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  1. HI. Nice amp. Very interested in your LM. From your pics, you either have a lot of gear (lucky you!) or the pics were taken at a shop? I see a Unison Research (which model?) in one of the pic, can you tell me the main differences between the LM and UR? Cheers Corey
  2. Hi. I think your 1st Pic is incorrect and no mention to the length of the Diamond RCA pair. Cheers
  3. HI. Nice Amp. Question, how hot does it get being Tube and Class A? Cheers
  4. 507 to 509 a big but great jump....
  5. Very Nice! Go with the Luxman. Same amazing quality but 30 to 40% better value. Either 590AXII Class A (small room) or 509X for larger space. Works great with ATC SCM 11s or 19s. Cheers
  6. Well, a Luxman Amp and Spendor D7 can't go wrong. Are you using the D-05u as your DAC?
  7. Item: Isotek Polaris EVO3 Power Board & EVO3 Premium (1.5m) power cable X 1 & EVO3 Initium(1.5m) power cables X 2 Location:Brisbane and Gold Coast Price: $648.00 as a bundle Item Condiion:Excellent Reason for selling:Gone overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Near new Isotek Power Board (6 outlets) and 3 Isotek power cables (1 X Premium and 2 x Initium). Pictures:
  8. please take progress photos and post...I am sure lots of people would love to follow the restoration.
  9. Looks great. Are you going to restore it? Well done. Cheers
  10. Hi Fantastic. I am delighted that you finally got the speakers you wanted. Can't beat Luxman Class A (except for the heat)... My next "toy" is an upgrade on my existing power cables, really expensive for the quality brand/models. Take care and keep listening. Cheers
  11. Absolutely!! Have research and priced a Luxman CL38u Tube Pre Amp. Very competitively priced in Thailand. But the CL38 is not a Class A. Most reviews are glowing but from my discussions with a very independent seller, some have said the CL38u is a bit "mushy"?! So, the search continues.... Cheers
  12. Absolutely. Do you want one? https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-189-luxman-mq-88use Matching pair.....
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