jaycar link) is likely to saturate at high signal levels when the Denon AVR's volume control is well advanced, this would likely produce signal 'clipping' on high level transients resulting in tweeter damage. Also the frequency response could be anything but flat across the audio range with these cheap coupling transformers and it would also be dependent on the load impedance too. As the transformer is not shielded in a mu metal can but rather is just in a plastic casing 'hum fields' might also be a problem. Try Altronics , this might be a better choice to your suggestion. http://www.altronics.com.au/p/m0706-10k-ohm-10k-ohm-shielded-bridging-transformer/ One transformer for each channel, and, use a resistor in series with each primary of each transformer ( the value to be determined by experimentation but start with a 10K ohm 1/2 watt first and then just parallel off with other values). Sorry if all of this sounds too complicated, but your idea is workable for the OP's request. C.M
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